Cass Lake 2013

Hey everyone!  It’s time for the annual Cass Lake blog post extravaganza!  This year was met with many obstacles, so I’ll do my best to paint a purdier picture.  

Here’s the first day!  It was hotter than you know what when we got there.  Like 95 degrees with 100 percent humidity.  Serious.  So getting in the water was our only line of defense.  It was a risky move (first obstacle, swimmers itch!) but it had to be done for survival.  HOTTTT.

DSC 1861

Hmm.  You know what.  This may be the 2nd day actually.  Where the temp dropped like 30 degrees.  Hence, the towels wrapped around them.  It must have been too hot for pics the first day.  Yep, think that was what the deal was.  

DSC 1868

Kit Kats in the hammock.  Don’t they look like they are enjoying themselves?

DSC 1875

Well, not for long kiddies!  That hammock is about to go BOOM!  (not pictured, but you can picture it in your head if you like!)

DSC 1877

Henny, always the life of the party.  I want to say he was saying, “Poop!” here.  Yep, pretty sure he was.  Anything he says is pretty much entertaining.  Also pictured, his mama and his baby sister Hattie (pictured, but not pictured, if you know what I mean.).

DSC 1888

OH that Gpa Danny!  Always a trickster!  

DSC 1890

Look who’s here!  Rocko!  He always has to make an appearance!

DSC 1893

Sunset through the trees.  Its a real bummer about not having a real clear view of the lake…you’ll see why later in the post.

IMG 2416

Next day – back to the beach and water for more fun!

DSC 1909

UB Pimpin’ was ready for some tubing!  Could be the last ride!  Ya never know what might happen!

DSC 1910

The obligatory stop at Cedar Island (where Eric and I were married and Dylan was baptized).

DSC 1913

We made tasty boat sammies!

DSC 1924

Here’s the summer lovin’ couple.  Kelli and her boyfriend Ryan.  Oh and Mr Henny!

DSC 1936

Eric and his boat.  One of the last pics with it.  My attempt at foreshadowing is weak here.  

DSC 1940

UB’s last sunset photo.

IMG 2419

Kit Kats on the beach for their yearly photo together.  We’ll add another to the pile in October when Hattie arrives.  

DSC 1957DSC 1960

Keep away!  

DSC 1964DSC 1965

Boopsy and Bopsy, all swimmer’s itch guarded up.  That’s the pink sheen they have on them.  A cream that was supposed to protect them from getting swimmer’s itch.  It seemed to work….

DSC 1967DSC 1972DSC 1973

Give her a kiss!

DSC 1975


DSC 1976

Hahahaha!  I like how Addi is standing there like, “What just happened?!?”

DSC 1977

Jamie overheard them talking while we were there.  They said they are “best friends of the YEAR!”

DSC 1979

UB pulling its final skiers.  Are you sensing something bad is coming?  You are?  Oh good.  Wasn’t sure I was getting the message across. 😉

DSC 1984DSC 1990

This is Eric skiing.

DSC 1997

Kelli and Lulu went skiing too (ballsy!) but for some reason I don’t have pictures of them!!  It really did happen tho!  Kelli gets final skier honors.  Because the next day…..

DSC 1998

UB Pimpin’ sank.  😦

DSC 1999

The big waves overtook it before we could save it.

DSC 2004

Eric had gone down to pull it out of the water and when I last saw him, he was driving away in it so I thought all was well.  I returned to the campsite (where the view of the water is blocked by trees) and a bit later, Gpa Danny pulls up with an empty trailer asking why Eric didn’t show up at the boat launch with the boat.  Ummmmmmmm??????  So we all rushed down to the water to see him in the distance standing in the water holding onto UB.  From where we were, all still looked fine, we just thought maybe it had stalled out.

IMG 2426

But as we got closer, he made bucketing motion and we all went OHHHH NOOOOOOO.  By the time we got back (I’ll have you know I ran the whole way back to the campsite and nearly died!  LOL), this is what we saw.  It was too late. 😦  We had to just leave it at this point because the waves were too big and there was no way to stop the water from coming in anymore.  

IMG 2427

So we went back to the campsite and tried to forget about what had happened.

DSC 2006DSC 2009

There was a lot of firewood available because of the wind storm last year and all the trees that were lost in that storm.  The boys kept the fire going.

