The rest of summer 2014

I bet you thought I was gone, never to return, right?  Well, I’m back!  Long hiatus I know.  I guess it makes the most sense to start up where I last left off – mid way thru summer.  So – here is 4th of July weekend at Loon Lodge. :)

DSC 4987

Always gotta do a few lanterns! 

DSC 4991DSC 4995

My sister was about to arrive and we haven’t seen her in a few years so we put together a welcoming parade.  Here they are taking position.

DSC 5001DSC 5002

All set for her arrival!!

DSC 5005

She’s here!!

DSC 5009

They went back around the loop to do a second drive by b/c she liked the welcoming parade so much!

DSC 5010

The kids being themselves. :)

DSC 5018DSC 5019DSC 5020DSC 5023

Pontoon time! Unckey Luc-y was pushing those Wheat Thins pretty hard!

DSC 5024

We were off to watch the 4th of July fireworks display at Cedar Crest.  Which always takes FORRREVVVVVER to get going.

DSC 5025DSC 5027DSC 5028

This boat ride was lonnnnnnnng.

DSC 5029

The natives were restless.

DSC 5031

There were a few grumps on the boat.  See if you can spot them.

DSC 5032

Cookie doin it up!

DSC 5034

The 4th of July food spread.  One of the days.  LOL

DSC 5035

Very festive! My sister and her boyfriend Adam.

DSC 5037DSC 5044

One of the things on the agenda for when my sister was home was to update this family photo my parents have hanging at the cabin.  It was my 13th birthday in this picture.  

DSC 0288

Here it is!

DSC 0301DSC 0308DSC 0311DSC 0312

My siblings and I.

DSC 0316

My parents.

DSC 0319

The fam!

DSC 0323

Jon (minus sneaky Renae) and Natalie and Daniel.

DSC 0329

We took the boat to a swimming spot to shake things up.

DSC 5057

Daniel is getting too heavy to throw which is a shame b/c he’s only just now brave enough to let Eric do it!  

DSC 5061

Avery is on the cusp of being too heavy.

DSC 5063

Dylan is definitely too heavy but just does flips now instead.  Flips are not for Daniel. :)

DSC 5067

Nat is too heavy too.  Wah wah.

DSC 5068DSC 5077

I’ll carry you buddy!

DSC 5080

My sister and Avery were like glue that weekend.  Avery had a new BFF.  They are working her new jewelry box.

DSC 5096DSC 5097

This is at Maple Lake.  We were set to do a big family photo with all the peeps there too.  However, I have been told I can’t share it b/c its “for the Christmas card!!!”  So I guess you’ll have to wait.  And if you’re not on Kim’s list – TOO BAD!  HAHA!

DSC 5167DSC 5158

Our precious niece Hattie is the center of attention when we’re all together.  She’s so fun.

DSC 5185DSC 5190DSC 5207

Dylan played baseball over the summer and LOVED it.  He looks so long and skinny here!  Not that he isn’t but its very exaggerated here!

DSC 5321DSC 5322DSC 5326

Fun fact – he knocked a boy on his team to the ground with this throw.  Whoops!

DSC 5327

This was the weekend we had Eric’s friends and their wives up for the weekend.  It was a low turnout this year, but still fun. :)

DSC 5385

This picture cracks me up.  Little Zack wasn’t too sure about the sparklers.  He just kept making that face at them and cracking us up!

DSC 5391

Avos muchachos looking pretty in the evening light.

DSC 5396DSC 5399

And theres Dylan.  Lighting his pants on fire.  Really.

DSC 5402DSC 5405

Here’s our neighbor Katie trying to get up on skis!

DSC 5419DSC 5420

Best buddies Avery and Elsie

DSC 5422

Dylan’s best friend Drew skiing.

DSC 5426DSC 5428

Dylan’s turn with the help of Jim bag.

DSC 5432DSC 5435

The girls were waiting for their turn to tube!

DSC 5439DSC 5446

Ladies turn!

DSC 5453IMG 4901IMG 4904

We took the kids to Pirates Cove finally for mini golf!  We’ve been meaning to go since we moved to the area 6 years ago.

