Last weekend of hockey

We had a full weekend of hockey this past weekend. My toes haven’t even unthawed yet and here I am writing this blog post.  Dylan wanted the pictures from his Warrior Cup up STAT!  But first things first – Avery’s jamboree.  

She played 3 games on Saturday.  Here she is on the “bench” waiting for her turn to skate.

DSC 4107DSC 4109

Her turn!  

DSC 4110

2 number 8s?!  What?!  She did a lot of skating around aimlessly and the puck brushed up against her stick ONCE in the 3 games. Not on purpose.  

DSC 4112

Does someone look like her Dad here or what?!

DSC 4119

This is a total Eric face.  Like, “take the picture, lets go.”

DSC 4121

Then after Avery was done skating, she and I drove up to Breezy Point to see Dylan’s last game of the day (his previous 2 games that day we missed cuz of the jamboree) and see him try his hand at playing goalie.  

DSC 4122

I thought for sure this would cure him of wanting to play goalie, but no such luck.  Even though they got crushed, he didn’t care.  He still had fun.  

DSC 4123

And this was today.  They played 3 games and didn’t lose a single one!  Warrior Cup Champions!!!!  This is the team he’s played with all season long on Sunday nights – the Avalanche.

DSC 4140

Here he is with the Warrior Cup!  (which we decided was built out of dog bowls and colanders)

DSC 4144

He was very excited and grinning from ear to ear after the win!  I took other photos but my stupid camera was on some whacky setting and I didn’t realize that til after – I was too excited I guess and was snapping away without even looking at what was being taken!  Oh well.  He’s thrilled and they ended a really good season with a bang.  It was pretty amazing to see how much they improved over the last few months.  They do pretty darn good for 7 and 8 year olds! 🙂  

And with that, hockey season is officially over!  I may now resume regular meal planning during the week and my couch position on Sunday nights.  YES!


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3 Responses to Last weekend of hockey

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Oh man does he look proud!! and so grown up!!! And Avoes is a dead ringer for her old Pops! Also looks like her Schroeder cousins!! Looks like a fun wknd!! Jelly!! XXXX

  2. Ralp says:

    Correction – 8 and 9 years olds…Dylan and Kade are the only 7 year olds

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