Avery’s Birthday Part 2 and Avery’s Dance Recital

Well, we wrapped up the last of Avery’s birthday celebrations!  She had three parties this year, which pleased her.  These are pics from her 2nd party with my parents, my brother, his wife, their kids and our neighbors.  

DSC 0911DSC 0913

This is the card my niece Natalie made for her.  Avery nearly destroyed it while opening the present!

DSC 0915DSC 0919

Our neighbor Ingrid made this awesome pillow gift.  I’d seen these and pinned it on Pinterest under the category of “If I only knew how to sew.” So you can magine my delight when she opened this gift!  Yay!  Of course she didn’t want to model the present (Avos does what Avos wants!) so Natalie happily volunteered.

DSC 0928

Here she is with her cake.  Its a barbie doll cake.  I took a picture of it with my iPhone but I’m too lazy to upload that picture right now.  And I have no idea why I forgot to take a proper picture with the camera.  Oh well!

DSC 0932DSC 0935

It wasn’t the best weekend of weather but at least it wasn’t a complete wash out.

DSC 0938

Everyone had a good time playing outside.

DSC 0943

Here is the first boat ride of the year!  

DSC 0946

And here is Avery’s actual birthday!  Officially 4 years old!

DSC 0949DSC 0950DSC 0959

This is the recital rehearsal.  She loves this part and had been looking forward to getting back up on the stage after her last recital.

DSC 0968

DSC 0975DSC 0978DSC 0979

And finally it was recital time!  This is the first night.  I had to chaperone the girls which was pretty much chaos.  15 three and four year olds running around a huge room.  

DSC 0984

And this is before the 2nd show, which is the one we were going to.

DSC 0990DSC 0991DSC 1006DSC 1010DSC 1012

Grandpa Danny, always a trickster.

DSC 1017

There was a bit of a snafu with the recital.  I somehow managed to forget what time the recital started and thought it started a 1/2 hour later than it actually did.  So we left our house and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting something.  So I took out the tickets to make sure i had them all and was SHOCKED to find that it started at 1pm, not 1:30.  It was 12:40 at this time.  And we live 30 min away from Brainerd.  So I pretty much FLIPPED OUT Clark Griswold style.  Gma Toni climbed into the backseat to dress Avery.  We drove as fast as the slow people in front of us would allow and BARELY made it in time.  Avery’s class was 3rd in the recital, so I had to run her backstage where they were already lined up and then race back to the front to try and get to my seat, along with the grandmas, gpa, Eric and Dylan who were parking their cars.  It was madness, but we made it.  I’m still feeling a bit shell shocked from the whole ordeal.  But I can GUARANTEE that it won’t happen again!!!

And finally, Eric wanted me to include this picture so that his siblings know that Gpa Danny got an air pump for Father’s Day so you’re all too late!  Don’t go buying one!  Suckers!

DSC 1026

Well, that’s all for today. Maybe one of these days summer will arrive and I can show off all the fun we’re having?!  Hahaha.


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One Response to Avery’s Birthday Part 2 and Avery’s Dance Recital

  1. kimwikoff says:

    Thanks for the great time!! Avery was darling and we sure enjoyed the show!!

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