Lost and found photos

I think the 4th of July might have been TOO much fun for this mama (I love you, Presidente ‘Ritas!).  It appears that I forgot some photos existed!  And somehow, when I uploaded my memory card, the following pictures didn’t upload with the pictures on my last post.  ???  Which means…..another 4th of July post for you!  Woohoo!

Here, the kids had made some sort of turtle houses.  Funny story about D.  He forgot his at the cabin and had a complete meltdown on the way home because his horrible mother forgot it!  LOL.  Yeah, not my turtle house, bud.  hahaha.  Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa held onto it for him and brought it to Cass Lake (next post, I promise) where it seemed like he had no recollection of the dang house at all!  He blamed me for nothin!  

DSC 1673

Time for the Avery show!

DSC 1683

I’ve realized that the reason why its always the Avery show is that she is still stuck to me like glue.  Like she has been since birth.  I should maybe just get out her baby carrier and strap her in.  Might be easier than having her on my heels all the time. 😉  So anyway, its all Avery, all the time.  Dylan who?

DSC 1684

Here’s Maya.  I seem to remember being asked to “take pictures of the dogs for me, will ya!?!”

DSC 1695

They also wanted a picture of themselves and the dogs together.  Rocko, not pictured.

DSC 1696

More of the Avery show!  I see my Presidente glass there.  Mmmm

DSC 1701DSC 1703DSC 1705DSC 1707

More sparkler photos!  How could I have forgotten these?!?!

DSC 1719

Daniel’s pants were too big and kept falling down.  Once he knew that this amused us, he kept letting them fall over and over again.

DSC 1724

Until eventually, he just gave up and took em off!

DSC 1727DSC 1729

Here’s Rocko, sittin’ on a rock.

DSC 1734DSC 1747

Taco Jon came up with the brilliant idea of taking a kayak out into the bay to set off a lantern.  It seemed like a good idea….

DSC 1772

For some reason it was really foggy.

DSC 1775DSC 1778

The lantern from the kayak was an epic fail (not pictured, I got bored and quit watching) so they came back to the dock to do it instead.

DSC 1800

I love these 2 pictures.  Kinda blurry/hazy cuz of the fog, but they are still pretty cool.

DSC 1804DSC 1807DSC 1812

And here we are back at home.  We had a week of home time before heading out for the family camping trip to Cass Lake.

DSC 1815

Avery learned to ride her bike with NO training wheels so that was big news!  Dylan learned when he was 3 (almost 4) and Avery is freshly 4 and riding on 2 wheels now.  So they are neck and neck on that milestone!

DSC 1821DSC 1827DSC 1835

Dylan and Eric found this bike on the side of the road and decided it had to be his!

DSC 1837

Love these pictures of her!

DSC 1849

She reminds me of tiny Trishy here.

DSC 1850

Eric bought a couple of kayaks (one new, one used).  Finally.  Dylan was really excited!  Eric, not so much.  Cuz the used one he bought was no bueno.  So he wasn’t pleased.  You’ll be happy to hear that he sold it on craigslist for 30 dollars more than what he paid for it.  And he’s heading to town today for a shiny new hot pink one – for the ladies! 🙂

DSC 1851DSC 1857

Okay, get excited.  Cass Lake edition, coming right up!  Might need more coffee for this!

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2 Responses to Lost and found photos

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    Sooo glad you found the missing pix!! They were super, and I LOVED the Tiny Trishie pix!! and the Kayak story!! Crazy Eric!! Jon will be saying……….well,GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  2. kimwikoff says:

    some more great pics ,loved the lantern pics and of course all the kid pictures!! Twas a good photo of Toni ,Tom and dogs.They should have a big one for the cabin!! Avery did a great job on her bike!!

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