January Catch Up

Alright, so I’m a bit behind on updating.  I thought that there wasn’t much that went on in the last month or so, but I guess I was wrong!  Get ready for picture overload!  What else is new, right?  Well, we left off at Christmas in Aberdeen.  Then we came home for a couple of days to regroup before heading north for time with Gma and Gpa W and crew.  We had to hit up the rink before we left, of course.

DSC 9537DSC 9540DSC 9544

At this point, Avery was still skating with Eric behind her holding a safety rope around her while she shuffled along.  

DSC 9548DSC 9552DSC 9560

On the way out of town, we picked up Avery’s dance photos.  SO CUTE!!!

IMG 0900

Then it was time for chillin’ with the fam. Kelli is playing it cool here.  Shades in the house.

IMG 0901

We played a few games.

DSC 9565

Kids watched a movie.

DSC 9567

And hung out together.  Here are the BFFs!

DSC 9570

They spent a lot of time playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

DSC 9578

We chatted with each other on our devices while in the same room.  Don’t tell me your family doesn’t do that too!

DSC 9579

Some people took naps!

DSC 9581

Kids played more Wii.  Dylan was OBSESSED with this game.

DSC 9583

We were obsessed with Zumba Core for the Wii.  SO. MUCH. FUN!

DSC 9586

Little Henrik entertained us all with his cuteness.

DSC 9610DSC 9617

Here’s his big brother Easton.  

DSC 9624

Avos and her new hat.  Now that I look at this….I wonder where that ended up.  Haven’t seen it since!

DSC 9644

We made Gma Kim a canvas print of Cass Lake.

DSC 9648

Eric was just as excited about it as she was!

DSC 9650

Here’s all the kiddies lined up in front of the tree.

DSC 9661

Gma and Gpa’s 8 grandkids all together.

DSC 9666

I was dying over the discovery of Henrik looking JUST like this toy airplane!  I couldn’t stop cracking up!  He is so cute!

IMG 0935

At the Crookston ice rink.  Still sporting the rope for now.

IMG 0936

We hit up HJ’s on New Years Eve and celebrated Gpa’s Bday while we were there.  He is enjoying that bday sundae!

IMG 0947

Then he photobombed me as I was trying to get a picture of…

IMG 0948

Our dinner guest!  Gma’s friend!  Right Lulu!? 😉

IMG 0949

Kiddies were jazzed about staying up late on NYE.

DSC 9677

The parents had good intentions but….

IMG 0951

We did make it though.  Passed the time playing Trivial Pursuit.  No more wire hangovers!!!

IMG 0953

And then we were back at home for business as usual.  Avery has taken an interest in doing chores for me.  Here she VOLUNTEERED to dry the dishes.  She also folds towels and her own clothes.  Awesome!

DSC 9706DSC 9707

Dylan was back to hockey practice.  This is his after practice Little Ceasar’s pizza.  And it is HIS.  Do NOT touch it.  He will cut you.

DSC 9727

Gpa Danny missed us and came down the next weekend to install the sliding shelves he made us for Christmas.  He so handy!

DSC 9731

Here’s a fun art project the kids worked on for an afternoon.

DSC 9732DSC 9743DSC 9747

Back on the rink for more skating.

DSC 9759

See Shantytown out there?  Its in full swing.

DSC 9762

Avery then graduated to a chair.

DSC 9765

And then, she graduated to just skating on her own.  She did it!  She’s a skater!

DSC 9772DSC 9777

I even put on my skates!

DSC 9787DSC 9790

Dylan is showing me how to do some fancy move – crossing one foot in front of the other while moving.

DSC 9800

Gave it a go, but yeah..too hard.

DSC 9805DSC 9811

Not a fake fall!  Had that post not been there, I would have gone down.

DSC 9813

He makes it look so easy.  As he does with any sort of skating move or drill.  Whiz kid on skates!

DSC 9815

And Avery is quickly following in his footsteps.  Here she is getting up after a fall all on her own.  Eric tells us that some of the level 1 kids on Dylan’s team can’t even do that!

DSC 9817DSC 9818

Mandatory picture together!

DSC 9821

Dylan making Avery laugh.

DSC 9822

Avery making Dylan laugh.

DSC 9823

I came to join them for a photo, but Dylan took off.

DSC 9826

And then Avery took off.  How rude!

DSC 9828

Then we had a string of sick days for Dylan.  He was hardly sick.  Just kept getting random fevers so he had to stay home for a few days.

DSC 9867

It was like old times around here.  ROMPER. ROOM.

DSC 9869DSC 9870

I think Avery was happy to have him around all day again.  As much as she likes playing on her own, she enjoys his company when he’s here.

DSC 9874

She has taken to wearing her summer apparel all day long lately.  And still changes her outfit at least 3 times a day. This particular outfit was quite striking.  The boots were a nice touch.

DSC 9894DSC 9904

And whats this?  Vegetables (or vegabuhls, as she calls them)?!  Probably the only vegabuhls she had all week.  We’ll TAKE IT.

DSC 9937

Dylan got better and out they went.  Snow angels were up first!

DSC 9941

Then they hit up the frozen lake to work on digging with their sand toys.  

DSC 9957DSC 9961DSC 9965DSC 9969

I entertained myself by doing this.  Total masterpiece. 

DSC 9978

Then they did some sledding.

DSC 9985

Avery got mad at Dylan for some random reason that I can’t remember and laid down on the ground.

DSC 9990

And then she got snow on her face and that made her even more mad.

DSC 9992

Back inside and in better spirits.  Fancy hat!

DSC 0005

And finally, some dancing.  I was practicing for my classes which Avery enjoys.  So we took pictures.

DSC 0026

She decided she needed to get fancy for dancing.

DSC 0050

She loves a good dance session!

DSC 0053

And looking beautiful!

DSC 0051

Well, that is all for January!  hahaha!  Stay tuned for a February update at the end of February!  😉


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6 Responses to January Catch Up

  1. toni Hodgson says:

    As usual, great pix!!! Wow! The Avoes is skating!! Mom still needs work!! Her Mom used to be able to do spins and other tricks!! ould love a 5×7 of A lying in the snow with her face all scrunched up…..would put it in a red frame ( like my iPad!) it just cracked me up, as did the precious pix of Henny with the airplane!! Appreciated the entertainment!! XXXXXX

  2. kimwikoff says:

    Twas great to see all the pictures ..I really enjoy your pics and comments…totally entertaining !!! Love how D and A play so good together and Avos is so darn stylish..love her combinations lol I’ll have to pic out some photos for the 8 place photo frame on my wall then I will have everyone up!

  3. Licia says:

    I love seeing that someone else’s kiddos take all the cushions off the couch and jump on them. I thought I was the only one with those kids!!

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