Dylan is SEVEN!

Our Dylie turned 7 this past week.  He had a party last weekend, his actual birthday in the middle of the week and then he’s having another party tomorrow with friends at the bowling alley.  Its a good week to be Dylan!

DSC 3083

Dylan loves nothing more than having lots of peeps over to his house.  He was in a pretty good mood.

DSC 3084

Its fun that he can read his own cards now.  

DSC 3088

The people were all dazzled by him.  Naturally.

DSC 3093

I have no idea why, but he REALLY REALLY wanted a globe.  And he was excited to get one from Gma and Gpa H.  

DSC 3096

Here’s his cake.  I know what you’re thinking – “what is this?!”  Where is the rant about cake making?!  Well, he wanted an ice cream cake this year and I was all, “FINE BY ME!!!!”  

DSC 3104DSC 3110DSC 3115DSC 3118DSC 3127

Gpa Tom wanted me to take a picture of Maya wearing the party hat.  She wouldn’t smile.  I wonder why?!

DSC 3132

Kelli and her boyfriend Ryan were here for a quick appearance.  Avery dominated all of Kelli’s time, as they are best friends.

DSC 3134DSC 3138

Daniel was the token cousin of the weekend.  He was pumped.

DSC 3140

And here is Dylan’s actual birthday.  I made him pancakes for breakfast which he was pretty excited to wake up to.

DSC 3157

And here is his lunch for those who were wondering.  I dunked my iPhone in my full coffee cup the day before (don’t ask) and so I was unable to post it to my lunch picture folder on FB.  I’m sure that many, many people were waiting on the edge of their seats for a photo that never came.

DSC 3162

Before he went to school, I tried to do a quick “Dylan is 7!!!” photo shoot, but as usual, they were too squirrelly to cooperate.

DSC 3175DSC 3180DSC 3188DSC 3190

This is the next day – playing on the hill, racing thru the leaves.  Fall is definitely here.  

DSC 3193DSC 3209DSC 3214

Some of the trees in our yard.

DSC 3215DSC 3218

Eric decided on a box burning fiesta to get rid of some of the moving boxes, pizza boxes from the party and whatever else he could find to burn.  

DSC 3220

It was a fine day!  See how all the leaves are already gone on that tree there.  Sniff sniff!

DSC 3222

Dylan got a surprise gift in the mail from his Auntie Susan.  When he asked who it was from and I told him, he goes, “Auntie Susan?!?!  Oh I love her!”  LOL.  She gets the “cool aunt who lives far away and sends awesome presents” status.  The plane was a hit, Susan.

DSC 3225

This is our last pontoon ride of the year.  😦

DSC 3229DSC 3231DSC 3232DSC 3233

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll try and add some bowling pics to this post after tomorrow.  


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2 Responses to Dylan is SEVEN!

  1. heartjess says:

    I LOVE the glasses! So grown up. And that cute little sandwhich/grape 7… Aren’t you crafty!

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