First week of school

Well, Dylan started Kindergarten this week!  GULP!  I can’t believe he’s nearly 6 and in school all day long everyday.  Didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital???  Here he is bright and early Tuesday morning.  He catches the bus at 7:12 am, which means we have some pretty early mornings here.  Hence, the reason for a flash to take these pictures.  It was dark outside still!  

DSC 7777

He was pretty nervous about the first day.  Mainly the bus, I think.  There were a few tears when he got up, but he worked through it.

DSC 7778

He had put on a brave face for the above photos.  I caught how he was really feeling here though.  Eric drove him to the bus stop and he got on it just fine.  

DSC 7779

How has Avery been doing during the day while Dylan has been at school?  Sad?  Missing her brother?  Nope and nope.  She has been so excited and happy and does NOT miss her brother (not yet anyway).  While he was at school on Tuesday, we went and signed up for dance class and got her her first pair of ballet slippers.  

DSC 7787

Then we passed the time til 4:10 (when the bus drops him off) with her entertaining me in her new ballet slippers.  LEAP!

DSC 7788


DSC 7789

Can you tell she LOVES having her picture taken???

DSC 7791

Again, Mama!  Again!

DSC 7792

Let me see it! (after every picture)

DSC 7795

Did you get my good side? ; )

DSC 7796

Pretty ballerina!

DSC 7804

Finally it was time to pick up Dylan at the bus stop!  After a false alarm (sneaky Pierz bus pulled up first), his bus finally pulled up.

DSC 7815

And off it he came!  He made it!

DSC 7817DSC 7819

I think he was a little overwhelmed by us because he was blinking back tears.  It was just a big day and a lot to take in.  

DSC 7820

And I think he missed us like we missed him.

DSC 7821

He hasn’t been very talkative about it all, but I think he’ll start talking more once he’s a little more used to the routine of it all.  

DSC 7822

Avery is already used to the routine!  Bring on the attention and alone time with Mom and Dad!!!!

DSC 7831

She actually LOOKS the part this time!

DSC 7832DSC 7839

Today, it was finally Avery’s turn to go to school.  YAY!  She is going to Learning Tree Preschool (where Dylan went for 2 years).  We are still having to go super early because Dylan talked me into driving him to school on Monday’s and Thursday’s (Avery’s days at preschool).  She will start school at an earlier time than Dylan did because of it.  I don’t think she’ll mind the extra hour and 1/2 of play time.  Guess who won’t mind the extra hour and 1/2 of alone time??? haha

DSC 7853

She had her backpack all ready to go!  She’s only been waiting for this day for the last year!  

DSC 7854

So we drove to town together and dropped Dylan off first at school!  He seemed excited to show us the ropes.

DSC 7858

Here he is walking into school!!!  He looks so grownup and yet so little.  Sniff sniff.

DSC 7859

Posing for me.

DSC 7861

Here is where he hangs up his backpack and coat.

DSC 7862

They get to play on the playground once they get to school for about 10 minutes or so until the bell rings.

DSC 7863

He kept looking over to make sure that we hadn’t left.

DSC 7864

The bell rang and the kids all came tearing up to the door to line up.

DSC 7868

That is Dylan’s teacher, Mrs Vagts.  He really likes her.

DSC 7871

The little boy in front of him is telling him, “Hey, your Mom is taking pictures of you.”  He smiled and said, “I know.” : )

DSC 7878

Then once inside, they put a little card by their name saying if they are having HOT or COLD lunch today.  Today was spaghetti, so clearly he was having HOT lunch.  

DSC 7880DSC 7881

Then they were to sit down at their spots and read books!

DSC 7882

Then it was time for Avery and I to go to her school, so this was all we found out about his day.  He seemed more relaxed after having shown me a few things about his day.  So I was glad for that when we left there.

DSC 7883

Here is Avery all ready to head into school!

DSC 7885

Dylan wanted me to get lots of pictures of her at school.  He was really bummed that we couldn’t go to her school first because he wanted to “watch her walk in to the classroom.”  He told me to get a picture of her walking in just for him.  She was pretty apprehensive though about walking into the classroom, so I wasn’t really able to get a picture.  It would have been of her wrapped around my leg. ; )  She relaxed quickly though.

DSC 7889DSC 7891

No way!  They let us play with play dough here?!?!?!

DSC 7893

And PAINT?!  WOW!  We don’t get to do this stuff at home!! ; )

DSC 7895DSC 7898

She was painting this picture for Dylan. 

DSC 7901

“Dylan will like this!”

DSC 7902

Then, back at home, she resumed her normal “only child while brother is at school” status.  Here is a quiet moment with Milly.

DSC 7915

Dang it, Mux!  Quit walkin’ into my pictures!

DSC 7919

Hammin it up, once again!

DSC 7921

Well, its nearly time to go pick up the school boy!  Later!


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