We made it!!  Winter is over (looks around for wood to knock on)!  It seems I went into hibernation mode and hid from this blog while winter was still here. I felt I had no good news to report.  It was the eternal winter here.  Might have had to do something with that Queen Elsa from Frozen (we may have watched that movie far too many times this winter??).  Anyway, lets recap.  Its nice to look back now that I can look out the window and no longer see snow.  Well, actually, if i look out certain windows I can still see it, but thats neither here nor there.  So this is back in March I believe.  Bit drifty there!

DSC 4168

But the drift made for a goodly sized snow fort.

DSC 4187

We continued to work on house projects so that required that our favorite worker Gpa Danny and his dog Manny visited a lot.  The kids enjoy pretending they have a dog.  

DSC 4191 2DSC 4209 2DSC 4214

Then, one day, it got kinda warm out.  Jackets, hats, and mittens were taken off.  Sunglasses were put on.  Smiles were plastered on our faces.

DSC 4240DSC 4242DSC 4244

This sums it up pretty much.

1972395 10152269153459138 1287508111 n

The sun and warmth made us BELIEVE spring was coming.  We were fools.

DSC 4258

But we enjoyed it while it lasted. 

DSC 4267DSC 4297DSC 4298DSC 4302

Here’s another massive drift.  This one stuck around for quite awhile.  

IMG 3829

Here the kids had made a movie starring themselves with a cameo by Gpa Danny.  I know, I know, I said was gonna string it all together, edit it and put in youtube.  Maybe someday. 😉

IMG 3833

Here’s a bit of the work they did in the bathroom.  There was a crappy old stand up shower here before.  Stay tuned for more pics of this project.

IMG 3838

We also went to down to Kacie and Eddie’s house to go to a Wild game and hang out for a weekend.  The kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins.

IMG 3852IMG 3904IMG 3903IMG 3861IMG 3865IMG 3869

We took them and cousin Easton to the MOA amusement park.  They always have a blast there.

IMG 3883IMG 3884

For some reason, Avery agreed to go on the log chute again this time!  I thought for sure after last year’s ride that she’d not want to go again but I was wrong.  Eric said she didn’t seem scared.  The picture that they take of you while you’re on the ride told a different story.  Someone else had a scared face too.  Name starts with a D.

IMG 3893IMG 3894

Well, SOMEONE had to pose at Legoland.  Boys were too busy for that bidness.

IMG 3899

Funny story – Dylan comes home from school one day and goes, “Um, MOM, it was PICTURE DAY today.”  OOOOPS.  Here’s what he was wearing.  I laughed and laughed.  Turns out that the picture is an instant classic!  Rad!

DSC 4319

I also worked on a project of my own.  Transforming the brown bathroom into something a bit more purdy.

IMG 3974

Decided the cabinets, doors, trim had to be turned to white.  The cabinets (seen here) were a cream kinda color.  Trishy no likey.

IMG 3977

Or course I don’t have a true “before” picture of this door.  It was dark brown.  This was after 3 coats I think.  It took 4 coats.

IMG 3978

Here’s the other door though.  It was the same color.

IMG 3989

And here is after!  I painted the walls too. 🙂  The toilet is still an eyesore, but I feel like the bathroom is much prettier now.

DSC 4351DSC 4353DSC 4354DSC 4355

And check it out – fancy drawer liners!

IMG 3997

Avery had parent night at her preschool.  Our last parent night at that preschool!!! 😦

DSC 4331DSC 4337DSC 4346

She’s just getting so big!

DSC 4347

Here is her fancy outfit she got from Gma Toni for Easter.  She had to try it on IMMEDIATELY!

IMG 4027

I went on a ladies weekend with Eric’s sisters to Mpls at the beginning of April.  It was a fun trip.  😉  No incidents of any kind!  haha

IMG 4045IMG 4044

And then, the clouds parted….the birds started singing….the snow started melting….we did yoga poses to celebrate….

IMG 4092

I documented the melt process….

IMG 4093IMG 4094

We celebrated by running around outside in tshirts and shorts while it was 55 degrees.

DSC 4359DSC 4368

Dylan is demonstrating how much snow is REALLY still there.  Waist deep.

DSC 4369DSC 4370

Avery was smart.  Didn’t jump into the snow.

DSC 4375

Anyway, we continued living in a blissful state of spring.  

DSC 4377DSC 4379DSC 4380

Oh remember how I said that I made the bathroom all pretty?  Well it WAS pretty.  Then Eric found some dumb leak and destroyed the tub.  😦

IMG 4136

A new one has been ordered (like the one downstairs) but this is our temporary set up.  I guess I can’t say I’ll miss old brownie.  Now if only we could do something about that tub’s sister the toilet!

IMG 4161

The flooring also went in downstairs last week.  Progress!!! (not pictured, the laundry room floor – for some reason I don’t have a picture of that)

IMG 4171

The kids did the annual Easter egg dye.

IMG 4178IMG 4179IMG 4188

Oh and here is what I was foreshadowing about.  It could have been much, much worse.  We definitely dodged a bullet.

IMG 4191

Then it was finally Easter weekend and my parents came for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving so we were happy to see them.  My mom and I set out to make a shower curtain for the bathroom and also to recover the porch furniture.  I needed a worker for all that cuz I don’t know how to sew.  I did get a lesson tho. 🙂 I’m now an expert.  Hahahahaha

IMG 4199

We came back from the fabric store to find this on the table next to Dylan’s uneaten lunch.  It was leftover spaghetti from Olive Garden.  Gave us a good laugh.

IMG 4200

The annual Easter photo shoot.  We only took 2 pictures though. No one was in the mood to leave their church clothes on for very long and they scattered after this picture was taken.  

DSC 4396

We could not have had better weather for Easter Sunday.  It was 76 degrees.  It felt AMAZING.

DSC 4406DSC 4410DSC 4412

Here’s the after pics of the porch furniture.  

DSC 4431DSC 4433

The cushions had that lovely floral print before (see pillow on ground to the left).  There are 2 more pillows that will complete the look but I had to get a raincheck for those.  Apparently everyone else in town liked the striped pillow at Target too.  BOO!! 😦

DSC 4434

And here is our progress.  Still have lots of ice.  No open water yet.

DSC 4435DSC 4437

Gma Toni gave them the idea of spreading out the snow from the big drift (from the first part of this post that the kids were standing on) so it melts faster.  They thought this was awesome.

DSC 4440DSC 4447DSC 4449DSC 4451

Dylan was just downstairs playing and exclaimed that “Gma was right!  The snow is all gone now!”  Things are LOOKING UP around here!  🙂  Happy Spring Minnesota!!!


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One Response to Spring-a-ding-a-ding-dong

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Fun blog–you always get so many good pix of the kids!! Was a super fun wknd–thanx!! Be sure to blog when you get the bathrooms completed. XXX MOM
    PS. Yup Dylan, Gma does have good ideas!! now to just keep Queen Elsa away!! And I want a couple of your rad school pix!! 😉

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