DSC 5456

The boys were ultra competitive and the girls were just happy to get it in the hole at all!  :)

DSC 5458DSC 5468DSC 5478DSC 5486

And finally it was Labor Day weekend.  Back at Loon Lodge.  Here is yet another treasure hunt.

DSC 5530

Maybe Avery can help read the clues next summer!

DSC 5536

The people chillin while the kids did their hunt.

DSC 5541

My dad and Rocky.

DSC 5542

One final boat ride on White Earth Lake for this year.  Sneaky Renae made an appearance!

DSC 5546DSC 5547

Oh, looks like Tommy is enjoying a Presidente ‘Rita!

DSC 5548

Here he is enjoying that beverage with a canine companion!

DSC 5553

Avery got a bit squirrelly on me. 

DSC 5555

Avery!  I’ve got a beverage here!

DSC 5563DSC 5564

Last lanterns of the summer!  I see ya there Jon!

DSC 5584DSC 5585DSC 5590

Annnnnnnd, WAH WAH – 1st day of school for the 2nd grader and the kindergartener!

DSC 5614

Someone was excited and someone was nervous.  Bet you can’t tell which is which!

DSC 5616DSC 5619

Didn’t get any pictures of Dylan in his classroom.  I was too busy consoling him!  :(  But he was okay after we left.

DSC 5620

The 2nd week of school we had a big storm roll thru that took down many trees and knocked power out for several hours.  The kids still had school that day so the teachers used flashlights, candles and iPads to light up their classrooms! :)

DSC 5625DSC 5627

Katie and Jim’s yard.

DSC 5628DSC 5629

They lost their deck tables and their grill.  We didn’t really have any damage other than lots and lots of tree limbs down and a few trees down in the back lot.

DSC 5632

Well, there’s part of the reason I haven’t done much blogging. Too distracted by my damn nails!!!  ;)  I started selling Jamberry in June and it’s been so much fun!  Here’s a link to my consultant website if you are feeling the urge to shop…haha! 5135

Then fall arrived and it was time to start putting things away.  Eric had told our neighbor that we would take sections from his old dock so Eric and Jim went to work stowing them away in the back.  I supervised the long effort and took pictures of the trees, my nails and myself while I waited.  Yeah, what of it!?

DSC 5647DSC 5650

My favorite!  Oh I had a good time laughing at them!  

DSC 5653DSC 5657

The sections kept falling off as they went up the hill.  I was dying!

DSC 5660

Finally they were done so we went on one of the last pontoon rides of the year. :(

DSC 5661

Dylan and Drew.  They always have so much fun together.

DSC 5663DSC 5664DSC 5665DSC 5667

Avery and Elsie Mae.  Best buds!

DSC 5669

Well thats all!  I know that must have been so exciting!!!  Stay tuned…I’ve got more….someone had a birthday….:)

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Still In Summer

Can you believe that I am sneaking in another post for June!?  Yep, I am. I’m going for it!  June was busy for us.  What month isn’t busy tho, really?  These first pics are from Loon Lodge, just a continuation from the last post.  We head up there again this coming July 4th weekend.

DSC 4739

Dock lunch!  One of their favorite things to do at Gma’s!  

DSC 4743

And of course swimming.

DSC 4745DSC 4748DSC 4752

This picture cracks me up!  They are making the exact same goofy face!  

DSC 4754DSC 4755

They spent most of this afternoon rescuing and rehabing dragonflies that had flown into the water.  

DSC 4756

Dylan the Dragonfly Whisperer.

DSC 4760

Back at home, Eric was up to his same old tricks. Ah yes, you might recall something about “Trix’s Treasure is our last pontoon.  This is the one we’re going to keep forever.”  (Trix’s Treasure is the one on the left)  Well, this is the last photo we have of her b/c he SOLD HER!  WAAAAAAH!!!!!  Yep, he decided to buy my parent’s old pontoon off of them (one on the right).  The motor blew up immediately following Trix’s Treasure’s departure.  Naturally.  So, we’ve been without a boat for a few weeks.  ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( (I dont know how to make a mad emoticon. Pretend that’s a mad emoticon.)

DSC 4768

Avery had her dance recital at the beginning of June.  She hints that she’s retiring from dance and taking up ‘nastics instead.  Not if I have anything to say about it she’s not!

DSC 4770DSC 4772

Here is Father’s Day.  The kids had each made him their own cards.

