Hockey, hockey, hockey

I feel like January was all about hockey and very cold weather.  School was called off FOUR times in January b/c of how cold it was/is.  And apparently its supposed to stay this way.  Which blows.  So I haven’t much to report on and my attitude isn’t good.  So please enjoy these pictures from skating on a “warm” day (I think it was a balmy 25 this day) and don’t expect me back here with a post until the weather improves along with my mood.

DSC 3860

Yes, I realize that her pants and coat don’t match.  The zipper broke in her old coat and it wasn’t like we could just go without!  So there was slim pickin’s left at all the stores for outerwear.  I am proud to say though that I got this Osh Kosh coat for 8 bucks!  It was regularly 108 or something ridiculous like that.  That price included snow pants tho, which I realized after I bought the coat (no pants were to be found!) and got home.  Obviously, these aren’t the pants.  But oh well.  They’ll have to do.  

DSC 3863

Avery’s skating has improved A LOT over the last month.  She glides now with both feet and I’m pretty sure she’s faster than me.  Really!

DSC 3865

This is at the rink by our house.  Dylan had already started complaining about how “hot” he was.  Ummmm????

DSC 3869

So eventually, he ditched his hat and coat.  And for some reason he had just a short sleeve tshirt on!  He normally ALWAYS wears long sleeve shirts, so this was weird.  Sure, on the day he gets hot while skating he’s wearing this shirt.

DSC 3870DSC 3876DSC 3878DSC 3879

Here he is practicing his wrist shot.  He was trying to teach me how to do it the other day.  He makes it look so easy.  I felt like I was gonna pull something.

DSC 3883DSC 3888

One bad thing about Avery skating so well and so fast now….

DSC 3897

….is that she doesn’t know how to stop!  So she’ll either run into the boards or just throw herself on the ground.  

DSC 3899DSC 3902DSC 3904DSC 3906DSC 3911

I finally talked Dylan into putting on the inner liner of his coat.  Phew!

DSC 3921DSC 3923DSC 3926DSC 3928DSC 3930DSC 3931DSC 3943

Its funny when he skates backwards as she skates towards him.  🙂

DSC 3945

This is what always happens to me in January it seems.  I get a wild hair about organizing pictures.  Avery is looking at our 2011 photo book that I made last year.  Which of course got me thinking I needed to get my 2012 one done.  Which led me to thinking that maybe I should finish up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Ask me how far I’ve gotten.  Hahahaha.  

DSC 3958

I’m not sure who the heck took so many pictures the 8 years.  Surely it wasn’t me?  Though, I will say it has dwindled lately.  I don’t know why.  Oh wait – always busy and always indoors (makes for bad photos, IMO).  

DSC 3959

So I guess we’ll just hope for an actual SPRING this year (please refer back to the archives for March and April 2013 for a refresher of what happened last year – warning – it ain’t pretty!) so we can get outside and start enjoying our new yard!

DSC 3960

Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming.  


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