Hockey, hockey, hockey

I feel like January was all about hockey and very cold weather.  School was called off FOUR times in January b/c of how cold it was/is.  And apparently its supposed to stay this way.  Which blows.  So I haven’t much to report on and my attitude isn’t good.  So please enjoy these pictures from skating on a “warm” day (I think it was a balmy 25 this day) and don’t expect me back here with a post until the weather improves along with my mood.

DSC 3860

Yes, I realize that her pants and coat don’t match.  The zipper broke in her old coat and it wasn’t like we could just go without!  So there was slim pickin’s left at all the stores for outerwear.  I am proud to say though that I got this Osh Kosh coat for 8 bucks!  It was regularly 108 or something ridiculous like that.  That price included snow pants tho, which I realized after I bought the coat (no pants were to be found!) and got home.  Obviously, these aren’t the pants.  But oh well.  They’ll have to do.  

DSC 3863

Avery’s skating has improved A LOT over the last month.  She glides now with both feet and I’m pretty sure she’s faster than me.  Really!

DSC 3865

This is at the rink by our house.  Dylan had already started complaining about how “hot” he was.  Ummmm????

DSC 3869

So eventually, he ditched his hat and coat.  And for some reason he had just a short sleeve tshirt on!  He normally ALWAYS wears long sleeve shirts, so this was weird.  Sure, on the day he gets hot while skating he’s wearing this shirt.

DSC 3870DSC 3876DSC 3878DSC 3879

Here he is practicing his wrist shot.  He was trying to teach me how to do it the other day.  He makes it look so easy.  I felt like I was gonna pull something.

DSC 3883DSC 3888

One bad thing about Avery skating so well and so fast now….

DSC 3897

….is that she doesn’t know how to stop!  So she’ll either run into the boards or just throw herself on the ground.  

DSC 3899DSC 3902DSC 3904DSC 3906DSC 3911

I finally talked Dylan into putting on the inner liner of his coat.  Phew!

DSC 3921DSC 3923DSC 3926DSC 3928DSC 3930DSC 3931DSC 3943

Its funny when he skates backwards as she skates towards him.  🙂

DSC 3945

This is what always happens to me in January it seems.  I get a wild hair about organizing pictures.  Avery is looking at our 2011 photo book that I made last year.  Which of course got me thinking I needed to get my 2012 one done.  Which led me to thinking that maybe I should finish up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Ask me how far I’ve gotten.  Hahahaha.  

DSC 3958

I’m not sure who the heck took so many pictures the 8 years.  Surely it wasn’t me?  Though, I will say it has dwindled lately.  I don’t know why.  Oh wait – always busy and always indoors (makes for bad photos, IMO).  

DSC 3959

So I guess we’ll just hope for an actual SPRING this year (please refer back to the archives for March and April 2013 for a refresher of what happened last year – warning – it ain’t pretty!) so we can get outside and start enjoying our new yard!

DSC 3960

Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming.  

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Under the wire

Well, I normally have a “best of” post to end the year but it appears I must have fallen off the blogging wagon???  So instead, we’ll just play catch up.  Getting it in under the wire!  I can’t believe my last post was Halloween!  Oops!  

Here’s Avos workin’ on her fitness.  

DSC 3432

Lovely wheel pose.  

DSC 3439

Bringing her leg up while in wheel!  Impressive!  I can’t even do that.

DSC 3443

One legged dog!

DSC 3445

She’s always pleased with her skills.

DSC 3448DSC 3454

Now all of a sudden, its Thanksgiving or as we called it this year – Thanksgistmas.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas with my side of the family all in one weekend.  So here it is!  Avery watching tv while Gpa naps.  

DSC 3473DSC 3474

The obligatory turkey dance!

DSC 3476

Eric was taking pictures of everyone enjoying dinner and was quite amused that I was at the kid’s table.  What? It was the only place left to sit!  Renae sat there too on the other end, but of course she was still dishing up her own food so she wasn’t there yet.

DSC 3479

Cookie did the dishes and wore my fancy pink dish gloves.

DSC 3485

Fast forward a couple days (and one stomach flu incident later – poor Avos and poor carpet!) it was time to open presents!

DSC 3495

She was still a little out of it.  We were just lucky that no one else got it.

DSC 3496DSC 3498DSC 3502

These guns were a hit from Auntie Susan.

DSC 3507

As were the barbies for the girls.