DSC 2017

Cousin time!

IMG 2439IMG 2442

Finally the wind stopped and the boys went to work on getting our sunken boat out.  Lots of spectators had reported a sunken boat and the forest worker guys were on us to get it out asap before the county got involved.  This was the first method they tried (pushing the trailer out to it and cranking it up high enough to bucket out the water) and it worked!  YAY!

IMG 2443

UB floats again!  But UB not so Pimpin’ now.  I guess we should have expected this.  Remember when UB failed us last year?

IMG 2448

She made it out of the water and she made it home.  But she won’t run again.  Not on our watch anyway.  Its sad because Eric spent so much time fixing up this boat and in an instant, it was gone.  I don’t think he’s up to restoring it again.  

IMG 2452

Back on the pontoon!  It was time for lunch.  Sandwich station!

DSC 2026

Chip station!  We knew were to find Avos!

DSC 2027

Gpa Danny and Many went looking for the mermaid. 

DSC 2030

Oooooh its the Uncle Eddie special!  Salami, cheese, mustard and peanut butter.  He said it was good!  

DSC 2031

Picture time!

DSC 2037DSC 2043DSC 2054

This cracks me up.  Same stance!

DSC 2061

We conquered the island!

DSC 2066DSC 2070

Avery’s signature pose!

DSC 2071DSC 2076

Oh what’s this?  My people not cooperating for pictures?! What?!

DSC 2084DSC 2085DSC 2089

Oh Dilly.  So cute.

DSC 2096DSC 2098

Not the best picture but it will have to do.  Next time, I am making them take the picture the FIRST day before any snafus have occurred. There will be no grumpy faces.  Or tired crabby unruly children.  Or itchy bodies.  And hopefully no more sunken boats! You all are taking the picture when I say so!  You hear me, Eric?!?!

DSC 2101DSC 2102

Kacie and I were lamenting about how we don’t exist most of the time in photos.  As we are the photographers.  So we decided to change that.  And take a picture. Of ourselves, ourselves.  I asked Eric to take our picture and it was baaaaaad.  He was sitting in a chair and we were standing and we each had like 15 chins.  Sigh.  Its not meant to be I guess, Kacie!  We’ll continue to not exist in our children’s lives.  I swear we were there people!  Someone had to take your picture so you look cute and don’t have 15 chins!

DSC 2103

Here’s another one he took.  They were off in the distance.  

DSC 2114

And here, he cut off his own son’s head.  SMH

DSC 2146

More cousin time!  Everyone loves to pose with Henny!

IMG 2469IMG 2475IMG 2481

I soooo want a family picture on the bike trail but as you can tell by my rant about the lack of cooperation I get from them, I don’t see it happening.  BOOOOOOO!  Can’t you picture a fall colors photo right on this spot?!  Who will come and take our picture?  I have a tripod!

IMG 2495

Here is the last day at Cass Lake.

DSC 2152

Its always nice when you have to leave.

DSC 2153DSC 2158

Avery has the special cream on but……she got the damn itch anyway!  GAH!

DSC 2161

I asked her to do the signature pose with me.  Ya know, so I could be in a picture with her.

DSC 2175

And here was the last attempt at a family photo.  Wouldnt ya know it!  The camera battery died after the picture of Avery and I posing so this one was with my phone.  Lame. Sauce.  Oh well.  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.  

IMG 2522

Well, I hope it was still entertaining even with all the downer moments.  We still had fun and enjoyed our time together.  Until next year!  (Or not, the people are planning a revolt!  Lol)


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3 Responses to Cass Lake 2013

  1. kimwikoff says:

    oh that was fun going down memory lane!! lol I loved all your pic and thought your family pic was good!! you and Kacies picture was cute ..I didn’t see double chins …it was great seeing everyone and those grand-kids are sure fun and entertaining!!!I thought the cousin picture turned out great they are cooperating a little better !!

    • Oh that picture of Kacie and I was one that I took with my own arm outstretched. The pictures Eric took were so awful that there was no way I was gonna post them. They were really bad.

  2. toni Hodgson says:

    Yup, you made it sound and look good!! Wonder why there weren’t any pix of your Dad of I?? Guess next year you won’t even realize I’m not there!!! hahahaha

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