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I’m baaaaaaack!

Yep, I’m back.  I can’t predict how long this will last though, so don’t get too excited about it.  Yes, I’m talking to you, Mom.  If you’re just joining us, I used to write this blog on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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The rest of summer 2014

I bet you thought I was gone, never to return, right?  Well, I’m back!  Long hiatus I know.  I guess it makes the most sense to start up where I last left off – mid way thru summer.  So – … Continue reading

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Still In Summer

Can you believe that I am sneaking in another post for June!?  Yep, I am. I’m going for it!  June was busy for us.  What month isn’t busy tho, really?  These first pics are from Loon Lodge, just a continuation … Continue reading

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May was a super busy month for us!  Hence, the reason why there were no blog posts in May.  So its time for a bit of catch up!   Avery finished up preschool last month.  This was her final day. … Continue reading

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We made it!!  Winter is over (looks around for wood to knock on)!  It seems I went into hibernation mode and hid from this blog while winter was still here. I felt I had no good news to report.  It … Continue reading

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Last weekend of hockey

We had a full weekend of hockey this past weekend. My toes haven’t even unthawed yet and here I am writing this blog post.  Dylan wanted the pictures from his Warrior Cup up STAT!  But first things first – Avery’s … Continue reading

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Oh whatayaknow?! Its the end of another month, which means here I am with another under the wire post!  Apparently this is how I roll now.  One post a month.  Nothing more!  Lets recap, shall we? Here’s one of Dylan’s … Continue reading

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