Christmas 2012

Happy Merry Belated Christmas to you!  We were in Aberdeen for Christmas this year and the time went so fast.  Left very little blogging time.  That’s my excuse anyway. Before we left we opened up our presents for our family.  Its a good thing we did too b/c we were packed to the gills as it was!  Here’s Avery opening her first gift.

DSC 9232

Ooooh a PINK Wild Jersey!  Now she doesn’t have to wear Dylan’s old jersey anymore!

DSC 9243

Here is Dylan’s big Lego gift from us – a giant helicopter that he’s been wanting forever.

DSC 9245

He put it together all by himself earlier today.

DSC 9247

Avery is doing her happy dance at the sight of her new Doc McStuffins doll.

DSC 9261

My turn.  Eric “wrapped” it in wrapping paper that had just been unwrapped from one of the kid’s gifts.  He’s so creative.

DSC 9264

Ooooh dark chocolate covered raspberry goji berries!

DSC 9267

Avery got a new dance-a-rina outfit for dance class.  This is her “I’m pleased with myself” face.  

DSC 9301

Avery and Doc McMuffins. ; )

DSC 9311

I made them a GINORMOUS photo book highlighting 2011.  Its seriously yearbook sized.

DSC 9328

And here we are in Aberdeen.  Dylan had gotten 2 transformers from us for Christmas and Eric had been all mad and frustrated with them.  Uncle Tommy was able to figure them out!  Naturally, the kids transformed them back to transformers after all his hard work.

DSC 9382

These are some decorations our niece Natalie made.  She churned them out so fast that it prompted me to ask her if she was of elf descent!  I mean, seriously?!?!

IMG 0872

Cousins being silly.  Okay, Dylan being silly.  His tangerines kept squirting him in the eyes so Gpa gave him some sunglasses.

DSC 9387

Just having a before dinner cocktail.  No big deal.

DSC 9391

Before we knew it, it was time to open presents (a day early this year since apparently people have to work on the 26th nowadays???).  Avery got this fancy new Hello Titty blanket from Jon, Renae, Natalie and Daniel.

DSC 9394

Daniel and Natalie helping Gma open a present.

DSC 9400DSC 9402DSC 9407

Super boy!

DSC 9412DSC 9415

Looking fancy in a new outfit!

DSC 9429DSC 9431

Jon had the last present like he does every year.  Luckily, no one pulled out a stray present from somewhere after he had opened it.  At least, not yet anyway. ; )

DSC 9443

Avery set up all her new toys on the piano for playing.  And yes, there were some items that went IN the piano.  Including the tongs that were used to try and get the lost items out.   Fun times!

DSC 9448

Avery’s Christmas Eve dress.

DSC 9451

Here is Gma’s table all decked out.

DSC 9452

Gma took these 2 pictures. Which explains the weird focusing.

DSC 9457DSC 9458DSC 9459

Time for the annual photo shoot in front of the tree!  


 Here are the kiddies!

DSC 9462DSC 9464DSC 9466DSC 9471

Photo bomber!

DSC 9474DSC 9476DSC 9479DSC 9482

The little ladies.

DSC 9488DSC 9490

The boys.

DSC 9491

Avos and Debert.

DSC 9502

And the fam.

DSC 9514DSC 9516

Didn’t really take many photos after this!  We left bright and early the 26th, so time went way too fast.  Feeling kinda bummed that its over already.  But – good news!  Christmas part 2 is comin’ up this weekend!  Might need a best of 2012 post!  If I find the time…. ; )


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2 Responses to Christmas 2012

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Yup it was a blur, glad YOU got some pictures!! 😉 I miss all of you already!! XXXX

  2. Licia says:

    is that runchatta i see?? that was a favorite at jeremy’s mom’s side of christmas. they were playing beer pong with it…it wasn’t a pretty next day for most of them!!

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