Dylan’s 6th Birthday

Dylan turns 6 today!  He will be officially 6 at 2:47pm, but we won’t be with him then!  Weird that he’s not with us all day on his bday!  Poor kid and his “during the school year” bday! ; )  Oh well.  He assures me that Mrs Vagts will celebrate his birthday at school.  He will get a birthday sign put up in the morning and then they will have a little celebration for him at the end of the school day – which falls around 2:47, so I guess that works!  We had his party here this past weekend and as usual, it was a FULL HOUSE!! We wouldn’t have it any other way though.  Dylan LOVES when everyone is in the same house so there is no better way to celebrate.  

He chose a Power Ranger cake this year.  This was probably the most labor intensive one I have done so far.  The frosting was being naughty as usual and gave me a hard time.  But I muddled through.

DSC 8307

It was seasonal this weekend!  Meaning, it wasn’t 80 degrees and sunny like it normally is for his party.  What the what?!  We had to wear coats and got to play in the leaves!  Probably a more “normal” October bday celebration, but strange nonetheless.  On Dylan’s 1st birthday it was over 90 degrees and our AC had trouble keeping up with 20some people in our house.  

DSC 8315

The kids didn’t seem to mind the temps though.

DSC 8319DSC 8321

Our leaves are all on the ground now b/c of some gusty winds last week.  So Eric made a giant leaf pile that was enjoyed A LOT by the kids.

DSC 8323

Present time!!!!

DSC 8330

Fancy Gopher jersey courtesy of Eric.

DSC 8335

It was nice of cousin Easton to dress up for the occasion.  Costumes were optional, but he wore one anyway. ; )

DSC 8344

Dylan requested a pinata for his party this year.  Just what we need – a ton of candy before Halloween.

DSC 8361

The kids did pretty well on it, but we gave cousin Chandler the final whack.

DSC 8377

Back to the leaf pile – this time with adults.

DSC 8382DSC 8383

Uncle Ryan was the leaf pile maintenance man – making sure the pile stayed maintained.

DSC 8394DSC 8400DSC 8401DSC 8413DSC 8414

Kelli acts as though she is having fun (she was) but she was not impressed by all the leaves that stuck to her coat, hair and the leaves that got in her mouth.  You’re welcome Kelli for me not posting the picture of you spitting the leaves out.

DSC 8424DSC 8425

The siblings!

DSC 8442

Time for cake!

DSC 8454DSC 8457DSC 8458DSC 8459DSC 8463

He requested and received the entire head of the Power Ranger.  Must be his birthday!

DSC 8473DSC 8474

Uncle Tommy poured some milt!  

DSC 8477DSC 8479DSC 8480DSC 8483

We also celebrated Gma Kim and Gpa Danny’s 40th wedding anniversary this weekend.  They were treated to a vacation to South Padre Island in February by their 5 kids.  They are pretty darn excited to get away this winter!

DSC 8508

Gma and Gpa with all the kiddies.

DSC 8510DSC 8513

And here is Dylan’s last day as a 5 year old.  He’s been really into his legos and put together this Star Wars thing that he got at his party from Gma and Gpa W all by himself.  He was pretty proud.

DSC 8524

Here he is this morning – freshly 6! 

DSC 8532

Off to school instead of spending the day with us!  Sigh.  But we’re picking him up later to go out to eat and to his sissy’s dance class – he’s been wanting to go watch her dance so he is pretty excited that he finally gets to go today.

DSC 8537

Happy 6th Birthday Dylan!!!!  We love you!!!


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2 Responses to Dylan’s 6th Birthday

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DYLAN!! We love you lots!! and we had so much fun last wknd watching you with all your peeps!!! Your Mom and Dad throw a mean b.day party!!! XXXX

  2. Lulu says:

    Happy Birthday Dylan…It was fun to celebrate with you!!!

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