Oh whatayaknow?! Its the end of another month, which means here I am with another under the wire post!  Apparently this is how I roll now.  One post a month.  Nothing more!  Lets recap, shall we?

Here’s one of Dylan’s hockey tournaments he’s had recently.  This one was in Crosby.  

DSC 3963

Obviously, he’s not the one with the pony.

DSC 3965

I recall they did not win this game, but oh well.

DSC 3966

So, its been quite the long winter here…..which has led to lots of boring days….which has led to….CAT SELFIES!!!!

IMG 3537

It has swept our household.  At any given moment, you can hear someone yell out, “CAT SELFIE!!!!!”  Oh okay, so its really just Avery and I doing the cat selfie thing.  Oh look, here Milly doesn’t want to participate.

IMG 3538

CAT SELFIE!!! Avery yells.

IMG 3541

“Mom, she’s not looking.  I will turn her head.  CAT SELFIE!!!!”

IMG 3542

“Milly!  Button!  Ginger! LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!!” (Button and Ginger are 2 of Milly Mux Muxatoney Phil’s newest nicknames.)

IMG 3545

Heres our new tubby tub!  Its now fully installed…picture not included….too lazy to go down and take a picture, which I’m sure someone will complain about.

IMG 3551

I know what you are thinking.  Eric turned THIRTY SEVEN!?!  I know!  I thought he was 36 too! (see picture where the Mom may or may not have told the son that his father was 36)

IMG 3553

We went out for dinner and he proceeded to get totally wasted!  Hahahaha.  Okay, so he only had this one.  Its just that he’s weird.  Which you all know.

IMG 3562

Gosh, I wonder where Dylan gets it from.

IMG 3565

Oh okay, we’re all weird.

IMG 3567

Some more than others.

IMG 3568


IMG 3569

Please ignore the cake.  I was told that I had to wait on this whip cream frosting under right before we were going to eat the cake.  So, yeaaaahhhh not my best work.  

DSC 3970

Check it out!  I wrapped Eric’s present Eric style – in a blanket!  

DSC 3974DSC 3978

More SELFIES!  Hey, where be Button?

IMG 3621

This is Valentine’s Day morning.  They both got a couple of little prezzies.  Avery got a couple of Frozen girls.

DSC 3994

And Dylan got a Lego Chima speedor.  I always love his genuine reactions.

DSC 3995

Nailed it!

DSC 3996DSC 3998

HOW have I NOT mentioned the weather yet?!  OH MY well let me tell you.  Its been below zero for like 50 days this winter.  Not exaggerating. What does this mean exactly?  Well, it means that children then stay indoors and drive their parents crazy.  Yep, I said it.  So this is the first time that they went outside since December when I took pictures of them for our Christmas card.  No joke.  

DSC 4010

Dylan got right to work on a snow fort.

DSC 4011

Avery made chunks of snow food?  For in the fort?  Something like that.

DSC 4015

Ginger wanted to know if it was safe to come outside yet.  Literally, she was sitting there meowing away at me and I was all, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!”

DSC 4022DSC 4025DSC 4029

Shantytown is over yonder.

DSC 4038

And December’s snowman is still completely in tact.  

DSC 4040

We had 2 warm days.  This day it was like 45 degrees.  That’s what my iPhone told me anyway.  And I chose to BELIEVE.

IMG 3647

So we went out for air.  

DSC 4043DSC 4048

I feel like I hardly have ANY outdoor snow photos this winter.  Going outside has just been too unpleasant.  Its like knives on your face.  Why would I go outside if it felt like knives on my face?  

DSC 4049DSC 4051

Ahhh, the old homestead.  Can’t wait to get to “know” this place in the summer.  

DSC 4054DSC 4053

Where the heck is Mux?!  She lives for selfies!

DSC 4056DSC 4059

Avery even went sledding.  I had to dust it off first before she could go on.  

DSC 4062

Then Dylan got home from school and they made their first snowman since December.

IMG 3658IMG 3659

And did some tandem sledding!  Olympic inspired!

IMG 3662IMG 3665IMG 3667

Here’s Avery before practice one night.  Both kids wrap up hockey this weekend with tournaments for each, so MAYBE, just MAYBE there will be a special blog post on that.  2 posts in March?!  WHAT?!  I know.  I know.

IMG 3680

Oh yes, then after it was warm, it was like, oh HA HA, you all liked that – WELL FORGET IT!  Back in the freezer you go!  Except I’m pretty sure its warmer in our freezer than it is outside…..anyway – it snowed a bunch again and then it got super cold again.  What else is new though.  This is our life here.  And we embrace it.  I was shouting through the window – MAKE ME A SNOWMAN ON THE DECK!!!  (knives on face!  KNIVES ON FACE!!!)

DSC 4067IMG 3694

Later that week, Muxatoney Phil was found sunbathing.  CAT SELFIE!!!!!

DSC 4077

And then here is today when I realized we better do up something awesome to end the monthly recap post.  So we made masks.  Thank you Family Fun magazine.  

DSC 4079DSC 4084DSC 4088DSC 4091

Purdy, purdy girl.

DSC 4093DSC 4095DSC 4098

One of her jams came on, so she quit doing her aaaaaart and decided that “you better MOVE, you better DANCE!” – quick name the song!

DSC 4103DSC 4106

And that’s all for today.  I hope to see you again soon! 😉


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