DSC 4776DSC 4779

And here is the printed version of his gift since it hadn’t arrived yet. (see bottom of blog post for the real deal)

DSC 4783

And here we are at Cass Lake!  I know!  A month early!  We decided to try June this year to try and stay ahead of the swimmers itch.  Well, everyone got it anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter when you go.  BOOO!  The main attraction this year was Lulu’s paddleboard!  Our only boat!  LOL!  Yes, since Gpa Danny didn’t bring his pontoon (he had some lame excuse), we didn’t have one anymore and our speed boat sunk last year – Lulu was top dog!!!  Here she is with her fancy paddleboard!

DSC 4794

It was a hit with everyone!

DSC 4799

I had to practice!

DSC 4803

Once you got your balance it was okay but when you first step on, its pretty funny trying to stand up!

DSC 4809DSC 4811

Its safe to say I’m jealous and mad I don’t have one (insert another mad face emoticon please).

DSC 4819

Here the boys are fighting over who gets to go next.  

DSC 4827

Jamie trumps kids!  Haha kiddies!

DSC 4830

Even Gma Kim gave it a whirl!

DSC 4836


DSC 4846

Cell phone pics alert…..SELFIES!

Photo 1


Photo 2

More cell phone pics.  And look at the hat twins! :)

Photo 4Photo 5

The next day on the paddleboard we got a little more ballsy.  Holding crow on land – piece of cake.  Holding crow on a paddleboard – not so much a piece of cake!  Haha!  

Photo 1  1

Jamie has a great picture of me falling in b/c all I did was raise up my front arm to go into reverse warrior and WOOP – right in!  

Photo 3  1

We took a ton of iPhone pics this year.  Not the best quality but oh well.

Photo 4  1

Photo 5  1

Photo 3

Family friends have a construction business and gave us all these sweatshirts.  Those that didn’t get one were pretty jelly.  

Photo 1  2

As always, we had to get some Cass Lake sunset pics!

DSC 4870DSC 4874

Oh!  More paddleboard shenanigans!  Down dog with a dog!

DSC 4892

Had to include a pic of Manny.  :)

Photo 3  2

Here we are at the always super awesome Star Island.  Haha.

Photo 2  2

Our neighbors from back home came up on Saturday and brought their boat! YAY!!!  The kids did some knee boarding, skiing and little kid skiing – what Addi is doing here.

DSC 4895

Family pic at Cedar Island.  WHY is Eric standing directly behind me?  Oh I dont know.  He’s weird.  You can tell that he’s making a “I’m so amused with myself” face even behind my head and behind his glasses.  

DSC 4899

So then he moves over and Dylan does this face (also doing it on purpose to try and get my goat).  These people!  I tell ya!

DSC 4901


DSC 4903

Bopsy Twins at the island!

DSC 4905

Here’s our awesome neighbors!  Jim, Katie, Elsie and Drew.  

DSC 4908

A month early – our annual anniversary photo shoot.  Water is a bit high this year!

DSC 4913DSC 4914DSC 4915

Back at home!  It was almost dark and they were still swimming. :)

DSC 4923DSC 4928DSC 4931DSC 4937DSC 4946

And finally, this was a couple days ago.  They’ve been practicing their rollerblading skills.  

DSC 4948

Speedy makes me a bit nervous.  

DSC 4950

He insists that falling doesn’t hurt.  Riiiiiiiiiight.

DSC 4952

Here is the aforementioned sign!

DSC 4953

And a little photo shoot at the park by our house. 

DSC 4958DSC 4962DSC 4966DSC 4970

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May was a super busy month for us!  Hence, the reason why there were no blog posts in May.  So its time for a bit of catch up!  

Avery finished up preschool last month.  This was her final day.  They had a picnic at Gull Lake Dam.  Here she is with a few of her friends.  She’ll see them all again at Forestview in about 5 years! ;)

IMG 4387IMG 4390

Here she is with her teachers.  Can’t believe how fast the last 4 years went (2 years that Dylan was there and 2 years for Avery).  It seems so strange that we won’t be going to that school anymore!!

IMG 4392

Then out of nowhere – summer arrived.  We went from cold to hot, as we always do in Minnesota.

IMG 4395

We celebrated with selfies!

