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Well, since I have no “green grass, sunny, flowers, it’s MAY!” type of photos for you (its 30 degrees outside right now!) I will have to go with these WILD photos!  As I said before, this time of year is so fun for watching the wildlife where we live.  We spend most of the day spying on all the animals.  I even put on camouflage gear and sneak out to take pictures so I go unnoticed.  Okay, thats a lie.  I’m pretty sure that my bright green sweatshirt might be what is screwing up some of my photos??  Or it could be that a certain 3 year old came tearing out of the house at a pivotal moment.  Anyway, I give you – Sullivan Lake Wildlife!

Here is one of 30-50 loons in our bay right now.  

DSC 0556

Here’s a handful of them swimming together.  It was gale force winds on this day, so I didn’t stay long watching them.  Too freaking cold.  Story of my life here!

DSC 0565

More wildlife….(she INSISTS she is not cold.  She lies.)

DSC 0573

And here is the picture in question.  You see, I snuck outside to get a picture of Mr Eagle sitting on the ice and stayed out of his line of sight by walking up to the lake behind a tree.  As soon as I poked the lens around the tree – up he flew!  Now, I am sneaky.  So even though I WAS wearing a bright green sweatshirt, I think it has more to do with the tiny tornado that I took notice of after I took these subpar photos.

DSC 0575DSC 0576

Here, it is clear I should use a tripod.  Cuz his loud wail startled me as I was pressing down on the button.  Put this photo in here anyway b/c I thought he looked so funny doing his call.

DSC 0590

And here is Mr Eagle again.  Or Miss Eagle?  I don’t know.  I noticed 2 eagles sitting together on the ice yesterday evening and when we went to the window to look closer at them, we noticed this one in our tree.  There was no way I could go outside cuz he’d see me immediately so these are thru a window.  Better than nothing!

DSC 0596DSC 0599DSC 0600

I think he is one in a family of 3 eagles.  Cuz right now as I’m writing this, there are 3 eagles sitting next to each other on the ice.  They are so fun to watch.  Eric gets mad thought b/c he thinks they might harm the loons.  

DSC 0601

Well, thats all for this edition of Sullivan Lake Wildlife.  Check back for more!  Cuz I’m fairly sure it will never warm up here!  This is all we have!

Edited to add – after I hit “send to blog” on the post, I looked out and noticed 4 eagles in my neighbor’s tree.  So I ran up to Eric’s office to take pictures thru the window again.  Best I could do!  They’d fly away as soon as I opened the door I’m thinking.

DSC 0602

DSC 0604

While I was watching them, a 5th eagle flew up to join them.  So there were 5 in the tree and 3 on the ice.  Must have been a family reunion! 2 are hard to see here, but trust me, they are there.

DSC 0606


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4 Responses to Wildlife Post

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Super cool wildlife shots!! (the only kind of shots that there should be!!) too bad you didn’t have the camera on our nature walk last Sat.!

  2. Camille says:

    These rock!!! Bald eagles are in my top two of wild animals, so tell Eric to chill! Either the loons will be safe or it’s just nature at work 🙂

    • Well, right now, they are just hunting fish. They could never pull a loon from the water. They are waaaaay too big of a bird for them to get. But the baby loons…those they could get. There aren’t babies yet tho. So for now, they hunt fish. And let me tell ya – they have a pretty crappy average for actually succeeding in getting a fish. Half the time, they drop it – and thats the 1/2 of the time they actually are able to snag a fish!

  3. Lulu says:

    Circle of Life….love the wild life, how fun and peaceful to watch!!

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