DSC 3509

Then after everyone left, we finally made it out onto the lake for skating.  I took more pictures than this, but something whacky is going on with my camera, so who knows where they went.  Anyway, this was one of the only times we got to use the lake for skating b/c it snowed a TON after this and the ice went to mush.

DSC 3513

Here are a few decor pics.  Decorating a new house is tough work!

DSC 3544

This was pooh-pooh-ed on by my mother.  Next year, she can come over and do it if she wants.

DSC 3545

My tree!

DSC 3547DSC 3549

Time for the tree trimming!

DSC 3551DSC 3552

Avery was more into posing for me than Dylan was.  Imagine that.

DSC 3555DSC 3558DSC 3567DSC 3569

Soon after, it was time for our carpet to go in in the basement.  YES!!!  This was the night before.  We had to have all the furniture out of all the rooms.  Good times.

DSC 3570DSC 3571

Dylan’s room.  This was tricky because we had to take apart his log bed.  Again.  I don’t think it was meant to be taken apart and put back together 3 times.

DSC 3574

Avery’s room

DSC 3575


DSC 3576DSC 3577

Avery’s is different than the rest – hers is a grey and the rest is a brownish tan.

DSC 3578

What a difference it made in the feel of the basement.  We actually like being down there now!  And the kids rooms feel nice and cozy now.  

DSC 3579

And here is the snow I was talking about.  I think we got like 20 inches in December this year!  First snowman at our new house!

DSC 3587DSC 3588

And here is the Christmas card photo shoot.  I may have had to bribe them with cookies.

DSC 3596

But I think they turned out awesome.  The scenery, toothless grin and goofiness certainly helped.

DSC 3603DSC 3609DSC 3613DSC 3619DSC 3627DSC 3629DSC 3631DSC 3633DSC 3640DSC 3644DSC 3649DSC 3651DSC 3657

The backyard looked like a postcard!

DSC 3658

Here is Avery on stage for the rehearsal for her dance recital.

DSC 3661

Running thru her dance.

DSC 3663DSC 3665

Ending pose.

DSC 3674

And here is the recital day.  She was NOT in the mood to pose for me before the recital.  Something about her costume itching her???  But afterwards, she was fine.

DSC 3677DSC 3683DSC 3685

Time for sugar cookie decorating.  This is Dylan’s first time with a pastry bag.  He thought it was fun.  

DSC 3693

Avery went old school with a knife.

DSC 3694

I did all these. 😉

DSC 3695

Time to open our presents before heading up to Maple Lake for Christmas!

DSC 3704DSC 3706

Oh yeah!

DSC 3722

Have no fear, everyone.  We have a new modem.  So you can all come and use our internet now without wanting to kill yourselves.

DSC 3727

Eric and his new Wild jacket and Avery with her new jammies and Cinderella doll.

DSC 3730DSC 3732

Lego Chima extravaganza!

DSC 3735

And here is Christmas Eve at Maple Lake.  As usual, lots of squirrelly folks.  

DSC 3738DSC 3740DSC 3742DSC 3743

Eric and his sissies.

DSC 3745

Eric’s fam.

DSC 3750

This picture of Eric’s sister Jamie and her family made me laugh.  And sweet Hattie (Eric’s sister Kacie’s new baby) was the VIP of the week.  Everyone wanted to love on her.

DSC 3753DSC 3756

Manny had to get into the spirit of things too.  Manny you will wear this hat and you’ll LIKE IT!

DSC 3764DSC 3765

And then you’ll take Adelyn for a ride.  Giddyup!

DSC 3767DSC 3768

This is the only pic from the present opening chaos.  It was chaos.  So I had to put my camera away before someone spilled my slush on it.  🙂

DSC 3801

And here are the bopsy twins before bed with their treats for Santa. Cookies, an apple slice and a celery with buffalo chicken dip on it.  Santa didn’t get a chance to sample b/c Hobey the dog ate it.  LOL  You’d think it would have made him sick, but nope!  He ate it all except the celery and apple.  Go figure. And the skating pic is back at home.  Theres a rink right by our house.

DSC 3803DSC 3806

Avery stopped using the pusher over break so she skates on her own now.  

DSC 3809

She goes pretty fast and is pretty reckless.  I can barely watch.  Its too frightening.

DSC 3811

Here’s Dylan, his buddy Drew and another boy playing a game of hockey.

DSC 3813DSC 3819DSC 3820

Avery and Elsie on the ice.  Elsie spends a lot of time like that. 😉

DSC 3822DSC 3826DSC 3828DSC 3835DSC 3836DSC 3842

Well, that’s it for this year!!  Perhaps I’ll try and be better about this in 2014.  😉  Happy New Year everyone!

