We’re moving!!!!

After 3 long years of waiting for the right party to come along, we have finally sold our house!!  When we first put up the house for sale, we had no idea it would take that long.  I can remember when the first for sale sign went up and I immediately expected calls requesting showings.  I thought, “Why hasn’t anyone come storming down our door to get in to this place!?!” and feeling a bit offended when they didn’t.  And A LOT offended when people would schedule a showing and then not even come in the dang house (happened a few times!)!  But, thats all over with now.  We can finally relax (no more “we have a showing so don’t touch that, don’t do anything, just sit there and don’t mess that up!”) and move on.  Here is the celebratory champagne.  This is the last bottle of champagne from our wedding 5 years ago.

DSC 2274DSC 2275

We don’t own champagne flutes.  What of it?!

DSC 2280DSC 2281DSC 2283

I will miss the view here.  Eric says he will NOT.  I always found it to be kind of pretty.  Ya know, nature.  

DSC 2289

Kacie and the boys were up for another visit, so that added to the excitement!  Kacie had had a dream that we sold while she was here (and had 2 bidders) and she was right.  She’s pregnant, so I think she might be psychic.  That’s a thing, isn’t it?  Pregnant women are psychic.  I think it is.  Anyway, here she is with all the kiddies on the tube.  Talk about taking one for the team!  She’s 8 months pregnant!

DSC 2294

Hey boaters!  Gpa Danny’s last time on Sullivan Lake.

DSC 2296

Not this guys last time.  He has 35 more days here.

DSC 2299

The next day, we took our pontoon into town to hit up the lake that we’re gonna be living on now.  Oh, did I mention we sold our house and bought a house within 2 days of each other?  Oh yes.  We did.  We were going back to take another look at it (AFTER we had bought it, no big deal) so we thought we might as well check it out by boat too.  I think he likes it!

DSC 2310

Everyone in the water!

DSC 2316DSC 2321

Gpa Danny likes it!

DSC 2325

Even Easton got in!  (Henny did too, but I was in the water at the time, so no pic of him)

DSC 2328

And, without further adieu, here it is – OUR NEW HOUSE!

DSC 2453

We have a ton of land (2.4 acres) and we are quite pleased about that.  

DSC 2469

How’s that for lakeshore?!

DSC 2214

Avery’s first picture in front of her new beach.

DSC 2217

The house looking up from the lake.

DSC 2222

Well, that is all for now.  Gotta get packing!! 🙂  We move Sept 12th.  Which means that for 8 glorious days….I get to drive Dylan to school.  I’m being sarcastic.  That won’t be glorious.  We live in the boonies!  But not for long!!! 🙂  


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2 Responses to We’re moving!!!!

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    Oooh it’s so beautiful!! We are so happy for you, and I must say the two of you looked about as happy with your champagne as you did on your Wedding day!!! xxx

  2. kimwikoff says:

    I’ll second that Toni!! They are going to love having all those trees and beautiful beach…no need for a pool now !! I haven’t seen a hot tub yet!! Congratulations kids!!! It’s wonderful to see how happy you are !! Good Pics !!

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