October 2012 Recap

Well, we last left off with Dylan’s 6th birthday.  Here are a couple more pics from that day.  We used some of the cake from his party for blowing out candles on his actual birthday.  

DSC 8551

He had a good 6th birthday.  They sang happy birthday to him at school and he gave out rice crispy treats as the snack.  Then we picked him up to go out to eat.  We went to Crapplebees and he declared it his new favorite restaurant.  Uh oh. Then we all went to Avery’s dance class to watch her dance.  It got old for him fairly quickly, but he still enjoyed getting to see her dance.  

DSC 8561

Well, the leaves are no more courtesy of a wind storm.  That was quick.  So the kids and Eric raked up enough to stick into pumpkin bags and mulched up the rest with the mower.  And here marks the end of another season.  Now, we wait for snow.

DSC 8566

We also went to Gma and Gpa W’s house to take out their dock and boat.  This is on the way there.  Thanks to Instagram for the fun effects! : )

IMG 0224IMG 0225

While we were there, Manny and Hobert got into some trouble with a car and Manny got hit.  He’s okay, but he was very babied after the incident.

IMG 0229

The kids helped carry things to the garage that had to be stored.

IMG 0230

See, here is baby Manny having his ice cream/medicine treat.  He knew just what he was doing!

IMG 0236

The kids also got to skate while we were there.  Our town is lame and has no open skating.  

IMG 0245

The first day, Avery went in her shoes cuz we didn’t have skates for her.  Then Eric found some in the garage for the next day, so she was in business.

DSC 8578

She’s at about the same point she was last year – stands fine off the ice, can’t stand on the ice.  Oh well.  She’ll get the hang of it.  Eventually.

DSC 8581DSC 8594

Even tho she can’t skate, her dad is still pleased that she tries.  

DSC 8596

Dylan was a bit rusty for ohhhhh about 3 minutes and then he was racing around like nobody’s business.  I, on the other hand, was rusty until we were nearly done the 2nd day.  Oh well.  I’ll get the hang of it.  Eventually.

DSC 8602

He spent most of the time racing Grandpa up and down the rink.

DSC 8604DSC 8606DSC 8613DSC 8615

They had a lot of fun.

DSC 8617

And now we’re back at home.  Avery is continuing to enjoy her “only child during the day” status and hams it up for me quite often.  She also changes her clothes at least 3 times a day.  This is one of my personal favorites.  When Gma Tone bought these 2 pieces, she did NOT mean for them to go together.  Try telling that to a 3 year old who has a strange idea of what “matches.”  We’ve been working on “matching” and “going.”  This may “match” Avos, but it does NOT “go.”  LOL.  The Elton John shades were a nice touch.

IMG 0263IMG 0266

And then Dylan comes home from school and hams it up as well.  School does NOT tire him out at all.  Still full of energy when he gets home.

IMG 0277

I went to Mpls this month for a Zumba Gold training and also got to hit up our nephew Daniel’s 5th birthday party.  Renae made cake pops which were not as hard as I thought they were gonna be!  They turned out cute and were a hit with the peeps!

IMG 0284

Here’s the birthday boy!

IMG 0290

Also this month, Eric and Dylan moved their slap shot time to the garage.  Gone are the days of doing it in the house.  We feared for the safety of ourselves and our belongings.  Dylan’s slap shot is DEADLY.

DSC 8639

Here is my most pinned pin on Pinterest.  LOL!  This thing gets re-pinned pretty much every day. I’m very popular. Haha!  I didn’t even come up with it! Anywho, Avery LOVVVVVES herself some Hello Kitty (Titty) so she was really jazzed when we finally painted this on her face.

IMG 0302

Imagine my trepidation when I came upon THIS at Costco (which opened this month!  YAY!!!!!!):

IMG 0327

Luckily, her Gma and Gpa H are big suckers and took care of the problem for me.  Phew!  Dodged THAT bullet! ; )  Apparently they aren’t THAT big of suckers tho, as I am NOT the proud owner of this camera.  How rude!  Come on!  Only 900 dollars?  Hahaha.  I dream big.  

IMG 0332

Remember how I said we were all set for snow?  Well, not THIS set for it!  It wasn’t even Halloween yet!!!

IMG 0337IMG 0338

It didn’t last long, but the kids enjoyed it while they could.

DSC 8648DSC 8653DSC 8666

We finally went to get pumpkins the weekend before Halloween.  Mental note, do NOT wait that long next year.  Nuttin but rotten pumpkins left.  Doh.

DSC 8677

Gma and Gpa H were with us at the patch this year.

DSC 8679

The kids were excited to hit up the giant slide again.  I painted their faces for the occasion.  People kept asking us where the face painting booth was at!  HAHA!

DSC 8686DSC 8698DSC 8705

Then Dylan tricked Gpa into carving the pumpkins this year!  Good trick, Dylan!  : )

DSC 8719

Avery was not interested in touching the pumpkin “pulp” (Dylan insisted that was what it was called b/c his teacher said so!) as she is a lady.  But not enough of a lady to not dance on the table!  HAHAHA (thanks to my cousin Melissa for that fun joke!)

DSC 8727

Here are the finished pumpkins.  Gma added the cat’s glowing eye.  She’d want you to know that, as she was very proud of her contribution.

DSC 8738DSC 8741

Here is Dylan’s Halloween party at school.  

DSC 8745

Avery was excited to get to come to school for a little while with Dylan.

DSC 8748

After a quick car nap and a trip to the Olive Garden (or Grape Garden, as we now call it – Dylan says the things on the sign are NOT olives, but grapes and was ready to tell the people at the OG of the mistake they had made in naming it) – it was time for tricks or treats!

DSC 8753

Here’s the first house!

DSC 8756DSC 8760

Gma has a witch hat on, but you can’t see it!  Booo!

DSC 8763

Dylan has been working out.

DSC 8770

This is one of our favorite houses to hit up.

DSC 8775

And I take a picture of it every year! : )

DSC 8778DSC 8783

Then Eric took off for deer hunting and the kids and I “tucked it in” as Gma Tone would say.  We made turkey crafts, baked delicious baked goods, stayed in our jammies all day, watched movies, ate popcorn and played games.  Here is Dylan celebrating one of his victories on the Wii.

DSC 8811DSC 8812

He also did his fair share of rough housing over the weekend.  But look, he is dressed here!  AND he got a hair cut!  

DSC 8817

Then, to wrap things up, Dylan got an award for being “respectful” at school.  He was chosen as an Honorary Hawk by his teacher.  He’s such a good boy and we’re very proud of him.  

DSC 8820

This is him with the rest of the “respectful” Kindergarteners.  There will be more awards throughout the year.  There will even be a bike given away as a prize.  He’s got it in the bag! ; )

DSC 8822

Well, that’s all for this post!  Maybe I’ll have a fun Thanksgiving post?  Cuz I don’t think I can promise anything before then! Its like 2 weeks away!  Can’t believe it!!!  


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5 Responses to October 2012 Recap

  1. kimwikoff says:

    As always a wonderful read along with very good pictures to keep us updated!!We really enjoy these and we get to see all the fun pictures of Dylan and Avery!! They are so precious,sweet and tons of fun!!xxoo

  2. Licia says:

    you should probably write the next post during your pre-thanksgiving wine night (i think that was you and kelli talking about that, right?!?)!! haha…that could be interesting!

  3. Gma Tone says:

    Sitting here in warm, sunny Cabo, enjoying a cup of Joe–enjoying your fun blog!! Great pix and fun times!!! XXXX Gma Tone

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