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Catching up

Hola!  Its been awhile!  I thought you might want to catch up on our happenings, no?  

Here is a little mini fall photo shoot.  Avery was all ready to go.  She got out her favorite outfit as of lately, did her hair, got on her fancy shoes and sat down with a smile.

DSC 3265

Dylan did the opposite.  He groaned and complained and begrudgingly agreed to it but he WAS NOT (and I repeat WAS NOT!) going to change his clothes.  His sweatpants, mismatched shirt and shoes were GOOD ENOUGH!  

DSC 3277

At least he smiled nicely.  

DSC 3279DSC 3280DSC 3284DSC 3288DSC 3291

This looks like a fake background.  🙂

DSC 3299DSC 3303

Annual leaf toss photo!  Sadly, this was my only chance (quitters!) and it didn’t capture the way I wanted.  Oh well.

DSC 3308DSC 3311

Not long after, it snowed.  Think it was like 2-3 inches by the time it stopped.

DSC 3317

Eric decided it was a great time to pull out the dock.  Hahahahahaha!  A week later it was like 55 and sunny.  THAT would have been a better time.  Oh well.

DSC 3318

I think this is the 2nd year in a row of the snowcapped pumpkin lights!

DSC 3322

Backyard photo.  Still can’t quite believe that this is our yard.  

DSC 3325DSC 3329DSC 3330

And here was Avery’s first skate as an ice mite.  They had a “learn to skate” night for the prospective ice mites.  

DSC 3332

Ready to skate!

DSC 3342

All smiles!

DSC 3343

Hanging out with the coach!

DSC 3345

On the ice!

DSC 3351DSC 3354

And finally, Halloween!  This was before school on Halloween.  

DSC 3357DSC 3359DSC 3360

Her fancy hair chalk paint.  She loved this look!

DSC 3362

This is the before trick or treating photo shoot.  

DSC 3365

Not a lot of cooperation.  

DSC 3373DSC 3376DSC 3378DSC 3386DSC 3388

And finally, it was time.  We met up with our neighbors (and gma and gpa H were along as well) for some tricks or treating fun!

DSC 3389DSC 3393DSC 3395

Avery and Elsie had lots of troubles with their princess dresses and tripping.  Here, Avery is showing off her “lift up your dress when you go down the stairs” skills.  Way to go Avos!

DSC 3397

The annual Charlie Brown house photo op!  Dylan had taken off with his buddy Drew, so this year it was Avery with Elsie!

DSC 3402

But we got him to come back and pose with Drew.

DSC 3408

One of the pumpkins we saw along the way.  

DSC 3412

And I especially liked this peeking mummy at this house.  Spooooooooky!

DSC 3418

Wow.  What an abrupt ending.  It appears I got sick of trying to document the night’s festivities?!  Well, I guess that’s it for now!  🙂

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Dylan is SEVEN!

Our Dylie turned 7 this past week.  He had a party last weekend, his actual birthday in the middle of the week and then he’s having another party tomorrow with friends at the bowling alley.  Its a good week to be Dylan!

DSC 3083

Dylan loves nothing more than having lots of peeps over to his house.  He was in a pretty good mood.

DSC 3084

Its fun that he can read his own cards now.  

DSC 3088

The people were all dazzled by him.  Naturally.

DSC 3093

I have no idea why, but he REALLY REALLY wanted a globe.  And he was excited to get one from Gma and Gpa H.  

DSC 3096

Here’s his cake.  I know what you’re thinking – “what is this?!”  Where is the rant about cake making?!  Well, he wanted an ice cream cake this year and I was all, “FINE BY ME!!!!”  

DSC 3104DSC 3110DSC 3115DSC 3118DSC 3127

Gpa Tom wanted me to take a picture of Maya wearing the party hat.  She wouldn’t smile.  I wonder why?!

DSC 3132

Kelli and her boyfriend Ryan were here for a quick appearance.  Avery dominated all of Kelli’s time, as they are best friends.

DSC 3134DSC 3138

Daniel was the token cousin of the weekend.  He was pumped.

DSC 3140

And here is Dylan’s actual birthday.  I made him pancakes for breakfast which he was pretty excited to wake up to.