IMG 4399

Memorial Day weekend was something that will go down in the record books.  It was actually HOT.  Normally, we are all bundled up in long pants and sweatshirts.  Not the case this year!!  Upper 80’s for temps.  It was unreal.

IMG 4420

The kids caught a TON of fish off of Gpa Danny’s dock.  

IMG 4427

Give him a kiss Gpa!  Come on!!!!

IMG 4432

We of course had to celebrate Avery’s upcoming 5th birthday with a trip to Happy Joes.  No trip to Gpa and Gma W’s house is complete without a trip to HJ’s!

IMG 4445

Back home, summer was still ON!  Woohoo!

DSC 4501

Cannonballs for everyone!  

DSC 4507

Dylan and his best buddy Drew caught a bunch of fish off of our dock.  I think the fish are kinda dumb at the beginning of the year.  They seem to catch one every 30 seconds or so.

DSC 4515DSC 4517

And here is the week leading up to Avery’s 5th birthday.  It was a gorgeous week of weather – temp around 80 all week, sunny, not windy.  It was fab.  :)

DSC 4520DSC 4521DSC 4524

I had to do a pre-birthday party photo shoot to include in her video that we always show at the party.  She of course was all over that.

DSC 4528DSC 4533DSC 4535DSC 4537

Lake is a little high right now!  

DSC 4539

Finally, it was party time.  I had this banner printed.  Thats Queen Elsa there.  So I bet you can guess what the theme was.

DSC 4568DSC 4569

Present time!!!  What’s that face she’s making in the second pic?  OH, that would be the, “That’s not my Elsa doll!” face.  Calm down Avos, she’s coming…

DSC 4571DSC 4573

Cousin Hattie provided everyone with baby smiles, snuggles and cuteness.  Auntie Kacie brought the giant owl, which was a HUGE hit with Avery.  She LOVES her stuffed animals and whats better than a giant pink owl?!

DSC 4582DSC 4589

Wouldn’t ya know it – after a week of awesome weather, it went in the crapper the day of Avery’s party.  And the mosquitos were nuts.  

DSC 4595

We tried not to let it spoil the fun tho.  In between showers, there were boat rides and outdoor fun.

DSC 4599DSC 4600

The boat was looking a big overloaded.  How embarrassing!  

DSC 4605

There was a big of musical pontoons going on.  

DSC 4607

Avery and her two best buddies.  There was a bit of “3’s a crowd” going on and I could tell Avery felt caught in the middle.  

DSC 4609DSC 4611

Cake time!!  I had this printed too. :)

DSC 4614DSC 4619

Taco Jon normally jumps in at the last second of the Happy Birthday song to sing “and many morrrrrrrre!” but this time he opted for the bunny ears trick.  It wouldn’t be a birthday without him getting in the cake photos!

DSC 4628DSC 4630DSC 4632

Here is her actual birthday. She got to open her presents right away before Dylan went to school (he still had 2 days left).  

DSC 4637DSC 4639

Ooooooh a fleecy Frozen blankie!

DSC 4641

Olaf! (or Olive, as she calls him)

DSC 4643

Relaxing a bit before we went out for dinner.  Mux was enjoying a glass of vino with the view.

DSC 4653DSC 4658DSC 4662

She was entertaining me with her Frozen friends and we talked about the day she was born.  

DSC 4669DSC 4670

2nd pic – finally Dylan’s last day of 1st grade! :)

DSC 4672DSC 4679

And now we’re all caught up!  We’re at my parent’s cabin this weekend while Eric is doing an old man hockey tournament in Crookston.  So this means……we’re the first one’s on Gpa Tom’s new pontoon!!!  Haha suckers!!!

DSC 4684DSC 4686

Its pretty fancy!  I asked if he was having second thoughts and maybe wanted to trade, but he did not.  Booooo.

DSC 4688DSC 4691

Good news!  Dylan fits under the seat!

DSC 4693

Despite the fact that its chilly here this weekend, the kids still went swimming.  They nuts.

DSC 4696DSC 4698DSC 4700DSC 4701

And it wouldn’t be a weekend at Loon Lodge without me trying to get the perfect hummingbird pic.  Finally got one with one on each spout!

