Winter, parts 3, 4 and 5.

Well, if you were wondering where the updates went – I was hibernating.  The groundhog was EXTREMELY mistaken this year and we have spent the last month since I last updated buried in snow.  Literally. 

IMG 1758

Here’s a nice spring (or winter?!) day.  

DSC 0103DSC 0107DSC 0116

We went up to Maple Lake for Easter.  They had just as much snow as we did.  On EASTER.  Booooooooo

DSC 0128

We did the best we could to pretend it wasn’t out there.  Here is Auntie Lulu teaching the little ladies some skating tricks.  She also taught me crossovers.  We’ll be starting all over again next fall.  ; )

IMG 1795

Wouldn’t be a family get together without tons of food and some wine!

IMG 1802

Here is Easter morning!

DSC 0133DSC 0134

Auntie Kelli and her best friends!

DSC 0135

The older 3 musketeers.

DSC 0137

The best friends.

DSC 0144

The best friends + an Ella.

DSC 0147

The laaaaaadies.  Ryan’s finger was over the flash so thats why its all wonky.

DSC 0149

And I blame the snow and its extreme brightness for ruining all 50 of the pictures Lulu took of us here.  They all stunk.

DSC 0164

Here are the kids dressed in their Easter best or um, best snow gear for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

DSC 0172DSC 0174

This is definitely a first – searching for eggs in the snow fort.

DSC 0183DSC 0208

No idea what was happening here.  Some sort of trickery I’m sure.

DSC 0225

Hobey, the Easter bunny dog.

DSC 0230

This picture makes me laugh.  Poor little Addi in the snowbank!

DSC 0241

We got home to find that a lot of our snow had melted!  We were so delighted!!!

DSC 0252

The snowman had become a blob!  His end was near!

DSC 0257

Avery broke out her summer gear in anticipation (pants were an afterthought).

DSC 0259

We celebrated with walks to the bridge to monitor the wildlife and ice receding situations.

DSC 0264DSC 0267

Then THIS happened.  BOOOOOOOOOOO.  This deck was free of ALL snow before that.

DSC 0302

I believe it was an 8 incher storm.  Its hard to keep track actually. 

DSC 0318

Then we thought it was safe to go back out.  So did the trumpeter swans who had returned.

DSC 0319DSC 0321

Then, wouldn’t ya know it.  It snowed AGAIN.  Avery spoke for everyone here.  

DSC 0325

This is ridiculous!

DSC 0328

Then.  It snowed again.  This time – 10 inches.  

IMG 1895

Excuse the photo barrage from this storm.  Everything was so pretty and it was almost unreal that it had happened again.  We got over 20 inches in a week’s time.  At the END of April.  School even got cancelled and from what I’ve been told – Brainerd RARELY cancels school.  

DSC 0331DSC 0332DSC 0336DSC 0337DSC 0340DSC 0345

DSC 0361DSC 0364DSC 0368

He was crossing his fingers that this was the last time he’d have to snow blow.  So far, so good.  Knock on wood.

DSC 0372

Last week, Dylan was eating cereal when all of a sudden he exclaimed that he had a loose tooth.  He’s said this MANY times so we were like yeah, whatever.  But this time it was true.  He finally had a loose one! (right above my finger)

IMG 1909

Couldn’t believe it!

IMG 1911

Then, on April 25th at 11:30 am – he lost his tooth on the playground at school.  He lost it while jumping off a snowbank (he re-inacted it for us as we walked out of school) and luckily it stayed in his mouth so he didn’t lose it in the snow.  So the tooth fairy came and he got a 2 dollar bill.  He was pretty excited.

IMG 1917

And if you can believe it – exactly one week after school was cancelled cuz of the 10+ inches – it was hot and sunny out.  Yes, I’m aware of how weird this looks.  There is snow but she is in shorts and a tshirt.  Yes, I know.  But the snow has to melt somehow right?!  And melting it all in 2-3 days with 70+ degree weather is the way to go!  Quick and painless!

DSC 0487

Avery made snow castles!

DSC 0490

Her sandbox was still covered, so she did the next best thing!

DSC 0501

We had fun joking around with the snow background.  It really WAS hot out.  I’m serious.  My parents were here and my mom and I were putting snow on ourselves to cool off.  She at one point plopped a big snowball on her head to let it melt gradually onto her.  Snow actually worked out to our advantage!

IMG 1943

We had to walk (ok, we ran thru the snow hootin and hollerin cuz of how cold the snow was!) down to the water for my yearly dancer’s pose picture with the ice.  Has to be done every year!

DSC 0507

Avery prefers easier poses.

DSC 0508

She didn’t seem to mind the cold snow and water on her feet.  She cray cray.

DSC 0516

Then we came up with the genius idea to make margaritas with the snow!  When April gives you snow, you make margaritas!

IMG 1963

The actually ended up being more like snow cones.  So we switched to beer.  Oh well!

IMG 1969

Of course we walked to the bridge a lot.  This is the best time of the year to see wildlife.  When the ice isn’t off the lake yet, the birds and ducks all flock to the one area that DOES have open water – which happens to be right by our house.  

DSC 0537

Avery got fancy for the occasion.

DSC 0539DSC 0541

Here are the snow melting time lapse photos.  This was 7am-ish and 7pm-ish.

IMG 1981

Here is the Blob – renamed Jabba the Hut.  Goodbye Jabba!!!!

IMG 1982

And finally, here is more of the wildlife this morning.  I screwed up and didn’t bring my camera last night.  Of course, there was the world’s largest beaver eating a fish.  Several pairs of loons.  A bald eagle watching them all from a tree.  And lots of ducks.  It was a gorgeous night.  But there was more of the same this morning but not quite as warm today.  Here’s one of the eagles on the ice looking for easy targets.

DSC 0551

And here are our loons! 🙂  So happy they are back!

DSC 0554DSC 0555

Nature boy and nature girl collecting sticks.  Yesterday it was rocks.  Which luckily, were allowed to be sent home with grandma and grandpa.  Sticks are still here.  Bummmmmer.  

DSC 0561

Well, we apparently have a last minute showing today, so I have to hit post and then hit the ground running!!!!  


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4 Responses to Winter, parts 3, 4 and 5.

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    It was a super fun, relaxin’ wknd !! Good luck with the showing!!! gulp!!! 😉

  2. kimwikoff says:

    fun pictorial and super cute kiddos!!! Boy you sure did get lots of snow!!! We will be waterless I guess unless we are blessed with some good rains to fill our pool!!good Luck with the showing!!

  3. LULU says:

    See how busy your month has been….spent most of it shoveling 🙂
    Sorry the pics didn’t work…it was super bright that day!

  4. Licia says:

    haha…I love the pic of Avery in the snow with her sad face on…that’s exactly how we were feeling too! I hope the showing went well!

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