The rest of summer 2014

I bet you thought I was gone, never to return, right?  Well, I’m back!  Long hiatus I know.  I guess it makes the most sense to start up where I last left off – mid way thru summer.  So – here is 4th of July weekend at Loon Lodge. 🙂

DSC 4987

Always gotta do a few lanterns! 

DSC 4991DSC 4995

My sister was about to arrive and we haven’t seen her in a few years so we put together a welcoming parade.  Here they are taking position.

DSC 5001DSC 5002

All set for her arrival!!

DSC 5005

She’s here!!

DSC 5009

They went back around the loop to do a second drive by b/c she liked the welcoming parade so much!

DSC 5010

The kids being themselves. 🙂

DSC 5018DSC 5019DSC 5020DSC 5023

Pontoon time! Unckey Luc-y was pushing those Wheat Thins pretty hard!

DSC 5024

We were off to watch the 4th of July fireworks display at Cedar Crest.  Which always takes FORRREVVVVVER to get going.

DSC 5025DSC 5027DSC 5028

This boat ride was lonnnnnnnng.

DSC 5029

The natives were restless.

DSC 5031

There were a few grumps on the boat.  See if you can spot them.

DSC 5032

Cookie doin it up!

DSC 5034

The 4th of July food spread.  One of the days.  LOL

DSC 5035

Very festive! My sister and her boyfriend Adam.

DSC 5037DSC 5044

One of the things on the agenda for when my sister was home was to update this family photo my parents have hanging at the cabin.  It was my 13th birthday in this picture.  

DSC 0288

Here it is!

DSC 0301DSC 0308DSC 0311DSC 0312

My siblings and I.

DSC 0316

My parents.

DSC 0319

The fam!

DSC 0323

Jon (minus sneaky Renae) and Natalie and Daniel.

DSC 0329

We took the boat to a swimming spot to shake things up.

DSC 5057

Daniel is getting too heavy to throw which is a shame b/c he’s only just now brave enough to let Eric do it!  

DSC 5061

Avery is on the cusp of being too heavy.

DSC 5063

Dylan is definitely too heavy but just does flips now instead.  Flips are not for Daniel. 🙂

DSC 5067

Nat is too heavy too.  Wah wah.

DSC 5068DSC 5077

I’ll carry you buddy!

DSC 5080

My sister and Avery were like glue that weekend.  Avery had a new BFF.  They are working her new jewelry box.

DSC 5096DSC 5097

This is at Maple Lake.  We were set to do a big family photo with all the peeps there too.  However, I have been told I can’t share it b/c its “for the Christmas card!!!”  So I guess you’ll have to wait.  And if you’re not on Kim’s list – TOO BAD!  HAHA!

DSC 5167DSC 5158

Our precious niece Hattie is the center of attention when we’re all together.  She’s so fun.

DSC 5185DSC 5190DSC 5207

Dylan played baseball over the summer and LOVED it.  He looks so long and skinny here!  Not that he isn’t but its very exaggerated here!

DSC 5321DSC 5322DSC 5326

Fun fact – he knocked a boy on his team to the ground with this throw.  Whoops!

DSC 5327

This was the weekend we had Eric’s friends and their wives up for the weekend.  It was a low turnout this year, but still fun. 🙂

DSC 5385

This picture cracks me up.  Little Zack wasn’t too sure about the sparklers.  He just kept making that face at them and cracking us up!

DSC 5391

Avos muchachos looking pretty in the evening light.

DSC 5396DSC 5399

And theres Dylan.  Lighting his pants on fire.  Really.

DSC 5402DSC 5405

Here’s our neighbor Katie trying to get up on skis!

DSC 5419DSC 5420

Best buddies Avery and Elsie

DSC 5422

Dylan’s best friend Drew skiing.

DSC 5426DSC 5428

Dylan’s turn with the help of Jim bag.

DSC 5432DSC 5435

The girls were waiting for their turn to tube!

DSC 5439DSC 5446

Ladies turn!

DSC 5453IMG 4901IMG 4904

We took the kids to Pirates Cove finally for mini golf!  We’ve been meaning to go since we moved to the area 6 years ago.

DSC 5456

The boys were ultra competitive and the girls were just happy to get it in the hole at all!  🙂

DSC 5458DSC 5468DSC 5478DSC 5486

And finally it was Labor Day weekend.  Back at Loon Lodge.  Here is yet another treasure hunt.

DSC 5530

Maybe Avery can help read the clues next summer!

DSC 5536

The people chillin while the kids did their hunt.

DSC 5541

My dad and Rocky.

DSC 5542

One final boat ride on White Earth Lake for this year.  Sneaky Renae made an appearance!

DSC 5546DSC 5547

Oh, looks like Tommy is enjoying a Presidente ‘Rita!

DSC 5548

Here he is enjoying that beverage with a canine companion!

DSC 5553

Avery got a bit squirrelly on me. 

DSC 5555

Avery!  I’ve got a beverage here!

DSC 5563DSC 5564

Last lanterns of the summer!  I see ya there Jon!

DSC 5584DSC 5585DSC 5590

Annnnnnnd, WAH WAH – 1st day of school for the 2nd grader and the kindergartener!

DSC 5614

Someone was excited and someone was nervous.  Bet you can’t tell which is which!

DSC 5616DSC 5619

Didn’t get any pictures of Dylan in his classroom.  I was too busy consoling him!  😦  But he was okay after we left.

DSC 5620

The 2nd week of school we had a big storm roll thru that took down many trees and knocked power out for several hours.  The kids still had school that day so the teachers used flashlights, candles and iPads to light up their classrooms! 🙂

DSC 5625DSC 5627

Katie and Jim’s yard.

DSC 5628DSC 5629

They lost their deck tables and their grill.  We didn’t really have any damage other than lots and lots of tree limbs down and a few trees down in the back lot.

DSC 5632

Well, there’s part of the reason I haven’t done much blogging. Too distracted by my damn nails!!!  😉  I started selling Jamberry in June and it’s been so much fun!  Here’s a link to my consultant website if you are feeling the urge to shop…haha! 5135

Then fall arrived and it was time to start putting things away.  Eric had told our neighbor that we would take sections from his old dock so Eric and Jim went to work stowing them away in the back.  I supervised the long effort and took pictures of the trees, my nails and myself while I waited.  Yeah, what of it!?

DSC 5647DSC 5650

My favorite!  Oh I had a good time laughing at them!  

DSC 5653DSC 5657

The sections kept falling off as they went up the hill.  I was dying!

DSC 5660

Finally they were done so we went on one of the last pontoon rides of the year. 😦

DSC 5661

Dylan and Drew.  They always have so much fun together.

DSC 5663DSC 5664DSC 5665DSC 5667

Avery and Elsie Mae.  Best buds!

DSC 5669

Well thats all!  I know that must have been so exciting!!!  Stay tuned…I’ve got more….someone had a birthday….:)


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3 Responses to The rest of summer 2014

  1. Toni hodgson says:

    Was worth the wait! Fun pix! Good job! First day of school pix and 4 th of July my favs!

  2. Kelli says:

    Great recap!! TSC didn’t make it?😩

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