Catching up

Hola!  Its been awhile!  I thought you might want to catch up on our happenings, no?  

Here is a little mini fall photo shoot.  Avery was all ready to go.  She got out her favorite outfit as of lately, did her hair, got on her fancy shoes and sat down with a smile.

DSC 3265

Dylan did the opposite.  He groaned and complained and begrudgingly agreed to it but he WAS NOT (and I repeat WAS NOT!) going to change his clothes.  His sweatpants, mismatched shirt and shoes were GOOD ENOUGH!  

DSC 3277

At least he smiled nicely.  

DSC 3279DSC 3280DSC 3284DSC 3288DSC 3291

This looks like a fake background.  🙂

DSC 3299DSC 3303

Annual leaf toss photo!  Sadly, this was my only chance (quitters!) and it didn’t capture the way I wanted.  Oh well.

DSC 3308DSC 3311

Not long after, it snowed.  Think it was like 2-3 inches by the time it stopped.

DSC 3317

Eric decided it was a great time to pull out the dock.  Hahahahahaha!  A week later it was like 55 and sunny.  THAT would have been a better time.  Oh well.

DSC 3318

I think this is the 2nd year in a row of the snowcapped pumpkin lights!

DSC 3322

Backyard photo.  Still can’t quite believe that this is our yard.  

DSC 3325DSC 3329DSC 3330

And here was Avery’s first skate as an ice mite.  They had a “learn to skate” night for the prospective ice mites.  

DSC 3332

Ready to skate!

DSC 3342

All smiles!

DSC 3343

Hanging out with the coach!

DSC 3345

On the ice!

DSC 3351DSC 3354

And finally, Halloween!  This was before school on Halloween.  

DSC 3357DSC 3359DSC 3360

Her fancy hair chalk paint.  She loved this look!

DSC 3362

This is the before trick or treating photo shoot.  

DSC 3365

Not a lot of cooperation.  

DSC 3373DSC 3376DSC 3378DSC 3386DSC 3388

And finally, it was time.  We met up with our neighbors (and gma and gpa H were along as well) for some tricks or treating fun!

DSC 3389DSC 3393DSC 3395

Avery and Elsie had lots of troubles with their princess dresses and tripping.  Here, Avery is showing off her “lift up your dress when you go down the stairs” skills.  Way to go Avos!

DSC 3397

The annual Charlie Brown house photo op!  Dylan had taken off with his buddy Drew, so this year it was Avery with Elsie!

DSC 3402

But we got him to come back and pose with Drew.

DSC 3408

One of the pumpkins we saw along the way.  

DSC 3412

And I especially liked this peeking mummy at this house.  Spooooooooky!

DSC 3418

Wow.  What an abrupt ending.  It appears I got sick of trying to document the night’s festivities?!  Well, I guess that’s it for now!  🙂


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