South Padre Island 2013

We are freshly back from vacation.  As I write this, I’m tired, crabby (Avery keeps asking me, “Why you not happy?” – one of her catchphrases) and going through vacation withdrawals.  South Padre Island, I miss you.  WE miss you.  Avery asked me this morning while getting dressed if it was going to be hot today.  And I had to break it to her that we’re in MN again and its still winter.  She then shouted at me, “I WANT TO GO BACK TO TEXAS!!!!”  You and me both kid.  Siggggghhhhh.  Anyway, without further delay – I give you – VACATION RECAP!

We got to SPI late at night (late for us, anyway, hehehe) so this was what we woke up to our first morning.  Ahhhhh.

DSC 0252

And we promptly headed down to the beach.  

DSC 0261

We stayed at the Saida Towers this time instead of the Royale Beach and Tennis Club.  Its all part of the same complex, but it was a little different than what we were used to.  Gma and Gpa H stayed at their motorhome a mile down the beach (their winter home this year) and the rest of us were in the condo.  Gma and Gpa W were with us this trip as a wedding anniversary present from their kiddies.  

DSC 0264

South Padre is ALWAYS very windy.  Okay, thats a lie.  But when its not windy – thats weird.  So we came prepared for wind.  Especially in the mornings.  You could lose your ears if you don’t have a hat on.

DSC 0274

Beach boy was VERY excited to see the beach and ocean.

DSC 0279

So was this guy.  

DSC 0281

Here’s the complex we stay in.  We were in the far right building, top floor, third balcony from the right.  Really awesome views.  But apparently this is the junker unit in the building.  It really wasn’t as bad as what the long term renters said it was.  Just needs some serious updating and a good cleaning.  Gma Kim offered to do it for them in exchange for some living quarters for herself.  🙂

DSC 0284DSC 0286

The desperate seagulls.  Hungry seagull eat anything. Including seaweed.

DSC 0298

You just HAVE to write your name in the sand!

DSC 0302

Dylan is all set for his first trip to the pool.  Hurry up Gpa!  Put down that iPad and lets get a move on!

DSC 0307

Here’s a shipwrecked boat we watched bobbing along for at least 3 days.  No info on it.  When we zoomed in on the picture though, there appeared to be a hole in the front of the boat.  Perhaps a rock impact caused it.  

DSC 0318

Back on the beach for a pre-dinner photo shoot.  And its a good thing we did!  The rest of the evenings were cloud-tastic.

DSC 0324DSC 0327DSC 0329DSC 0332DSC 0334DSC 0338

They are being birds here.  

DSC 0344DSC 0346DSC 0355DSC 0359DSC 0362DSC 0366

We gave Gma our old SLR so she was having a ball snapping pics with it.

DSC 0383DSC 0394

Avos the photo bomber!

DSC 0400

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan….

DSC 0416

I love these two pics.

DSC 0421

Gpa and Dylan were best buds the whole trip.  

DSC 0423

Our best family pic of the trip!  So glad we got a good one!  Props to Gma Kim for taking it.

DSC 0430DSC 0431

These pics were Eric’s idea.  It was supposed to be a 1, 2, 3, JUMP.  I think it turned out cute.

DSC 0433DSC 0434DSC 0435DSC 0453

Love this one too!

DSC 0454

Sure glad I brought my blue jacket!  Fab!

DSC 0457

Last morning with a decent sunrise!  From here on out, it was fog-tastic in the morning (another typical occurrence at SPI). 

DSC 0467DSC 0474

Also glad that I was able to get in some ocean view workouts before the fog set in.  Great way to start the day!

DSC 0479

Here are some of the “lame” seagulls, as Gpa Danny called them.  This guy was missing a leg.

DSC 0482

And this guy was missing a foot.  He flew away as I was snapping the picture.  Must not have wanted his picture taken looking like this.  Leave me alone, I’m HIDEOUS!

DSC 0484

Time for some shell collecting!

DSC 0487

Avos the babos on the beachos.

DSC 0489

Eric wanted a fun perspective photo, but with the giant lens, it wasn’t meant to be.  I brought my small lens later on, but the darn fog ruined any chance of getting the picture done.

DSC 0492

Pelicans passing by.

DSC 0504DSC 0505

We had to make a stop at the Turtle Rescue Center.  Its a must stop every time we visit SPI.  The kids LOVE the turtles.  Here’s a “lame” one.  

DSC 0522

Avery and Gerry – Gerry is a lifer at the turtle hospital.

DSC 0527

Dylan looking around.  He still showed lots of empathy for the turtles and flinched while watching one get a shot.

DSC 0529

Gma Tone posing outside the turtle hospital like my Gma did many years ago.  My grandparents were winter Texans, so I figured we must get a pic of my mom posing like my Gma used to when we’d come down for visits.

DSC 0531DSC 0532

Dylan played tennis a few times.  If I wasn’t so lazy right now, I’d upload a video of him playing.  I’ll do it later, stay tuned.

DSC 0540DSC 0543

Beach time again!

DSC 0547DSC 0548DSC 0551

The sand castle master hard at work.  He thought our castle was pretty sweet til we came upon a sand mansion a little ways down the beach later on that day.  Those jerks showed him up!

DSC 0554DSC 0557DSC 0561DSC 0567DSC 0575

Fun in the sun and sand!

DSC 0587

Our beach babies.  They love it so much on the beach.

DSC 0590

These are the best swimsuit shots we got on the beach.  Le sigh.  Oh well.  

DSC 0595DSC 0596

A wave hit and everyone took off.  No more photo ops.

DSC 0597

Another attempt at the 1, 2, 3, JUMP.  Didn’t go as well.