DSC 3157

And here is his lunch for those who were wondering.  I dunked my iPhone in my full coffee cup the day before (don’t ask) and so I was unable to post it to my lunch picture folder on FB.  I’m sure that many, many people were waiting on the edge of their seats for a photo that never came.

DSC 3162

Before he went to school, I tried to do a quick “Dylan is 7!!!” photo shoot, but as usual, they were too squirrelly to cooperate.

DSC 3175DSC 3180DSC 3188DSC 3190

This is the next day – playing on the hill, racing thru the leaves.  Fall is definitely here.  

DSC 3193DSC 3209DSC 3214

Some of the trees in our yard.

DSC 3215DSC 3218

Eric decided on a box burning fiesta to get rid of some of the moving boxes, pizza boxes from the party and whatever else he could find to burn.  

DSC 3220

It was a fine day!  See how all the leaves are already gone on that tree there.  Sniff sniff!

DSC 3222

Dylan got a surprise gift in the mail from his Auntie Susan.  When he asked who it was from and I told him, he goes, “Auntie Susan?!?!  Oh I love her!”  LOL.  She gets the “cool aunt who lives far away and sends awesome presents” status.  The plane was a hit, Susan.

DSC 3225

This is our last pontoon ride of the year.  😦

DSC 3229DSC 3231DSC 3232DSC 3233

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll try and add some bowling pics to this post after tomorrow.  

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Well its been nearly a month since my last post.  And I’m sure you all know that WE MOVED!! during that time.  But before we get to the new, we must first re-visit the old.  Here is our last weekend on Sullivan Lake.

DSC 2754

Dylan got to go sailing with Michelle (our neighbor) on her sailboat.  He’s sailing!!!! (Any What About Bob fans out there???)

DSC 2777

Avery had to get a ride too.  She sailed too!  On her first try! 😉

DSC 2797DSC 2801

And this is the kid’s final night in our old house.  We’re pointing towards Baxter. 

DSC 2824DSC 2826

Last picture with Lace-os.

DSC 2829DSC 2830

My parents were there to have the kids stay with them at their motorhome the night before our closing, so they took these pictures for us.

DSC 2831

Last time on the dock!

DSC 2833DSC 2843

Last walk to the bridge!

DSC 2858DSC 2862

Last time sitting down by the water at the bridge.

DSC 2874

Last angry Avos at the bridge!

DSC 2882

The light was PERFECT so I just kept snapping away.  

DSC 2885DSC 2886DSC 2890DSC 2891DSC 2892DSC 2897

My Dylie had been pretty melancholy about the move.  He was having a hard time and I think these pictures reflect that.  

DSC 2902

He was very pensive.

DSC 2904DSC 2908DSC 2910

Notice how his front tooth is kinda snaggly?  Well, its loose and it has been for awhile.  But he’s not letting that thing go.  He takes good care to make sure that he doesn’t bump it while eating.  🙂

DSC 2912

What are we, the Schmaltz family?!  (Any Father of the Bride Part 2 fans out there?  Yeah, I thought so. :))  We should have taken Avery out there and stuck her little newborn hands in there.  This concrete was poured the day she was born.  Or was it the day after?  Fact checker will let us know.

DSC 2921

Final night in the house.  There were some tears.  From me.  Not Eric.  He skipped around excitedly.  I think it was cuz I was there alone for most of the day while he and his dad loaded up the trailer several times with all the extra stuff that wouldn’t fit in the moving truck (3 trailer loads!!! yikes!) so I was just sitting there with no furniture and it all seemed kinda sad.  I’m tearing up writing this.  Ahhhhh!

IMG 2748

BUT!  On with the new!  I didn’t take many pictures the first few days because we were so darn busy that I had no time to do any of that.  Getting settled has taken some time and we’re STILL working on it now.  But we’re getting there.  Anyway, the kids immediately hit up the garden and picked what was left of the tomatoes in it.

DSC 2931

This is for Lingy – you know Eric wasted NO TIME in cutting down branches that obstructed his precious view!

DSC 2938

The kids are new to this – being able to walk into the lake on your very own shoreline.  So new at it, in fact, that they went swimming in their clothes every day for the first week.  Uggggggggg.  I *think* we’re over that now.

DSC 2944

There he is, cuttin’ away.

DSC 2946

Here’s the garden.  I’m overwhelmed by it.  Not sure how or what I’ll do in it next year.

DSC 2952

Fire pit.  Not as snazzy as the wood ones that were here before.  BOOOO!

