4th of July 2013

Well, first things first – it was my birthday.  Whoop, Whoop!  The kids made me homemade cards that were pretty cute.

DSC 1308DSC 1316

Eric “wrapped” the presents (the same way he always does).

DSC 1318

Oh wow!  Another dragonfly solar light!

DSC 1322

Here is my “cake” that my mom made for me.  It wasn’t really a cake but some sort of fancy thing with real whip cream.  It was good!

DSC 1338

Me with all the kiddies at my parent’s cabin.

DSC 1348

Time for the first campfire of the weekend!

DSC 1351

Everyone is excited.

DSC 1353


DSC 1354

Yeah!  Let’s get crazy!

DSC 1355

And get messy!

DSC 1365DSC 1368

And of course – set off some lanterns!

DSC 1371DSC 1376DSC 1379

Up it goes!  Sadly, there was NO wind so it went straight up and then came straight back down.  Waaaah waaaaaaaaah.

DSC 1381

The morning iPad brigade!  We put a ban on iPads for the 4th of July (just that day) and they actually followed the rule with NO whining! It was crazy!  I think I saw Uncle Jon sneaking a peak at his though!  Busted!

DSC 1392

The bug collectors!

DSC 1395DSC 1401DSC 1405

We made cupcakes!

DSC 1408

Here’s Dbert enjoying the water.  We all enjoyed the water a lot until my Mom and I came down with…dun dun dun…SWIMMER’S ITCH!  Noooooooo!!!!  Then after that, we were a bit leery of the water.  😦

DSC 1413

At this point though, we were all blissfully unaware.  Ahhhhh

DSC 1421

If you catch her at the right moment, she will let you take picture after picture after picture.  I think I took like 20 pictures of her doing different poses.

DSC 1436DSC 1437DSC 1438

Kayak boys!  Daniel is in there too but you can’t see him.

DSC 1453

July 3rd fireworks.  Taco John ran around with his smoke bomb thingy hootin’ and hollerin’ for our entertainment.  And entertainment it was!

DSC 1466DSC 1476DSC 1484

Hahaha, it looks like Avery’s pants are on fire here!  They aren’t!

DSC 1485

Trying our luck at another lantern.  

DSC 1490DSC 1497

This one actually went further away but still managed to come almost all the way back to where we lit it before getting stuck in a tree.  

DSC 1501

These pictures are funny because in every single one I took (and I took A LOT!) Natalie is making the same face.  Hilarious!  The other kids….not so much.  But she was READY!

DSC 1507DSC 1509DSC 1512DSC 1516DSC 1519

Time for the annual scavenger/treasure hunt!  4th of July edition! (note the fancy outfits Gma gave them)

DSC 1523

I have no idea why Daniel is mad here, but I thought this pic was funny!

DSC 1524

Annnnnd they’re off!  (Side note: notice Sally Jesse Raphael down there trying to see what he’s taking a picture of without his cheaters?)

DSC 1531

Hmmm, where could the next clue be???

DSC 1534

Oooh!  On the bird feeder!

DSC 1535

What’s it say, readers?!

DSC 1538

Oh this one’s a stumper!

DSC 1540

Fast forward to the treasure!

DSC 1542

Displaying their loot!

DSC 1561

Here are the ladies playing with the barbies they got.

DSC 1564

Time for the annual child tossing!  Avery is the elected child as she is the only one he can toss now!

DSC 1567DSC 1568DSC 1569

She has fun with it.

DSC 1575

One of probably a 100+ hummingbirds my Dad feeds at their cabin.  He refills his feeders constantly.  

DSC 1590

They swarm around fighting and swooping around all day long.

DSC 1593

I like this picture of the kids hanging out chatting.

DSC 1603DSC 1605

Handsome boys!

DSC 1610

Eric took one for the team and drank one of these gross drinks.  LOL

DSC 1619

No idea why she was mad.  I’m sure she had no idea why she was mad either.  That’s her style!

DSC 1621

Eric did up some smoke bombs and snakes while we waited for it to get dark enough for the fireworks display.

DSC 1632

The view of the sunset from the boat while we waited, and waited, and waited for the fireworks.  It seriously took forever.  Get with the program, Cedar Crest!

DSC 1643

And finally, some jumping off the pontoon boat pics.  Here Daniel has finally decided to give it a go after watching everyone else do it over and over again.  

DSC 1661DSC 1662DSC 1663DSC 1667DSC 1668DSC 1669DSC 1671

Hey!  Where’s me?!?!  BOOOO!  I went TOO!  Oh well.  

Well, this concludes our 4th of July fun.  I’m sure I have plenty of iPhone photos that I could have included here, but I’m too lazy to upload.  Too bad for you!  Now, do you think I’ll get around to a timely update after our Cass Lake trip????  Time will tell!  Haha!


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2 Responses to 4th of July 2013

  1. Licia says:

    I really think that D and Kel would get along swimmingly…and Avery and Jaden seem cut from the same cloth…some of her expressions are just like him and also the being mad for no reason thing…totally something Jaden does all the time!!

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