DSC 0606

Gpa Danny, always the jokester.

DSC 0623

Another beach walk.  Gpa Tom joined us.

DSC 0641

When we’d walk too far down, they’d request to be carried back.  

DSC 0671

The kids got new kites while were down there from Gma and Gpa H.  We were worried that the kites might snap off and fly away in the extreme wind.  Happy to say that that was not the case.  However, we DID find a kite that someone else lost tho!  Score!

DSC 0682

Here we had walked down to the “jetties” at one end of the island.

DSC 0692

Dylan made us all nervous scampering across the wet rocks in his crocs.  

DSC 0695DSC 0698

I don’t know which Gma took these, but they are NOT hired.  Off center!

DSC 0700DSC 0701DSC 0703

Another posed picture!  Channeling Gma Pat.

DSC 0712

Gpa Danny strikes again!

DSC 0713

Gma Kim insisted she take a picture of my Mom and I.  I think they turned out cute.  

DSC 0715

We were laughing at how many pictures she was taking.

DSC 0717DSC 0718

Time to fly Avery’s kite!

DSC 0719DSC 0723

The spectators.  We had fun with the zoom lens this trip.  Lots of sneaky, unsuspecting photos were taken.

DSC 0740

Dylan sat with me in the sand to watch Avery fly her kite.

DSC 0744DSC 0752

She flew it for literally 60 seconds and then handed it off to Eric.  “I’m done.”

DSC 0761

Some of the aforementioned sneaky photos.

DSC 0775DSC 0776DSC 0780

The kids spent a CRAZY amount of time in the pool.  Both of them advanced their swimming skills quite a bit on this trip.  Dylan can swim pretty far underwater and Avery is now swimming doggy paddle style for a few feet at a time.  

DSC 0791

More beach time!

DSC 0812

It fogged up SO much after I took this picture that the rest of the pictures did not turn out at ALL.  You can’t hardly see anyone!

DSC 0821

Time for some scenic yoga poses!  Took a few tries to get this and stick it b/c the wind was at hurricane speeds!  Sheesh!

IMG 1360

My mom volunteered to pose too.  Fair game for posting, Mom!  I stepped on a man o war right after we took these pics and it splattered onto my leg.  Turns out that YES even if you ARE wearing shoes, the splattering of the innards of the man o war can still give you a sting!  It wasn’t as bad as I’m sure it COULD be, but it definitely itched and stung!

IMG 1362

Dylan got a little squirrelly here and was trying to shove me underwater.  He knows I’m not a huge fan of going underwater. 

DSC 0870DSC 0871

It turned into an all out wrestling match.  He’s a wire-y little bugger!

DSC 0875

Avos was trying to protect me.

DSC 0890

But he still managed to succeed.

DSC 0893

The kids got to pick out towels at one of the big junk stores they have on the island.  Out of all the choices, Dylan went with the hundred dollar bill.  We had to laugh.  Avery went with Hello Titty of course (not pictured).

IMG 1386

Cheesing for me poolside!

IMG 1402

This is the Walrus.  Eric gave him his name.  And we kept tabs on what the Walrus was up to all week.  He even got sniped with the zoom lens a few times from up in the condo.  Eric thinks that the Walrus is the king of the pool and he watches over all the people there.  He also thinks the Walrus had it out for us, as he often seemed to be glaring in our direction.  It could be that he has supersonic hearing and knows that we called him the Walrus.  Even the kids were calling him that and they weren’t saying it quietly!  We got this picture of him by pretending that we were taking a self portrait of ourselves.  The Walrus and everyone else fell for it.  My mom and aunt both said, “oh that’ll be a cute picture of you two!”  Muahahahaha!!!  I am the Walrus!!!!

IMG 1409

OH!  Here’s Hello Titty!!!  Super purdy!  They were pretty wiped out from all their swimming.

IMG 1413

I had to include this photo!  See that really purdy peach colored pot there? Well, there was an incident and the original pot met an untimely end (did I mention how WINDY it is in SPI???).  “It was an ugly vase, anyway.”  😉  We found this lovely replacement at Tuesday Morning and got a deal on it.  $2.50!  Now, if only the owner of this place would follow our lead!

IMG 1415

And finally, our last attempt at beach photos.  We waited too long on this day and the fog had set in too much. Boooooo.

DSC 0928

Last attempt at 1, 2, 3 Jump.  Lame.

DSC 0933DSC 0938DSC 0896

Last pictures at SPI! 😦

DSC 0902

We had a wonderful trip!  I wish we could have stayed forever, but alas, duties call.  I tried to get Gpa Danny to take over for me here, but it was a no go.  How rude!  Guess we’ll have to start dreaming of next time.  Now, let the countdown to summer begin!!!


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5 Responses to South Padre Island 2013

  1. atv says:

    Loved the witty recap. I’m glad you had a wonderful vacay!

  2. kimwikoff says:

    Great picture story of all the fun in the sun, beach, and fog {lol} It was a grand time and we sure enjoyed spending time with you, our grand kids and Toni and Tom and relatives.Thanks for bringing us. We are grateful for this wonderful vacation!! To bad you didn’t get our shopping experience on here. Now that was funny!! I still giggle when thinking about it !!Love you all so much!! THANK YOU !!!! I miss SPI also!!

  3. Brooke says:

    Great pics! Do you mind sharing about the gear you are wearing and your green bikini?

    • Hey Brooke – I believe my suit is made by Volcom. Its a couple years old, but I really like their stuff – lasts very well. As for the rest – I’m pretty much a Lululemon junkie – so thats what everything else is. Hope that helps!

  4. Brooke says:

    It does! Thanks so much-glad you all had a wonderful vacation.

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