Well its been nearly a month since my last post.  And I’m sure you all know that WE MOVED!! during that time.  But before we get to the new, we must first re-visit the old.  Here is our last weekend on Sullivan Lake.

DSC 2754

Dylan got to go sailing with Michelle (our neighbor) on her sailboat.  He’s sailing!!!! (Any What About Bob fans out there???)

DSC 2777

Avery had to get a ride too.  She sailed too!  On her first try! 😉

DSC 2797DSC 2801

And this is the kid’s final night in our old house.  We’re pointing towards Baxter. 

DSC 2824DSC 2826

Last picture with Lace-os.

DSC 2829DSC 2830

My parents were there to have the kids stay with them at their motorhome the night before our closing, so they took these pictures for us.

DSC 2831

Last time on the dock!

DSC 2833DSC 2843

Last walk to the bridge!

DSC 2858DSC 2862

Last time sitting down by the water at the bridge.

DSC 2874

Last angry Avos at the bridge!

DSC 2882

The light was PERFECT so I just kept snapping away.  

DSC 2885DSC 2886DSC 2890DSC 2891DSC 2892DSC 2897

My Dylie had been pretty melancholy about the move.  He was having a hard time and I think these pictures reflect that.  

DSC 2902

He was very pensive.

DSC 2904DSC 2908DSC 2910

Notice how his front tooth is kinda snaggly?  Well, its loose and it has been for awhile.  But he’s not letting that thing go.  He takes good care to make sure that he doesn’t bump it while eating.  🙂

DSC 2912

What are we, the Schmaltz family?!  (Any Father of the Bride Part 2 fans out there?  Yeah, I thought so. :))  We should have taken Avery out there and stuck her little newborn hands in there.  This concrete was poured the day she was born.  Or was it the day after?  Fact checker will let us know.

DSC 2921

Final night in the house.  There were some tears.  From me.  Not Eric.  He skipped around excitedly.  I think it was cuz I was there alone for most of the day while he and his dad loaded up the trailer several times with all the extra stuff that wouldn’t fit in the moving truck (3 trailer loads!!! yikes!) so I was just sitting there with no furniture and it all seemed kinda sad.  I’m tearing up writing this.  Ahhhhh!

IMG 2748

BUT!  On with the new!  I didn’t take many pictures the first few days because we were so darn busy that I had no time to do any of that.  Getting settled has taken some time and we’re STILL working on it now.  But we’re getting there.  Anyway, the kids immediately hit up the garden and picked what was left of the tomatoes in it.

DSC 2931

This is for Lingy – you know Eric wasted NO TIME in cutting down branches that obstructed his precious view!

DSC 2938

The kids are new to this – being able to walk into the lake on your very own shoreline.  So new at it, in fact, that they went swimming in their clothes every day for the first week.  Uggggggggg.  I *think* we’re over that now.

DSC 2944

There he is, cuttin’ away.

DSC 2946

Here’s the garden.  I’m overwhelmed by it.  Not sure how or what I’ll do in it next year.

DSC 2952

Fire pit.  Not as snazzy as the wood ones that were here before.  BOOOO!

DSC 2954

Here is the wall that went up the day we moved in.  Gpa Danny is very handy, you see.  He parked his Winnie in our backyard and stayed for a week.  We paid him in green tea and tacos. 😉

DSC 2956

My first project was tackling the kids rooms.  As you can see, Avery’s room is just a lovely color of yellow.  HA.  It had to go immediately!

DSC 2959

First, the wallpaper had to come down.  Yes, that was wallpaper.  So I steamed that all off revealing this really purdy blue color and lots of drywall damaged spots.  So then I had to prime it with some wall repairing primer.

DSC 2978

That is where the old doorway to her room was.  

DSC 2982

Here is the AFTER photo.  I think it turned out SO cute.  I’m kinda jelly of it actually.  It took 2 full days to paint I think.  Or was it 3?  I don’t know. I was delirious.  But it was a lot of work painting the baseboards white.  They were that lovely yellow, you see.  And there were lots of nooks and crannies that had to be addressed.  The white (or um, yellowed) furniture came from my parents house from my old bedroom.  It needs some attention.  They used to be white!  But have yellowed with time I think.

DSC 3040DSC 3041

I’m going to paint the walls in her closet this winter sometime.  A nice bright fuschia-y pink I think. 🙂

DSC 3042

And here is Dylan’s room BEFORE.  Furniture just thrown in there.  Neutral walls.  

DSC 2962

This is the closet that Gpa Danny made.  Dylan’s room used to be 1/2 of a downstairs family room so there was no closet.

DSC 2963

Here it is after.  He decided to keep the outdoorsy woods theme wall paper border for now.  

DSC 3043DSC 3044

He picked this color.  Yeah, its a bit bright.  But its called Pickle and it suits his personality and its his favorite color so we said okay.  Its just paint, Gma Toni (who poo-poo-ed it)!

DSC 3045

 I painted his closet orange, just for fun.

DSC 3046

Here is the fireplace BEFORE.  I just threw some stuff up for the time being when we moved in.  

DSC 2966

Here’s the family room upstairs.  We have a different tv there now, but I didn’t take a picture b/c Dylan had his toys all over the place and it was no good for a pic today.

DSC 2970

Gpa Danny also put up shelving in the garage while he was here.  See, told ya – HANDY DANNY.

DSC 2971

More water frolicking.

DSC 2992DSC 2996DSC 3027

I found these cuties at Christmas Pointe.  I die over their cuteness.  Their hats are like bobble head hats!  

DSC 3028

Gma Toni came and brought some fall stuff to help out the fireplace room.  Here is the finished product.

DSC 3029

Put up some Halloween stuff today as well!

DSC 3033

And the front door is all fall ready!

DSC 3034

The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are out and its nearly October!  Ahhh fall.  In a new house.  Fun fall!

DSC 3036DSC 3038

Heres the tree in our front yard.  

DSC 3050

Avery felt the need to pose for me.  Dylan had no interest.  BOO DYLAN!!!

DSC 3057DSC 3062DSC 3066

And then she rolled down the hill (which is gonna be an AWESOME sledding spot in the winter I decided!).

DSC 3074DSC 3075DSC 3078

Well, that’s it for now.  I have a birthday video to create.  DOH!  I haven’t even started.  Shoot me now.  Later!


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3 Responses to OLD HOUSE NEW HOUSE

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    Love, it will be perfect!! But you didn’t even mention the best part————5 min. to school AND 8 min. to Costco!!!

  2. Cat says:

    Concrete was prepped the day after Avery was born and poured 2 days after her birth.

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