Thanksgiving and Avery’s 1st Dance Recital

Hey!  Better late than never on the Thanksgiving lowdown!  We started the long weekend with a feast at Dylan’s school before heading up to Maple Lake.  Here is one of the pieces of artwork on display for us when we got there.  If you go to my Shuttercal (which is updated, btw!) I have a picture similar to this of a pilgrim that Dylan made at home – a preview of this, if you will.

IMG 0472

Here’s another one – awwww, he is thankful for us!

IMG 0473

And then his class came marching in wearing these.  They all looked so cute.

IMG 0482IMG 0488

We spent Thanksgiving day at Lulu’s house this year.  She prepared a beautiful bird for us.  

IMG 0492

The kids had fun with their aunties and cousin Chandler.

IMG 0508IMG 0510

Us ladies got our Zumba Fitness on.  Like we do.

IMG 0513

Here they are dressed up for church.  Avery had been looking forward to wearing her dress all week long.

DSC 8867

She got new accessories too!  Auntie Kelli’s flower and a necklace from Gma Kim.  Very festive!

DSC 8869DSC 8876

It snowed lightly all weekend.  Good start to the holiday season!

IMG 0536

Here is Avery in her new Hello Titty costume that I got right after Halloween on clearance.  Dylan got a costume too (Spiderman), but refused to be pictured.  His loss!

DSC 8883

And finally, I give you – Avery preparing for her very 1st dance recital!  Be ready for picture overload – can’t help myself!  She’s so cute!  Here she is trying on her dress at home a few days before the recital.

DSC 8891DSC 8897DSC 8900DSC 8901DSC 8902DSC 8903

Hammin it up!

DSC 8914

Such a pretty “dance-a-rina!”  (her word – combo of dance and ballerina)

DSC 8917DSC 8920

She thinks she’s beautiful too!

DSC 8942

Here is the stage rehearsal.  She’s in the pink tutu in the back.

DSC 8945

And finally – recital time!!!  Hair slicked back, make up on, dress on, shoes on – she’s ready to go!

DSC 8950

A little bit nervous since she didn’t really know what was to come.  Her Dad was nervous too.  He didn’t want to leave her behind in the room assigned to her class.  Her brother was nervous too – they both kept looking back to see how she was as we walked out to go find our seats for the show.

DSC 8955

Few more pictures before the show.  

DSC 8959DSC 8960DSC 8962

Gorgeous girl!  Her long eyelashes even longer with a tiny bit of mascara.  She’s like me – she blinked right after I put it on and the mascara went all over her lids and down below her eyes. : )

DSC 8963

And here is after the show with her flowers!  She did just fine without us – like I knew she would.  We came in and she was playing with the other girls and hardly noticed we had come back.  She was very pleased to get flowers and was happy to pose with them for me.

DSC 8965DSC 8969DSC 8971DSC 8972DSC 8975

She was also excited when we told her that she still had another show to do!  I snuck in a side door for the 2nd show’s performance to snap some pictures with one of the other snap happy moms.  

DSC 8978

She was supposed to move forward to the front row at this part, but oh well.  She did the dance just fine tho.  There was a bit of commotion when one girl ran to the teacher backstage crying, “I want my mommy!!!!”  Several of the other girls ran after her to console her.  It was cute.

DSC 8988

Here she is running to the front of the stage for the grand finale.

DSC 8991

She’s 3rd from the left – pretty pose!

DSC 8993

Well, that’s it for this post!  We get our tree today, so perhaps there will be a lovely post on that.  Lets hope there isn’t a repeat of last year!


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5 Responses to Thanksgiving and Avery’s 1st Dance Recital

  1. Glenda says:

    Tricia, I can’t believe how much Avery looks like you! Her smile is exactly like yours! She is so adorable!

  2. Toni Hodgson says:

    Oh oh oh, wonderful pictures–Dylan as a pilgrim cracked me up, and Avery’s dance-a-rina pictures are ADORABLE! But, I have a question for ya!? Do you plan to decorated for Xmas around Eric’s fancy new shirt?? He must reeeaaally love it!! (maybe he’ll be able to snag himself another!!! hahaha!) XXX

  3. Alice May says:

    Hey Trish………….What beautiful children….Love the pilgrim ……..Avery is such a beautiful little dancer………I love it. She sure looks like Trish!

    Thanks for sharing..Alice

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