DSC 4731

That’s all for now!  Sun MIGHT be coming out today so maybe I’ll add more to this later.  Or not.  Haha.

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We made it!!  Winter is over (looks around for wood to knock on)!  It seems I went into hibernation mode and hid from this blog while winter was still here. I felt I had no good news to report.  It was the eternal winter here.  Might have had to do something with that Queen Elsa from Frozen (we may have watched that movie far too many times this winter??).  Anyway, lets recap.  Its nice to look back now that I can look out the window and no longer see snow.  Well, actually, if i look out certain windows I can still see it, but thats neither here nor there.  So this is back in March I believe.  Bit drifty there!

DSC 4168

But the drift made for a goodly sized snow fort.

DSC 4187

We continued to work on house projects so that required that our favorite worker Gpa Danny and his dog Manny visited a lot.  The kids enjoy pretending they have a dog.  

DSC 4191 2DSC 4209 2DSC 4214

Then, one day, it got kinda warm out.  Jackets, hats, and mittens were taken off.  Sunglasses were put on.  Smiles were plastered on our faces.

DSC 4240DSC 4242DSC 4244

This sums it up pretty much.

1972395 10152269153459138 1287508111 n

The sun and warmth made us BELIEVE spring was coming.  We were fools.

DSC 4258

But we enjoyed it while it lasted. 

DSC 4267DSC 4297DSC 4298DSC 4302

Here’s another massive drift.  This one stuck around for quite awhile.  

IMG 3829

Here the kids had made a movie starring themselves with a cameo by Gpa Danny.  I know, I know, I said was gonna string it all together, edit it and put in youtube.  Maybe someday. ;)

IMG 3833

Here’s a bit of the work they did in the bathroom.  There was a crappy old stand up shower here before.  Stay tuned for more pics of this project.

IMG 3838

We also went to down to Kacie and Eddie’s house to go to a Wild game and hang out for a weekend.  The kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins.

IMG 3852IMG 3904IMG 3903IMG 3861IMG 3865IMG 3869

We took them and cousin Easton to the MOA amusement park.  They always have a blast there.

IMG 3883IMG 3884

For some reason, Avery agreed to go on the log chute again this time!  I thought for sure after last year’s ride that she’d not want to go again but I was wrong.  Eric said she didn’t seem scared.  The picture that they take of you while you’re on the ride told a different story.  Someone else had a scared face too.  Name starts with a D.

IMG 3893IMG 3894

Well, SOMEONE had to pose at Legoland.  Boys were too busy for that bidness.

IMG 3899

Funny story – Dylan comes home from school one day and goes, “Um, MOM, it was PICTURE DAY today.”  OOOOPS.  Here’s what he was wearing.  I laughed and laughed.  Turns out that the picture is an instant classic!  Rad!

DSC 4319

I also worked on a project of my own.  Transforming the brown bathroom into something a bit more purdy.

IMG 3974

Decided the cabinets, doors, trim had to be turned to white.  The cabinets (seen here) were a cream kinda color.  Trishy no likey.

IMG 3977

Or course I don’t have a true “before” picture of this door.  It was dark brown.  This was after 3 coats I think.  It took 4 coats.

IMG 3978

Here’s the other door though.  It was the same color.

IMG 3989

And here is after!  I painted the walls too. :)  The toilet is still an eyesore, but I feel like the bathroom is much prettier now.

DSC 4351DSC 4353DSC 4354DSC 4355

And check it out – fancy drawer liners!

IMG 3997

Avery had parent night at her preschool.  Our last parent night at that preschool!!! :(

DSC 4331DSC 4337DSC 4346

She’s just getting so big!

DSC 4347

Here is her fancy outfit she got from Gma Toni for Easter.  She had to try it on IMMEDIATELY!

IMG 4027

I went on a ladies weekend with Eric’s sisters to Mpls at the beginning of April.  It was a fun trip.  ;)  No incidents of any kind!  haha

IMG 4045IMG 4044

And then, the clouds parted….the birds started singing….the snow started melting….we did yoga poses to celebrate….

IMG 4092

I documented the melt process….

IMG 4093IMG 4094

We celebrated by running around outside in tshirts and shorts while it was 55 degrees.

DSC 4359DSC 4368

Dylan is demonstrating how much snow is REALLY still there.  Waist deep.