DSC 2954

Here is the wall that went up the day we moved in.  Gpa Danny is very handy, you see.  He parked his Winnie in our backyard and stayed for a week.  We paid him in green tea and tacos. 😉

DSC 2956

My first project was tackling the kids rooms.  As you can see, Avery’s room is just a lovely color of yellow.  HA.  It had to go immediately!

DSC 2959

First, the wallpaper had to come down.  Yes, that was wallpaper.  So I steamed that all off revealing this really purdy blue color and lots of drywall damaged spots.  So then I had to prime it with some wall repairing primer.

DSC 2978

That is where the old doorway to her room was.  

DSC 2982

Here is the AFTER photo.  I think it turned out SO cute.  I’m kinda jelly of it actually.  It took 2 full days to paint I think.  Or was it 3?  I don’t know. I was delirious.  But it was a lot of work painting the baseboards white.  They were that lovely yellow, you see.  And there were lots of nooks and crannies that had to be addressed.  The white (or um, yellowed) furniture came from my parents house from my old bedroom.  It needs some attention.  They used to be white!  But have yellowed with time I think.

DSC 3040DSC 3041

I’m going to paint the walls in her closet this winter sometime.  A nice bright fuschia-y pink I think. 🙂

DSC 3042

And here is Dylan’s room BEFORE.  Furniture just thrown in there.  Neutral walls.  

DSC 2962

This is the closet that Gpa Danny made.  Dylan’s room used to be 1/2 of a downstairs family room so there was no closet.

DSC 2963

Here it is after.  He decided to keep the outdoorsy woods theme wall paper border for now.  

DSC 3043DSC 3044

He picked this color.  Yeah, its a bit bright.  But its called Pickle and it suits his personality and its his favorite color so we said okay.  Its just paint, Gma Toni (who poo-poo-ed it)!

DSC 3045

 I painted his closet orange, just for fun.

DSC 3046

Here is the fireplace BEFORE.  I just threw some stuff up for the time being when we moved in.  

DSC 2966

Here’s the family room upstairs.  We have a different tv there now, but I didn’t take a picture b/c Dylan had his toys all over the place and it was no good for a pic today.

DSC 2970

Gpa Danny also put up shelving in the garage while he was here.  See, told ya – HANDY DANNY.

DSC 2971

More water frolicking.

DSC 2992DSC 2996DSC 3027

I found these cuties at Christmas Pointe.  I die over their cuteness.  Their hats are like bobble head hats!  

DSC 3028

Gma Toni came and brought some fall stuff to help out the fireplace room.  Here is the finished product.

DSC 3029

Put up some Halloween stuff today as well!

DSC 3033

And the front door is all fall ready!

DSC 3034

The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are out and its nearly October!  Ahhh fall.  In a new house.  Fun fall!

DSC 3036DSC 3038

Heres the tree in our front yard.  

DSC 3050

Avery felt the need to pose for me.  Dylan had no interest.  BOO DYLAN!!!

DSC 3057DSC 3062DSC 3066

And then she rolled down the hill (which is gonna be an AWESOME sledding spot in the winter I decided!).

DSC 3074DSC 3075DSC 3078

Well, that’s it for now.  I have a birthday video to create.  DOH!  I haven’t even started.  Shoot me now.  Later!

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Labor Day and First Day of School 2013

Well, another Labor Day/First Day of School has come and gone.  I figured I had better write up this post now or it might never happen.  We move a week from tomorrow!!!!  So it is now or never for this post! 🙂  

We were up at Loon Lodge for Labor Day.  As always, we had craft time up at the cabin.  Gma Tone came up with this seashell painting project using shells from South Padre Island.

DSC 2634DSC 2636DSC 2639

They had a lot of fun with this.

DSC 2644DSC 2646DSC 2648DSC 2653DSC 2660

Surprisingly, Avery’s shells turned out the best!  LOL.  She came up with the idea after she was done to splatter pink paint on her shells.  The others were all “ooooooooh ahhhhhh”  and copied her.  

DSC 2667

Oh hey Rocko!

DSC 2672

It wouldn’t be a weekend at Loon Lodge without a picture of someone in the fabulous red glasses from the sunglass collection!

DSC 2675

Gma and Gpa got a pontoon paddle boat.  The kids love it.  Eric, not so much.  He thinks its lame and that no one will use it.  Well HA HA to him because everyone wanted to use it a lot!

DSC 2677

Then after a day of shell drying, it was time for part 2 of the craft – sticking the shells in plaster of paris to make stepping stones.  The girls mixed it up and we poured it in pie pans.

