Labor Day Weekend 2012

Well, we had our annual Labor Day weekend extravaganza at Loon Lodge this past weekend.  The weather was hot and windy which I guess was better than last year’s weather which was chilly.

DSC 7538

Avery had her first taste of orange pop and she wasn’t so sure about it.

DSC 7541

Ick, what is this taste?!?!

DSC 7542

Gaaaah!  The fizz!!!

DSC 7543

She didn’t finish it.  Hence, the happier face here.  Wasn’t her thing!

DSC 7547DSC 7548

Entertaining Gma!

DSC 7551

The kids really enjoyed Gpa’s kayaks this past weekend.

DSC 7556

I think 3 on one kayak might be a bit much!

DSC 7560

That’s better!

DSC 7567

Here he is waiting for Gpa to come down and pilot the other kayak for him.

DSC 7572

Of course he just HAD to make a weird face.

DSC 7573

Later on we realized that he could pilot the kayak on his own!!!

DSC 7586

He absolutely LOVED it!  Didn’t get tired at all!  

DSC 7590

Here is Uncle Tommy’s fancy apron.  He and his friend Laura made delicious waffles one morning – I believe that’s what they are making here.

DSC 7598

Gma and Gpa had an over abundance of acorns on the ground this year.  The most acorns I’ve ever seen I think.  So the kids decided to rake up a bunch and sell them.  Good luck with that, kids! ; )  


They hardly made a dent in the amount of acorns on the ground.  There are seriously SO many!


Time for some Zumba fitness!


Natalie was the only kid participant.


And Renae was the only other adult participant.  


Good times!


Natalie always does so well at it!  You can tell she’s a dancer!


The other kids just sat and watched.


And caught dragonflies for the bug zoo.


We spent a lot of time sitting in lawn chairs out back.  It was our only defense against the wind!  That and lots of drinks! ; )  Hence, the reason I am crushing my brother’s head with my toes.


And crushing my other brother’s head.


And the dog’s head.


Here is the world’s tastiest dip.  You can thank me later.


It was time for yet another scavenger hunt.  I love Natalie’s face here.  She’s bracing for the hunt to be “tooooo harrrrrrrrrd!!!!!”

DSC 7601

On the hunt!

DSC 7610

Look what I found!  It wasn’t on the list tho…

DSC 7614DSC 7616DSC 7623

Later on they took to SMASHING the acorns with croquet mallets.  Raking them was sooooo 5 hours ago.

DSC 7626DSC 7628DSC 7633

They would all look up in anticipation whenever a gust of wind would knock more acorns to the ground.

DSC 7636

This picture shows how low the water is.  Its usually up to the dock that Dylan is climbing up on (he’s in the red shirt).  Its craaaaazy low.  We need like 100 inches of snow in order to fill it back up.  Lucky for us, the White Earth Lake Informant (one of the know-it-all neighbors) says that the last time he saw this many acorns was the year we got a ton of snow.  Maybe he’ll be right?  After all, he DOES know everything. ; )

DSC 7649DSC 7650

The wind finally died down enough for a campfire.

DSC 7661

My aunt and uncle had left us a hollow log to use.  It was pretty cool watching the flames come up the middle of the log.

DSC 7668


DSC 7673

We would have been really displeased had the wind not died down enough for the lanterns!  

DSC 7680DSC 7682DSC 7683

Up, up….

DSC 7684

and away!!

DSC 7685

Jon gave his Christmas gift to my mom another try.  Still junk.

DSC 7688

Can’t ever eat a smore without getting it allllll over the place!

DSC 7700

More lanterns!!!

DSC 7710DSC 7711DSC 7726DSC 7728

We looked out the next morning and the kids were playing merrily on the rocks.  Everyone took off their shoes.  Daniel left on his socks. : )

DSC 7732DSC 7738

Here Daniel is saying, “I better not go in.  I’ll get in trouble.”  LOL

DSC 7742

Swimming time!  It was too windy the entire weekend to swim.  Its ALWAYS nice the day you leave.  Always.

DSC 7744DSC 7750DSC 7756DSC 7758DSC 7761DSC 7763DSC 7767

Well, that caps off another summer for us!  Stay tuned for a special back to school edition post!


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One Response to Labor Day Weekend 2012

  1. Laura says:

    What great photos! A perfect way to send off summer.

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