DSC 4369DSC 4370

Avery was smart.  Didn’t jump into the snow.

DSC 4375

Anyway, we continued living in a blissful state of spring.  

DSC 4377DSC 4379DSC 4380

Oh remember how I said that I made the bathroom all pretty?  Well it WAS pretty.  Then Eric found some dumb leak and destroyed the tub.  :(

IMG 4136

A new one has been ordered (like the one downstairs) but this is our temporary set up.  I guess I can’t say I’ll miss old brownie.  Now if only we could do something about that tub’s sister the toilet!

IMG 4161

The flooring also went in downstairs last week.  Progress!!! (not pictured, the laundry room floor – for some reason I don’t have a picture of that)

IMG 4171

The kids did the annual Easter egg dye.

IMG 4178IMG 4179IMG 4188

Oh and here is what I was foreshadowing about.  It could have been much, much worse.  We definitely dodged a bullet.

IMG 4191

Then it was finally Easter weekend and my parents came for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving so we were happy to see them.  My mom and I set out to make a shower curtain for the bathroom and also to recover the porch furniture.  I needed a worker for all that cuz I don’t know how to sew.  I did get a lesson tho. :) I’m now an expert.  Hahahahaha

IMG 4199

We came back from the fabric store to find this on the table next to Dylan’s uneaten lunch.  It was leftover spaghetti from Olive Garden.  Gave us a good laugh.

IMG 4200

The annual Easter photo shoot.  We only took 2 pictures though. No one was in the mood to leave their church clothes on for very long and they scattered after this picture was taken.  

DSC 4396

We could not have had better weather for Easter Sunday.  It was 76 degrees.  It felt AMAZING.

DSC 4406DSC 4410DSC 4412

Here’s the after pics of the porch furniture.  

DSC 4431DSC 4433

The cushions had that lovely floral print before (see pillow on ground to the left).  There are 2 more pillows that will complete the look but I had to get a raincheck for those.  Apparently everyone else in town liked the striped pillow at Target too.  BOO!! :(

DSC 4434

And here is our progress.  Still have lots of ice.  No open water yet.

DSC 4435DSC 4437

Gma Toni gave them the idea of spreading out the snow from the big drift (from the first part of this post that the kids were standing on) so it melts faster.  They thought this was awesome.

DSC 4440DSC 4447DSC 4449DSC 4451

Dylan was just downstairs playing and exclaimed that “Gma was right!  The snow is all gone now!”  Things are LOOKING UP around here!  :)  Happy Spring Minnesota!!!

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Last weekend of hockey

We had a full weekend of hockey this past weekend. My toes haven’t even unthawed yet and here I am writing this blog post.  Dylan wanted the pictures from his Warrior Cup up STAT!  But first things first – Avery’s jamboree.  

She played 3 games on Saturday.  Here she is on the “bench” waiting for her turn to skate.

DSC 4107DSC 4109

Her turn!  

DSC 4110

2 number 8s?!  What?!  She did a lot of skating around aimlessly and the puck brushed up against her stick ONCE in the 3 games. Not on purpose.  

DSC 4112

Does someone look like her Dad here or what?!

DSC 4119

This is a total Eric face.  Like, “take the picture, lets go.”

DSC 4121

Then after Avery was done skating, she and I drove up to Breezy Point to see Dylan’s last game of the day (his previous 2 games that day we missed cuz of the jamboree) and see him try his hand at playing goalie.  

DSC 4122

I thought for sure this would cure him of wanting to play goalie, but no such luck.  Even though they got crushed, he didn’t care.  He still had fun.  

DSC 4123

And this was today.  They played 3 games and didn’t lose a single one!  Warrior Cup Champions!!!!  This is the team he’s played with all season long on Sunday nights – the Avalanche.

DSC 4140

Here he is with the Warrior Cup!  (which we decided was built out of dog bowls and colanders)

DSC 4144

He was very excited and grinning from ear to ear after the win!  I took other photos but my stupid camera was on some whacky setting and I didn’t realize that til after – I was too excited I guess and was snapping away without even looking at what was being taken!  Oh well.  He’s thrilled and they ended a really good season with a bang.  It was pretty amazing to see how much they improved over the last few months.  They do pretty darn good for 7 and 8 year olds! :)  

And with that, hockey season is officially over!  I may now resume regular meal planning during the week and my couch position on Sunday nights.  YES!

