About Us

Hello!  We’re the Wikoff Family – Eric, Tricia, Dylan and Avery.  Oh and our cat is Mux, formerly known as Milly. We live on a lake in Baxter, MN.  Eric works from home as a smarty pants numbers guy.  I (Tricia) work from home as well caring for the people and the house the people live in. I also teach Zumba on the side and occasionally write this blog when time permits!  Dylan is 7 years old and in the 1st grade.  He loves legos, playing outside in any season, hockey in the winter and going to school to hang with his buddies.  Little sister Avery is 4 and she loves babies, treats, being a diva, going to preschool and her big brother.  Eric loves the people in the house, hockey, boating, skiing and bothering his wife.  As for me, I love making treats and yummy foods, workin’ on my fitness and being at home with the fam.  Mux loves rodents, hanging on the screen doors, throwing up and hissing at guests.

Life is good on the lake!!!!


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