Under the wire

Well, I normally have a “best of” post to end the year but it appears I must have fallen off the blogging wagon???  So instead, we’ll just play catch up.  Getting it in under the wire!  I can’t believe my last post was Halloween!  Oops!  

Here’s Avos workin’ on her fitness.  

DSC 3432

Lovely wheel pose.  

DSC 3439

Bringing her leg up while in wheel!  Impressive!  I can’t even do that.

DSC 3443

One legged dog!

DSC 3445

She’s always pleased with her skills.

DSC 3448DSC 3454

Now all of a sudden, its Thanksgiving or as we called it this year – Thanksgistmas.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas with my side of the family all in one weekend.  So here it is!  Avery watching tv while Gpa naps.  

DSC 3473DSC 3474

The obligatory turkey dance!

DSC 3476

Eric was taking pictures of everyone enjoying dinner and was quite amused that I was at the kid’s table.  What? It was the only place left to sit!  Renae sat there too on the other end, but of course she was still dishing up her own food so she wasn’t there yet.

DSC 3479

Cookie did the dishes and wore my fancy pink dish gloves.

DSC 3485

Fast forward a couple days (and one stomach flu incident later – poor Avos and poor carpet!) it was time to open presents!

DSC 3495

She was still a little out of it.  We were just lucky that no one else got it.

DSC 3496DSC 3498DSC 3502

These guns were a hit from Auntie Susan.

DSC 3507

As were the barbies for the girls.

DSC 3509

Then after everyone left, we finally made it out onto the lake for skating.  I took more pictures than this, but something whacky is going on with my camera, so who knows where they went.  Anyway, this was one of the only times we got to use the lake for skating b/c it snowed a TON after this and the ice went to mush.

DSC 3513

Here are a few decor pics.  Decorating a new house is tough work!

DSC 3544

This was pooh-pooh-ed on by my mother.  Next year, she can come over and do it if she wants.

DSC 3545

My tree!

DSC 3547DSC 3549

Time for the tree trimming!

DSC 3551DSC 3552

Avery was more into posing for me than Dylan was.  Imagine that.

DSC 3555DSC 3558DSC 3567DSC 3569

Soon after, it was time for our carpet to go in in the basement.  YES!!!  This was the night before.  We had to have all the furniture out of all the rooms.  Good times.

DSC 3570DSC 3571

Dylan’s room.  This was tricky because we had to take apart his log bed.  Again.  I don’t think it was meant to be taken apart and put back together 3 times.

DSC 3574

Avery’s room

DSC 3575


DSC 3576DSC 3577

Avery’s is different than the rest – hers is a grey and the rest is a brownish tan.

DSC 3578

What a difference it made in the feel of the basement.  We actually like being down there now!  And the kids rooms feel nice and cozy now.  

DSC 3579

And here is the snow I was talking about.  I think we got like 20 inches in December this year!  First snowman at our new house!

DSC 3587DSC 3588

And here is the Christmas card photo shoot.  I may have had to bribe them with cookies.

DSC 3596

But I think they turned out awesome.  The scenery, toothless grin and goofiness certainly helped.

DSC 3603DSC 3609DSC 3613DSC 3619DSC 3627DSC 3629DSC 3631DSC 3633DSC 3640DSC 3644DSC 3649DSC 3651DSC 3657

The backyard looked like a postcard!

DSC 3658

Here is Avery on stage for the rehearsal for her dance recital.

DSC 3661

Running thru her dance.

DSC 3663DSC 3665

Ending pose.

DSC 3674

And here is the recital day.  She was NOT in the mood to pose for me before the recital.  Something about her costume itching her???  But afterwards, she was fine.

DSC 3677DSC 3683DSC 3685

Time for sugar cookie decorating.  This is Dylan’s first time with a pastry bag.  He thought it was fun.  

DSC 3693

Avery went old school with a knife.

DSC 3694

I did all these. 😉

DSC 3695

Time to open our presents before heading up to Maple Lake for Christmas!

DSC 3704DSC 3706

Oh yeah!

DSC 3722

Have no fear, everyone.  We have a new modem.  So you can all come and use our internet now without wanting to kill yourselves.

DSC 3727

Eric and his new Wild jacket and Avery with her new jammies and Cinderella doll.

DSC 3730DSC 3732

Lego Chima extravaganza!

DSC 3735

And here is Christmas Eve at Maple Lake.  As usual, lots of squirrelly folks.  

DSC 3738DSC 3740DSC 3742DSC 3743

Eric and his sissies.

DSC 3745

Eric’s fam.

DSC 3750

This picture of Eric’s sister Jamie and her family made me laugh.  And sweet Hattie (Eric’s sister Kacie’s new baby) was the VIP of the week.  Everyone wanted to love on her.

DSC 3753DSC 3756

Manny had to get into the spirit of things too.  Manny you will wear this hat and you’ll LIKE IT!

DSC 3764DSC 3765

And then you’ll take Adelyn for a ride.  Giddyup!

DSC 3767DSC 3768

This is the only pic from the present opening chaos.  It was chaos.  So I had to put my camera away before someone spilled my slush on it.  🙂

DSC 3801

And here are the bopsy twins before bed with their treats for Santa. Cookies, an apple slice and a celery with buffalo chicken dip on it.  Santa didn’t get a chance to sample b/c Hobey the dog ate it.  LOL  You’d think it would have made him sick, but nope!  He ate it all except the celery and apple.  Go figure. And the skating pic is back at home.  Theres a rink right by our house.

DSC 3803DSC 3806

Avery stopped using the pusher over break so she skates on her own now.  

DSC 3809

She goes pretty fast and is pretty reckless.  I can barely watch.  Its too frightening.

DSC 3811

Here’s Dylan, his buddy Drew and another boy playing a game of hockey.

DSC 3813DSC 3819DSC 3820

Avery and Elsie on the ice.  Elsie spends a lot of time like that. 😉

DSC 3822DSC 3826DSC 3828DSC 3835DSC 3836DSC 3842

Well, that’s it for this year!!  Perhaps I’ll try and be better about this in 2014.  😉  Happy New Year everyone!


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One Response to Under the wire

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Wow!! That was a fun packed blog post!! Fun and so much to see!!! Looks like Avey has taken over the most active award for the Wikoffs this year!! Yoga (she’s good!) snowman building and playing outside, and now skating/hockey—looks like she has really improved!! Dylan is gonna have to step it up to keep up with her!!! 😉 Carpet is lookin good!! Happy New Year 2014 to all of you!! I know it will be a good one in your wonderful new home!! XXX

    You are right! the backyard does look like a christmas card!!!

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