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Oh whatayaknow?! Its the end of another month, which means here I am with another under the wire post!  Apparently this is how I roll now.  One post a month.  Nothing more!  Lets recap, shall we?

Here’s one of Dylan’s hockey tournaments he’s had recently.  This one was in Crosby.  

DSC 3963

Obviously, he’s not the one with the pony.

DSC 3965

I recall they did not win this game, but oh well.

DSC 3966

So, its been quite the long winter here…..which has led to lots of boring days….which has led to….CAT SELFIES!!!!

IMG 3537

It has swept our household.  At any given moment, you can hear someone yell out, “CAT SELFIE!!!!!”  Oh okay, so its really just Avery and I doing the cat selfie thing.  Oh look, here Milly doesn’t want to participate.

IMG 3538

CAT SELFIE!!! Avery yells.

IMG 3541

“Mom, she’s not looking.  I will turn her head.  CAT SELFIE!!!!”

IMG 3542

“Milly!  Button!  Ginger! LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!!” (Button and Ginger are 2 of Milly Mux Muxatoney Phil’s newest nicknames.)

IMG 3545

Heres our new tubby tub!  Its now fully installed…picture not included….too lazy to go down and take a picture, which I’m sure someone will complain about.

IMG 3551

I know what you are thinking.  Eric turned THIRTY SEVEN!?!  I know!  I thought he was 36 too! (see picture where the Mom may or may not have told the son that his father was 36)

IMG 3553

We went out for dinner and he proceeded to get totally wasted!  Hahahaha.  Okay, so he only had this one.  Its just that he’s weird.  Which you all know.

IMG 3562

Gosh, I wonder where Dylan gets it from.

IMG 3565

Oh okay, we’re all weird.

IMG 3567

Some more than others.

IMG 3568


IMG 3569

Please ignore the cake.  I was told that I had to wait on this whip cream frosting under right before we were going to eat the cake.  So, yeaaaahhhh not my best work.  

DSC 3970

Check it out!  I wrapped Eric’s present Eric style – in a blanket!  

DSC 3974DSC 3978

More SELFIES!  Hey, where be Button?

IMG 3621

This is Valentine’s Day morning.  They both got a couple of little prezzies.  Avery got a couple of Frozen girls.

DSC 3994

And Dylan got a Lego Chima speedor.  I always love his genuine reactions.

DSC 3995

Nailed it!

DSC 3996DSC 3998

HOW have I NOT mentioned the weather yet?!  OH MY well let me tell you.  Its been below zero for like 50 days this winter.  Not exaggerating. What does this mean exactly?  Well, it means that children then stay indoors and drive their parents crazy.  Yep, I said it.  So this is the first time that they went outside since December when I took pictures of them for our Christmas card.  No joke.  

DSC 4010

Dylan got right to work on a snow fort.

DSC 4011

Avery made chunks of snow food?  For in the fort?  Something like that.

DSC 4015

Ginger wanted to know if it was safe to come outside yet.  Literally, she was sitting there meowing away at me and I was all, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!”

DSC 4022DSC 4025DSC 4029

Shantytown is over yonder.

DSC 4038

And December’s snowman is still completely in tact.  

DSC 4040

We had 2 warm days.  This day it was like 45 degrees.  That’s what my iPhone told me anyway.  And I chose to BELIEVE.

IMG 3647

So we went out for air.  

DSC 4043DSC 4048

I feel like I hardly have ANY outdoor snow photos this winter.  Going outside has just been too unpleasant.  Its like knives on your face.  Why would I go outside if it felt like knives on my face?  

DSC 4049DSC 4051

Ahhh, the old homestead.  Can’t wait to get to “know” this place in the summer.  

DSC 4054DSC 4053

Where the heck is Mux?!  She lives for selfies!

DSC 4056DSC 4059

Avery even went sledding.  I had to dust it off first before she could go on.  

DSC 4062

Then Dylan got home from school and they made their first snowman since December.

IMG 3658IMG 3659

And did some tandem sledding!  Olympic inspired!

