September Update!

Greetings!  Long time no update!  We’ve been busy getting into the swing of things.  That’s my excuse for the long absence!  So there!  

Well, the Blob has been taken down for the year.  SIGH.  HOWEVER, the hot tub is in full force.  Nothing better than a dip in the hot tub while it’s chilly outside.  Getting out kind of sucks, but oh well.  We all really enjoy it and it will get a lot of use between now and when we empty it for the winter (too expensive to heat when its negative degrees outside).  Avery has been taking after her brother lately and diving under the water with goggles and a snorkel.  She surprised us by sticking the snorkel in her mouth and swimming across the hot tub, breathing thru it the whole time. A natural!

DSC 7927

Check out what I found!  The Tangle Teezer!  And it TOTALLY works!  Brushing her hair is a breeze now. Its a miracle.  Seriously. (side note: check out her little curls there – so cute!)

DSC 7939

With Dylan gone all day, we have a lot of time to play dress up.  I guess I shouldn’t be mad at her when she wants to change her clothes several times a day.  Clearly she gets it from me.  It takes a long time to land on the perfect outfit, I tell you!!!

DSC 7942

Here’s Dylan on his second to last swim in the lake.  I’m saying that because its been in the 30’s the last few nights.  I think our lake swim time is up.  This picture was taken on September 9th.

DSC 7944

Here is Dylan’s first homework!

DSC 7957

Did I do it right Mom?

DSC 7958

The homework helper.  Or supervisor.  Or distractor.  Take your pick.

DSC 7960

Avery started dance last week!  Takes me right back.  Oh okay, so I don’t really remember my times in dance at this age.  I DID start at 3 though, just like Avery.  

DSC 7963

Walking into the class for the first time! (side note: I have NO idea why the flash didn’t go off.  Mama needs a new camera.  Stat.  Santa, you better be listening.  This camera hasn’t been the same since the camera dropping incident of July 2009…or sometime around there…and you know who you are, camera breaker.)

DSC 7965

There were only 2 other kids in class.  The girl standing there in front of the teacher is crying and wants to leave.  Wussy!  LOL.  The other kid wouldn’t leave his mother’s lap.  

DSC 7966

So the other kids are randoms that were waiting around for their class to start.  They joined in which made it more fun for Avery since her classmates weren’t joining in.

DSC 7969DSC 7972

They have tumbling time at the end of each class.  Avery loved that part.

DSC 7974DSC 7975DSC 7976

Some balance work.  She kept trying to go so fast on it.  She joined the pre-school class after this week’s class.  The cryer dropped out and the other kid still wouldn’t leave his mom’s lap, so I decided she should just move to the pre-school class and ditch Tiny Tots.  Her teacher said she was MORE than ready for that class anyway.  Tiny Tots is more of an introductory class anyway.  She went to the pre-school class on Tuesday night and LOVED it.  There were probably 15 or so little ladies.  She was pleased to hear that she will get a “pretty new dress” for the holiday recital.

DSC 7978

School boy home from another long day of learning.  I don’t know why he was given a crown.  He’s still a bit secretive about what happens at school.  What happens at school, stays at school? Slowly though, we are learning more details.  His best new friend is Ryan (Ry-Ry is his nickname), school goes super fast – “feels like only 2 hours!!” he loves the bus, is counting how many days he’s been in school (today is day 14) and is learning to write lowercase letters.  I can’t wait til he can read!

DSC 7990

Gpa Danny came down for a visit this past weekend while I was away for my un-official college reunion with my friends from college.  Its only been 5 years. ; )

DSC 7991

It was in the 80’s so they spent a lot of time outside.  Must. Soak. It. UP!

DSC 7992DSC 8002

This is what happens when Mom is away.  Avery is allowed to fashion her SKIRT into a DRESS.  Thats the shorts part that’s inside the skirt.  She’s invented a one shoulder dress.  She is a gifted fashionista.

DSC 8015

Grandpa agrees.

DSC 8017

Make it work, Avos!

DSC 8018

They had to get some tubing in before pulling UB Pimpin out of the water for the winter.  

DSC 8021DSC 8023DSC 8024

I love how Avery is peeking around Gpa here.

DSC 8027DSC 8030DSC 8040DSC 8048

The kids said Gpa lost his hat.  Is this true Gpa?  THIS hat?  

DSC 8057

Here is Dylan’s sunflower from Learning Tree preschool.  He planted this in the spring.  

DSC 8064DSC 8065

He planted pumpkins too, but I don’t think they are gonna work out.  Dang!

DSC 8066

Here are some lovely cell phone pictures!  Lingy are adding on to their garage, so the kids have been watching the various construction vehicles working over there.  Dylan is bummed he’s been missing a lot of it while he’s at school.

2012 09 19 18 16 47 1642012 09 19 18 17 16 3592012 09 19 18 17 20 752012 09 19 18 18 54 1792012 09 19 18 19 11 5382012 09 19 18 21 21 9692012 09 19 18 21 26 491

And this is last night.  Dylan came home from school and immediately sat down to start working on some art projects.  

DSC 8068

He made this picture all on his own.  He had his arm over it to make sure I didn’t peek at what he was making.  So proud of the progress he’s made in the last 14 days!  Numbers, lowercase letters, fancy drawings!  Love it!

2012 09 20 17 18 48 881

And here are a couple of his school lunches.  This is a Planet Box lunch box.  

404581 10151067303143596 1815421487 n

He’s been loving his lunches and I’ve been liking getting my creativity on!  Ask me how I feel about it in May tho….LOL

377576 10151055896588596 989297071 n

Well, that is all for now.  I think its time for a dip in the hot tub!  My feet are frozen!  Later!

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5 Responses to September Update!

  1. kimwikoff says:

    Wow, it was fun reading this and the pics are fabulous!! I miss the little munchkins!! They are so busy!! Grandpa can’t tube so late in the season cuz he has a nasty cold now! The little dress on Avery is so darn cute , she looks like a natural and so grown up !!Thanks to Avery for the fun picture…was a nice surprise!!Dylan sure has learned some skills fast and must love school a lot !! He looks so cute in his crown …must say he is a very handsome king!

  2. toni hodgson says:

    What a fun few days!! Everyone sliding into new experiences with ease!! Enjoyed all the good pix and captions!! XXXX Mom

    PS. Thanx to you and Renae for my terrific Summer 2012 photo album!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Licia says:

    found this for you and eric to enjoy…it’s wood burning, so not so expensive to heat. the up front cost might kill you though!!

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