Still In Summer

Can you believe that I am sneaking in another post for June!?  Yep, I am. I’m going for it!  June was busy for us.  What month isn’t busy tho, really?  These first pics are from Loon Lodge, just a continuation from the last post.  We head up there again this coming July 4th weekend.

DSC 4739

Dock lunch!  One of their favorite things to do at Gma’s!  

DSC 4743

And of course swimming.

DSC 4745DSC 4748DSC 4752

This picture cracks me up!  They are making the exact same goofy face!  

DSC 4754DSC 4755

They spent most of this afternoon rescuing and rehabing dragonflies that had flown into the water.  

DSC 4756

Dylan the Dragonfly Whisperer.

DSC 4760

Back at home, Eric was up to his same old tricks. Ah yes, you might recall something about “Trix’s Treasure is our last pontoon.  This is the one we’re going to keep forever.”  (Trix’s Treasure is the one on the left)  Well, this is the last photo we have of her b/c he SOLD HER!  WAAAAAAH!!!!!  Yep, he decided to buy my parent’s old pontoon off of them (one on the right).  The motor blew up immediately following Trix’s Treasure’s departure.  Naturally.  So, we’ve been without a boat for a few weeks.  ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 (I dont know how to make a mad emoticon. Pretend that’s a mad emoticon.)

DSC 4768

Avery had her dance recital at the beginning of June.  She hints that she’s retiring from dance and taking up ‘nastics instead.  Not if I have anything to say about it she’s not!

DSC 4770DSC 4772

Here is Father’s Day.  The kids had each made him their own cards.

DSC 4776DSC 4779

And here is the printed version of his gift since it hadn’t arrived yet. (see bottom of blog post for the real deal)

DSC 4783

And here we are at Cass Lake!  I know!  A month early!  We decided to try June this year to try and stay ahead of the swimmers itch.  Well, everyone got it anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter when you go.  BOOO!  The main attraction this year was Lulu’s paddleboard!  Our only boat!  LOL!  Yes, since Gpa Danny didn’t bring his pontoon (he had some lame excuse), we didn’t have one anymore and our speed boat sunk last year – Lulu was top dog!!!  Here she is with her fancy paddleboard!

DSC 4794

It was a hit with everyone!

DSC 4799

I had to practice!

DSC 4803

Once you got your balance it was okay but when you first step on, its pretty funny trying to stand up!

DSC 4809DSC 4811

Its safe to say I’m jealous and mad I don’t have one (insert another mad face emoticon please).

DSC 4819

Here the boys are fighting over who gets to go next.  

DSC 4827

Jamie trumps kids!  Haha kiddies!

DSC 4830

Even Gma Kim gave it a whirl!

DSC 4836


DSC 4846

Cell phone pics alert…..SELFIES!

Photo 1


Photo 2

More cell phone pics.  And look at the hat twins! 🙂

Photo 4Photo 5

The next day on the paddleboard we got a little more ballsy.  Holding crow on land – piece of cake.  Holding crow on a paddleboard – not so much a piece of cake!  Haha!  

Photo 1  1

Jamie has a great picture of me falling in b/c all I did was raise up my front arm to go into reverse warrior and WOOP – right in!  

Photo 3  1

We took a ton of iPhone pics this year.  Not the best quality but oh well.

Photo 4  1

Photo 5  1

Photo 3

Family friends have a construction business and gave us all these sweatshirts.  Those that didn’t get one were pretty jelly.  

Photo 1  2

As always, we had to get some Cass Lake sunset pics!

DSC 4870DSC 4874

Oh!  More paddleboard shenanigans!  Down dog with a dog!

DSC 4892

Had to include a pic of Manny.  🙂

Photo 3  2

Here we are at the always super awesome Star Island.  Haha.

Photo 2  2

Our neighbors from back home came up on Saturday and brought their boat! YAY!!!  The kids did some knee boarding, skiing and little kid skiing – what Addi is doing here.

DSC 4895

Family pic at Cedar Island.  WHY is Eric standing directly behind me?  Oh I dont know.  He’s weird.  You can tell that he’s making a “I’m so amused with myself” face even behind my head and behind his glasses.  

DSC 4899

So then he moves over and Dylan does this face (also doing it on purpose to try and get my goat).  These people!  I tell ya!

DSC 4901


DSC 4903

Bopsy Twins at the island!

DSC 4905

Here’s our awesome neighbors!  Jim, Katie, Elsie and Drew.  

DSC 4908

A month early – our annual anniversary photo shoot.  Water is a bit high this year!

DSC 4913DSC 4914DSC 4915

Back at home!  It was almost dark and they were still swimming. 🙂

DSC 4923DSC 4928DSC 4931DSC 4937DSC 4946

And finally, this was a couple days ago.  They’ve been practicing their rollerblading skills.  

DSC 4948

Speedy makes me a bit nervous.  

DSC 4950

He insists that falling doesn’t hurt.  Riiiiiiiiiight.

DSC 4952

Here is the aforementioned sign!

DSC 4953

And a little photo shoot at the park by our house. 

DSC 4958DSC 4962DSC 4966DSC 4970


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One Response to Still In Summer

  1. kim wikoff says:

    OH summer fun!!Loved the photos…Avos dance photo was darling! Your new sign is wonderful !! and I’m surprised you didn’t mention those nasty,nasty biting flies and mosquitoes lol We will see if they are still there this week-end……hope not…Have a great 4th with your family and friends!!!

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