IMG 3662IMG 3665IMG 3667

Here’s Avery before practice one night.  Both kids wrap up hockey this weekend with tournaments for each, so MAYBE, just MAYBE there will be a special blog post on that.  2 posts in March?!  WHAT?!  I know.  I know.

IMG 3680

Oh yes, then after it was warm, it was like, oh HA HA, you all liked that – WELL FORGET IT!  Back in the freezer you go!  Except I’m pretty sure its warmer in our freezer than it is outside…..anyway – it snowed a bunch again and then it got super cold again.  What else is new though.  This is our life here.  And we embrace it.  I was shouting through the window – MAKE ME A SNOWMAN ON THE DECK!!!  (knives on face!  KNIVES ON FACE!!!)

DSC 4067IMG 3694

Later that week, Muxatoney Phil was found sunbathing.  CAT SELFIE!!!!!

DSC 4077

And then here is today when I realized we better do up something awesome to end the monthly recap post.  So we made masks.  Thank you Family Fun magazine.  

DSC 4079DSC 4084DSC 4088DSC 4091

Purdy, purdy girl.

DSC 4093DSC 4095DSC 4098

One of her jams came on, so she quit doing her aaaaaart and decided that “you better MOVE, you better DANCE!” – quick name the song!

DSC 4103DSC 4106

And that’s all for today.  I hope to see you again soon! ;)

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Hockey, hockey, hockey

I feel like January was all about hockey and very cold weather.  School was called off FOUR times in January b/c of how cold it was/is.  And apparently its supposed to stay this way.  Which blows.  So I haven’t much to report on and my attitude isn’t good.  So please enjoy these pictures from skating on a “warm” day (I think it was a balmy 25 this day) and don’t expect me back here with a post until the weather improves along with my mood.

DSC 3860

Yes, I realize that her pants and coat don’t match.  The zipper broke in her old coat and it wasn’t like we could just go without!  So there was slim pickin’s left at all the stores for outerwear.  I am proud to say though that I got this Osh Kosh coat for 8 bucks!  It was regularly 108 or something ridiculous like that.  That price included snow pants tho, which I realized after I bought the coat (no pants were to be found!) and got home.  Obviously, these aren’t the pants.  But oh well.  They’ll have to do.  

DSC 3863

Avery’s skating has improved A LOT over the last month.  She glides now with both feet and I’m pretty sure she’s faster than me.  Really!

DSC 3865

This is at the rink by our house.  Dylan had already started complaining about how “hot” he was.  Ummmm????

DSC 3869

So eventually, he ditched his hat and coat.  And for some reason he had just a short sleeve tshirt on!  He normally ALWAYS wears long sleeve shirts, so this was weird.  Sure, on the day he gets hot while skating he’s wearing this shirt.

DSC 3870DSC 3876DSC 3878DSC 3879

Here he is practicing his wrist shot.  He was trying to teach me how to do it the other day.  He makes it look so easy.  I felt like I was gonna pull something.

DSC 3883DSC 3888

One bad thing about Avery skating so well and so fast now….

DSC 3897

….is that she doesn’t know how to stop!  So she’ll either run into the boards or just throw herself on the ground.  

DSC 3899DSC 3902DSC 3904DSC 3906DSC 3911

I finally talked Dylan into putting on the inner liner of his coat.  Phew!

DSC 3921DSC 3923DSC 3926DSC 3928DSC 3930DSC 3931DSC 3943

Its funny when he skates backwards as she skates towards him.  :)

DSC 3945

This is what always happens to me in January it seems.  I get a wild hair about organizing pictures.  Avery is looking at our 2011 photo book that I made last year.  Which of course got me thinking I needed to get my 2012 one done.  Which led me to thinking that maybe I should finish up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Ask me how far I’ve gotten.  Hahahaha.  

DSC 3958

I’m not sure who the heck took so many pictures the 8 years.  Surely it wasn’t me?  Though, I will say it has dwindled lately.  I don’t know why.  Oh wait – always busy and always indoors (makes for bad photos, IMO).  

DSC 3959

So I guess we’ll just hope for an actual SPRING this year (please refer back to the archives for March and April 2013 for a refresher of what happened last year – warning – it ain’t pretty!) so we can get outside and start enjoying our new yard!

DSC 3960

Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming.  

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