May was a super busy month for us!  Hence, the reason why there were no blog posts in May.  So its time for a bit of catch up!  

Avery finished up preschool last month.  This was her final day.  They had a picnic at Gull Lake Dam.  Here she is with a few of her friends.  She’ll see them all again at Forestview in about 5 years! 😉

IMG 4387IMG 4390

Here she is with her teachers.  Can’t believe how fast the last 4 years went (2 years that Dylan was there and 2 years for Avery).  It seems so strange that we won’t be going to that school anymore!!

IMG 4392

Then out of nowhere – summer arrived.  We went from cold to hot, as we always do in Minnesota.

IMG 4395

We celebrated with selfies!

IMG 4399

Memorial Day weekend was something that will go down in the record books.  It was actually HOT.  Normally, we are all bundled up in long pants and sweatshirts.  Not the case this year!!  Upper 80’s for temps.  It was unreal.

IMG 4420

The kids caught a TON of fish off of Gpa Danny’s dock.  

IMG 4427

Give him a kiss Gpa!  Come on!!!!

IMG 4432

We of course had to celebrate Avery’s upcoming 5th birthday with a trip to Happy Joes.  No trip to Gpa and Gma W’s house is complete without a trip to HJ’s!

IMG 4445

Back home, summer was still ON!  Woohoo!

DSC 4501

Cannonballs for everyone!  

DSC 4507

Dylan and his best buddy Drew caught a bunch of fish off of our dock.  I think the fish are kinda dumb at the beginning of the year.  They seem to catch one every 30 seconds or so.

DSC 4515DSC 4517

And here is the week leading up to Avery’s 5th birthday.  It was a gorgeous week of weather – temp around 80 all week, sunny, not windy.  It was fab.  🙂

DSC 4520DSC 4521DSC 4524

I had to do a pre-birthday party photo shoot to include in her video that we always show at the party.  She of course was all over that.

DSC 4528DSC 4533DSC 4535DSC 4537

Lake is a little high right now!  

DSC 4539

Finally, it was party time.  I had this banner printed.  Thats Queen Elsa there.  So I bet you can guess what the theme was.

DSC 4568DSC 4569

Present time!!!  What’s that face she’s making in the second pic?  OH, that would be the, “That’s not my Elsa doll!” face.  Calm down Avos, she’s coming…

DSC 4571DSC 4573

Cousin Hattie provided everyone with baby smiles, snuggles and cuteness.  Auntie Kacie brought the giant owl, which was a HUGE hit with Avery.  She LOVES her stuffed animals and whats better than a giant pink owl?!

DSC 4582DSC 4589

Wouldn’t ya know it – after a week of awesome weather, it went in the crapper the day of Avery’s party.  And the mosquitos were nuts.  

DSC 4595

We tried not to let it spoil the fun tho.  In between showers, there were boat rides and outdoor fun.

DSC 4599DSC 4600

The boat was looking a big overloaded.  How embarrassing!  

DSC 4605

There was a big of musical pontoons going on.  

DSC 4607

Avery and her two best buddies.  There was a bit of “3’s a crowd” going on and I could tell Avery felt caught in the middle.  

DSC 4609DSC 4611

Cake time!!  I had this printed too. 🙂

DSC 4614DSC 4619

Taco Jon normally jumps in at the last second of the Happy Birthday song to sing “and many morrrrrrrre!” but this time he opted for the bunny ears trick.  It wouldn’t be a birthday without him getting in the cake photos!

DSC 4628DSC 4630DSC 4632

Here is her actual birthday. She got to open her presents right away before Dylan went to school (he still had 2 days left).  

DSC 4637DSC 4639

Ooooooh a fleecy Frozen blankie!

DSC 4641

Olaf! (or Olive, as she calls him)

DSC 4643

Relaxing a bit before we went out for dinner.  Mux was enjoying a glass of vino with the view.

DSC 4653DSC 4658DSC 4662

She was entertaining me with her Frozen friends and we talked about the day she was born.  

DSC 4669DSC 4670

2nd pic – finally Dylan’s last day of 1st grade! 🙂

DSC 4672DSC 4679

And now we’re all caught up!  We’re at my parent’s cabin this weekend while Eric is doing an old man hockey tournament in Crookston.  So this means……we’re the first one’s on Gpa Tom’s new pontoon!!!  Haha suckers!!!

DSC 4684DSC 4686

Its pretty fancy!  I asked if he was having second thoughts and maybe wanted to trade, but he did not.  Booooo.

DSC 4688DSC 4691

Good news!  Dylan fits under the seat!

DSC 4693

Despite the fact that its chilly here this weekend, the kids still went swimming.  They nuts.

DSC 4696DSC 4698DSC 4700DSC 4701

And it wouldn’t be a weekend at Loon Lodge without me trying to get the perfect hummingbird pic.  Finally got one with one on each spout!

DSC 4731

That’s all for now!  Sun MIGHT be coming out today so maybe I’ll add more to this later.  Or not.  Haha.


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2 Responses to IN SUMMER

  1. Toni says:

    OK so the sun came out, so now you have to do more……………..along with my toe nails!! Bahahaha! 😉

  2. That is agreat hummingbird shot! Ours don’t usually let each other eat… they chase each other away from the feeders!
    I love your lake view too… we only get to wake up to the lake on the weekends!

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