Labor Day and First Day of School 2013

Well, another Labor Day/First Day of School has come and gone.  I figured I had better write up this post now or it might never happen.  We move a week from tomorrow!!!!  So it is now or never for this post! 🙂  

We were up at Loon Lodge for Labor Day.  As always, we had craft time up at the cabin.  Gma Tone came up with this seashell painting project using shells from South Padre Island.

DSC 2634DSC 2636DSC 2639

They had a lot of fun with this.

DSC 2644DSC 2646DSC 2648DSC 2653DSC 2660

Surprisingly, Avery’s shells turned out the best!  LOL.  She came up with the idea after she was done to splatter pink paint on her shells.  The others were all “ooooooooh ahhhhhh”  and copied her.  

DSC 2667

Oh hey Rocko!

DSC 2672

It wouldn’t be a weekend at Loon Lodge without a picture of someone in the fabulous red glasses from the sunglass collection!

DSC 2675

Gma and Gpa got a pontoon paddle boat.  The kids love it.  Eric, not so much.  He thinks its lame and that no one will use it.  Well HA HA to him because everyone wanted to use it a lot!

DSC 2677

Then after a day of shell drying, it was time for part 2 of the craft – sticking the shells in plaster of paris to make stepping stones.  The girls mixed it up and we poured it in pie pans.

DSC 2682

Annnnnnnnnd it set up too fast.  Natalie was the only one who got to put shells in before it got too hard.  Craft fail!

DSC 2685DSC 2688

Wahhhhh waaaaaaaah.

DSC 2690

And as always, we had lots and lots of good food (spotty bananas not included!  WHY are those there?!) and good times with the fam.

DSC 2693

Final night of summer campfire.

DSC 2697

And, the last lanterns.  Le sigh.

DSC 2703DSC 2707DSC 2710

Eric is laughing at Jon sticking his face in the picture suddenly.  

DSC 2713

But since he was moving and blurry, I made him re-do it.

DSC 2714

Hmmm, I wonder where Natalie gets it from? 😉

DSC 2715

Off it goes!

DSC 2718

Here’s Natalie’s dance face!  Or so I’m told…

DSC 2727DSC 2729

Back at home, it was time for the 1st day of school for Dylan.  As you can probably tell by his clenched hands, he was pretty nervous.  He started his 1st grade year at a new school because of our impending move.

DSC 2736

Getting him to smile was hard.

DSC 2738

Eric knocked on the window to try to loosen him up.  

DSC 2739

He showed us his muscles in response to that. 🙂  

DSC 2741

He survived but not without some tears and lots and lots of “what if” questions each night before bed since.  I think once we’re moved and settled, he’ll feel better.  We all will.  This moving thing blows!!!  7 more days…..

And with that, I’m signing off.  See ya in a month?  Maybe?  Haha.

ETA: Avery’s first day of school pics.  She started a few days after Dylan so I didn’t have her pics to stick in this post at the time.  Anyway, here they are!  This is her 2nd year of preschool.

DSC 2745

She was very chatty with her teachers which is funny b/c last year I think she barely said a word to them!

IMG 2732


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One Response to Labor Day and First Day of School 2013

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    Aaaaw poor D. It will get better!! Geez, you didn’t mention the defunct lemonade stand!!! Dang Mn. unpredictable weather!

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