DSC 2682

Annnnnnnnnd it set up too fast.  Natalie was the only one who got to put shells in before it got too hard.  Craft fail!

DSC 2685DSC 2688

Wahhhhh waaaaaaaah.

DSC 2690

And as always, we had lots and lots of good food (spotty bananas not included!  WHY are those there?!) and good times with the fam.

DSC 2693

Final night of summer campfire.

DSC 2697

And, the last lanterns.  Le sigh.

DSC 2703DSC 2707DSC 2710

Eric is laughing at Jon sticking his face in the picture suddenly.  

DSC 2713

But since he was moving and blurry, I made him re-do it.

DSC 2714

Hmmm, I wonder where Natalie gets it from? 😉

DSC 2715

Off it goes!

DSC 2718

Here’s Natalie’s dance face!  Or so I’m told…

DSC 2727DSC 2729

Back at home, it was time for the 1st day of school for Dylan.  As you can probably tell by his clenched hands, he was pretty nervous.  He started his 1st grade year at a new school because of our impending move.

DSC 2736

Getting him to smile was hard.

DSC 2738

Eric knocked on the window to try to loosen him up.  

DSC 2739

He showed us his muscles in response to that. 🙂  

DSC 2741

He survived but not without some tears and lots and lots of “what if” questions each night before bed since.  I think once we’re moved and settled, he’ll feel better.  We all will.  This moving thing blows!!!  7 more days…..

And with that, I’m signing off.  See ya in a month?  Maybe?  Haha.

ETA: Avery’s first day of school pics.  She started a few days after Dylan so I didn’t have her pics to stick in this post at the time.  Anyway, here they are!  This is her 2nd year of preschool.

DSC 2745

She was very chatty with her teachers which is funny b/c last year I think she barely said a word to them!

IMG 2732

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We’re moving!!!!

After 3 long years of waiting for the right party to come along, we have finally sold our house!!  When we first put up the house for sale, we had no idea it would take that long.  I can remember when the first for sale sign went up and I immediately expected calls requesting showings.  I thought, “Why hasn’t anyone come storming down our door to get in to this place!?!” and feeling a bit offended when they didn’t.  And A LOT offended when people would schedule a showing and then not even come in the dang house (happened a few times!)!  But, thats all over with now.  We can finally relax (no more “we have a showing so don’t touch that, don’t do anything, just sit there and don’t mess that up!”) and move on.  Here is the celebratory champagne.  This is the last bottle of champagne from our wedding 5 years ago.

DSC 2274DSC 2275

We don’t own champagne flutes.  What of it?!

DSC 2280DSC 2281DSC 2283

I will miss the view here.  Eric says he will NOT.  I always found it to be kind of pretty.  Ya know, nature.  

DSC 2289

Kacie and the boys were up for another visit, so that added to the excitement!  Kacie had had a dream that we sold while she was here (and had 2 bidders) and she was right.  She’s pregnant, so I think she might be psychic.  That’s a thing, isn’t it?  Pregnant women are psychic.  I think it is.  Anyway, here she is with all the kiddies on the tube.  Talk about taking one for the team!  She’s 8 months pregnant!

DSC 2294

Hey boaters!  Gpa Danny’s last time on Sullivan Lake.

DSC 2296

Not this guys last time.  He has 35 more days here.

DSC 2299

The next day, we took our pontoon into town to hit up the lake that we’re gonna be living on now.  Oh, did I mention we sold our house and bought a house within 2 days of each other?  Oh yes.  We did.  We were going back to take another look at it (AFTER we had bought it, no big deal) so we thought we might as well check it out by boat too.  I think he likes it!

DSC 2310

Everyone in the water!

DSC 2316DSC 2321

Gpa Danny likes it!

DSC 2325

Even Easton got in!  (Henny did too, but I was in the water at the time, so no pic of him)

DSC 2328

And, without further adieu, here it is – OUR NEW HOUSE!

DSC 2453

We have a ton of land (2.4 acres) and we are quite pleased about that.  

DSC 2469

How’s that for lakeshore?!

DSC 2214

Avery’s first picture in front of her new beach.

DSC 2217

The house looking up from the lake.

DSC 2222

Well, that is all for now.  Gotta get packing!! 🙂  We move Sept 12th.  Which means that for 8 glorious days….I get to drive Dylan to school.  I’m being sarcastic.  That won’t be glorious.  We live in the boonies!  But not for long!!! 🙂  

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