Mother’s Day, Avery’s Bday Part 1 and Kindergarten Graduation

Lots to cover here!  Lets start with Mother’s Day.  We went to eat at the lovely and fabulous Prairie Bay in Brainerd, did some shopping and then came home to spend the day outside.  Winter has FINALLY left!  I think.  Here are the kiddies on the beach posing for me.

DSC 0652DSC 0653DSC 0659

Dylan’s idea to do the feet thing (I know what you’re thinking, “REALLY?!?!”).

DSC 0660DSC 0663


DSC 0667

We put the dock in!

DSC 0668

The kids got very dirty. Shocking, I know.

DSC 0673

I made them get cleaned up to take a picture with me.  Dylan was playing hard to get.

DSC 0687DSC 0693

Then, out of nowhere, it was 90+ degrees.  I believe we had snowflakes a few days before this?  Yes?  Or am I delusional from all the snow we had?  That could be.

IMG 2095

Here are some of my purdy flowers.  

IMG 2100

Here’s a visit to Dylan at school.  This was the school picnic day.  Avery and I stayed for a bit to watch them play during recess.  It was raining outside.  Like it does.

IMG 2108

Avery always feels very at home in Dylan’s K class.  She just jumps right in!

IMG 2110

Hey!  We put the pontoon in!  Like 60 days later than last year!  Serious!

DSC 0719DSC 0721

She said to me later, “I knew you were taking my picture, so I smiled!”

DSC 0723

While they were getting the pontoon launched, I followed around this little beauty for a photo shoot.  Its a Scarlet Tanager.  And it apparently is lazy.  He didn’t seem to care about me getting close to him.  So I took a ton of pictures.  Don’t mind if I do!

DSC 0725DSC 0727DSC 0729

I have since learned, that one of the neighborhood riff raff murdered this little fellow or one of his friends.  The search for the perpetrator is still on.  Probably a small brown cat or a big brownish red dog.  I’m going to paper the neighborhood with their pictures.  They must be prosecuted!

DSC 0734

Here is Dylan’s Kindergarten picnic/graduation.  Here he is shaking his teacher’s hand as she congratulates him for graduating with honors from Kindergarten.  😉

DSC 0736

We loved Mrs Vagts – couldn’t have asked for a better 1st teacher for Dylan.  He just adored her and he learned so much this past year.  I think he’s really going to miss her.

DSC 0740

Moving on – now we’re up at Maple Lake for Memorial Day Weekend (welcome summer!?) and the first of 3 birthday celebrations for Miss Avery.

DSC 0741

Hennie was there!  

DSC 0742

Mimi was there!

DSC 0744

Avos was there!  

DSC 0745

I thought Dylan was there, but I can’t seem to see him in this big pile of branches?

DSC 0752

Hey!  There’s Reed, he was there!  Oh and I guess I see Dylan now.  He was there.  Very busy with his cousins, so I barely saw him or spoke with him.  He was in a perpetual state of extreme dirtiness.  

DSC 0754

Avery and one of her best friends (Kelli/Mimi) relaxing.

DSC 0755


DSC 0757

Finally, after having been made to WAIT ALL DAY for the party (Lulu and Gpa Danny were working – suckers!) it was finally time for the party.  Avery ran upstairs and put on her party dress!

DSC 0761

Present opening time!  AKA, time for me to get a bunch of pictures of the back of the gift recipient’s head!

DSC 0762DSC 0775DSC 0777

Here is the cake we selected for this particular party.  Since there are like 50 people in this family, we opted for the Costco sized cake, from, where else – Costco!

DSC 0788

Cake time!  Please note her sign, that Mimi and I made.

DSC 0789DSC 0794DSC 0798

I like how Easton and Addi are waiting to swoop in and help her should she need help.  The 4 year old muskateers – always looking out for each other!

DSC 0800

Avery got a fishing pole from Mimi for her bday and wanted to try it out right away!

DSC 0803DSC 0806

First fish of the year!

DSC 0808DSC 0814DSC 0818

As always, the kids spent a good portion of the time running down the many batteries in the Pow, Pow, Power Wheels vehicles.  (who remembers those commercials?)

DSC 0821

Gpa Danny and the tids.

DSC 0824

And finally, the last day of school!

DSC 0836

Here’s the comparison shot!  Can’t believe how fast it went.  He’s now a 1st grader! 😦  A taller, 1 less tooth kid who can now read and write.  Time is going too fast.

Dylan1st LastDayofSchoolK

The last day for Kindergarteners is called Kinder Friend Day and they have a processional with all the Kindergartener’s in the Brainerd/Nisswa district – the class of 2025!  Here comes Harrison Elementary’s K classes!

DSC 0840

And there is Dylan!

DSC 0844

He was chosen by his teacher to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  I didn’t know this until I picked him up from school at the end of the day.  I am apparently too short!  I couldn’t see!!!!  So, I missed it.  Luckily, I was able to snag these photos online!  Yessssssssss


Here he is singing with his classmates some of the songs they had practiced for the day.


After Kinder Friend Day was over (for the spectators anyway) Avery and I walked back to the car and stopped at the “Mippysippy Rivuh!” (Mississippi River)  She was pretty pumped.  She loves to yell out, “There’s the Mippysippy Rivvuhhhhh!” everytime we cross over it.  So today she finally got her chance to see it up close.  Just her luck that I had the camera with! 🙂

DSC 0857DSC 0858

After the school day was through, we picked up Dylan from school.  I made him take a picture in front of his bus since he wouldn’t be riding it home anymore.  

DSC 0859

And a final picture in front of his school.  Goodbye til next year Harrison!

DSC 0860

That is all for this installment!  Join us next time for Avery’s bday, parts 2 and 3.  : )


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One Response to Mother’s Day, Avery’s Bday Part 1 and Kindergarten Graduation

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    Such fun adventures!! Kids so cute, Dylan is really starting to look like Eric!! Can’t wait for part 2!!! See you soon! XXX

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