Well it’s spring.  Supposedly.  I looked at my calendar and our ice was out on March 19th last year.  Its now the 24th of March and the 2 feet of snow on TOP of the ice have yet to melt.  So yeah, it’ll be awhile.  So, until then, we’ll keep doing more of this stuff.  Here’s Avos playing with her barbies.

DSC 1038

Sledding at the big hill in Brainerd.  This was a couple weeks ago.  This kids loved it.  The adults thought it was a lot of work.  😉

DSC 1041DSC 1045DSC 1059DSC 1070DSC 0013

Dylan loved this little bump on the steep track of the hill.  He crashed so many times but thought that was the best part.  I felt like he needed to be wearing a helmet!

DSC 0043DSC 0046

He had a blast though.  Loves speed!

DSC 0076

Avery did a lot of this though.  Laying around complaining about having to walk up the big slippery hill.

DSC 0088

This was an early out from school day.  

DSC 0118DSC 0120

The snow was finally sticky enough for a snowman.  They’ve been waiting all winter!

DSC 0125DSC 0126DSC 0127

I did the balls and they did the rest.

DSC 0131DSC 0137

I just love his hands!

DSC 0143

They are proud of their efforts.

DSC 0150

One Eyed Willy!  (They didn’t notice that his eye fell out until after the photo shoot.)

DSC 0152DSC 0157

Here they are being silly.  Dylan is pretending to sleep.  I TOTALLY fell for it.

DSC 0161DSC 0164

Then once Avery joins in the trickery, Dylan starts cracking up.

DSC 0167

Back inside for indoor shenanigans.  Avery still insists on wearing warm weather clothes when she’s at home.  She’ll be REALLY excited when the day comes that she can wear this stuff outside.  She still asks every school morning if she has to wear a “sleeve shirt” and pants.  YES.  You do.  Put them on.  So on days when she’s not at school – she and Eric wear shorts.  He wears red.  She wears pink.  Here she is putting on a performance for me.

IMG 1501IMG 1503IMG 1511DSC 0181DSC 0210DSC 0216

Eric stopped in to watch for a bit and pose for pictures.  See, red shorts!  Though, I know that surprises no one.

IMG 1525

Ohhh, emmmm, geeee – it snowed again!  Hahaha.  This was on our way home from Brainerd a couple of weeks ago.  We got stuck behind the plow so there was nothing to do but take pictures.  

IMG 1535

That’d be Eric’s nose there.

IMG 1536IMG 1538IMG 1542

Then once it stopped (6 inches later) the kids and Eric set out to make a GIANT snowman.

DSC 0226

Oh okay.  ERIC set out to make a giant snowman.

DSC 0229

It took him awhile to get the job done which is why these pictures are no bueno.  Got too dark.

DSC 0234DSC 0237

Then, over spring break, I took the kids to MOA to ride the rides and visit Legoland.  Kacie, Eddie and the kids joined us.  They all had a lot of fun.

IMG 1556

This is on the ferris wheel.  Avery enjoyed the low key rides.  Dylan, not so much.  But he did admit he liked the ferris wheel.

IMG 1561

This is the Ninja Turtles ride.  It spun around really fast.  He played it cool, but I think I saw a hint of fear on his face.  He’s claiming that I am WRONG.

IMG 1576IMG 1579

Here he is mad about having to ride the “baby rides.”  These are the same rides he liked last summer.  Hmph.

IMG 1587

Posing at Legoland.  He had been looking forward to this for awhile.  It didn’t disappoint.  

IMG 1594

Avery was a good sport at Legoland.  Dylan even had her talked into choosing something Lego-y but I knew better and took her to find something princess-y instead.  Her mother knows best.

IMG 1595IMG 1599

Avery loved the carousel.  There was a mirror next to her horsie, so she enjoyed the view of herself enjoying, well, herself. 🙂

IMG 1609

Dylan LOVED the bigger bumper cars.  The first ones he was on were for “babies” he told me later.  These were more his speed.  He also LOVED the log ride.  Avery, did NOT.  I went with her on the log ride and Dylan went with Uncle Eddie and cousin Easton.  She cried through the whole thing and shook like a leaf.  Have you ever gone on that ride and not held on?  Yeah, I did.  She wouldn’t let me hold onto the railings because I had to have a death grip around her.  Those big drops were SUPER FUN while not holding on.  We’ll be waiting awhile to take her on that one again!

IMG 1628

Here we are back at home and he was putting together the lego toy he got from the mall.

DSC 0012

And this was yesterday.  Avery and I went on a “looking for spring” walk. We did not find it.  Dylan was being a bum and didn’t want to come with us.  Which is a bummer b/c this picture would have been awesome-r (one of Dylan’s favorite not a word words) with him in it.  My loss I guess. 🙂

DSC 0032DSC 0036

An airplane flew overhead quite low.  Dylan missed out!

DSC 0038DSC 0042

This shows how much snow we have.  She normally is about half way up that railing.  

DSC 0046

Here’s our lame excuse for ice melting.  One tiny hole.  Where are the trumpeter swans, otters, and loons supposed to go?!!?!  This is ridiculous!

DSC 0048

Eric and Dylan’s fort.  I have no idea what that says.

DSC 0054

This was their first fort, but there was an incident and the whole thing caved in.  Now it’s just a hole.  A super FUN hole.

DSC 0066DSC 0069

Here, Avos is headfirst into the hole.  She’s a ball of laughs.

DSC 0075

And finally, Easter egg dyeing this morning.  

DSC 0080DSC 0083DSC 0084DSC 0085DSC 0088DSC 0090

Good times!  We’ll be heading up to Gma and Gpa W’s house this weekend for the first ever thigh deep snow Easter egg hunt.  I wonder if the kids will be able to spot the neon eggs amongst the white?  Should be fun!  Ha. Ha.




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3 Responses to Spring?

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Looks like you did a good job of keeping them busy since you all left So. Padre Island, lucky kids, good Mom! Loved the pix of the kids in the snow….Dylan going FAST, Avoes in the hole, and D pretending to be asleep! and I too love their little hands building the snowmen! Avey and her Barbies, didn’t know she was into them!? Avery dancing for you, her little body is just like yours at that age! Fun times at MOA!! Hope you will try to do more blogs so fun to read and see! Miss you all!! XXXX

  2. Lulu says:

    Um, I missed this post….It was quite enjoyable. I am wondering where the Easter update is….as well as the remaining weather related incidences from the past month…it snows like every week!

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