Cass Lake, Take 2

Since we got gipped out of time at Cass Lake in July, Eric wanted to head back up there one last time this summer – even if it was just for a day.  Yesterday’s forecast was for hot and sunny, so we drove 2 hours north for a few hours of fun in the sun.  It was pretty nice only having to pack food and drinks for one day, swimsuits, towels and the boat!  We got there and wasted no time heading out in U.B. Pimpin.  

DSC 7223

Gma and Gpa Wikoff, however, did waste time getting out on the lake.  Gma was chatting with relatives who stopped by to visit and Gpa was on the phone with some wiseguys who were giving him the runaround.  Avos and her Dad were none too pleased. ; )

DSC 7226

Avery killed time by riding on the tube by herself.  Just idling of course.

DSC 7228

Finally everyone was on board and we were off (note the smile on Eric’s face).

DSC 7234

First stop was Star Island.  Since UB Pimpin’ died on us last time we were at Cass Lake, we had to hit up the “must see” spots on the lake.  

DSC 7236

Gpa walked up and down the shoreline waiting for a phone call from the wiseguys.  He got a new best friend in the process. 

DSC 7239

Eric and Gma Kim played frisbee.

DSC 7255DSC 7256

Avos ate a sammy.

DSC 7258

And then we returned to the scene of the crime – Cedar Island.  Would UB Pimpin’ start up when we wanted to leave this time?!  Only time would tell.

DSC 7263DSC 7264DSC 7267DSC 7269

Eric was giving them crap for sitting in UB instead of getting out of the boat.  It was later found that they were eating some yummy dip and were wanting to keep it on the downlow.  

DSC 7274

Unsuspecting photo taken.

DSC 7276

Mr Texty sending off texts.

DSC 7280

Me and my beach babies.

DSC 7283

She likes this game a lot.  Never should have done it b/c now she expects it every time we’re in the water together.  Its tiring!

DSC 7295DSC 7296

Watch as Dylan runs up on an unsuspecting Gpa!

DSC 7300

Splashes him…

DSC 7301

And runs back to give Dad a high five.  

DSC 7302

Gpa got him back tho.

DSC 7303

Here, Gpa is admiring the new, smooth appearance of UB Pimpin. UB got a facelift this past week.  Eric used some sort of miracle cream on her. Now you can touch UB without sending a shiver up your spine from the creepy, rough exterior she used to have.

DSC 7318

Chillin’ on UB, talking about the distinct possibility that it might not start again.

DSC 7326

Drank beer to ease our fears.

DSC 7331

Avery wasn’t scared!

DSC 7333

UB started up once again (!!!) and we were off to check out the damage at our campsites from the storm in July.  Dylan led the way.

DSC 7339

Where that tree is is where Gpa Danny’s Winnie would have been parked had we been there a week earlier.  Good thing we weren’t there!

DSC 7340

Here’s the area where the kids ride their bikes.

DSC 7341

That one will have to go for sure.  The trees that had a blue spray paint line or a pink ribbon will get the ax.

DSC 7342

Here’s Gpa Tom’s spot.  Looks okay.

DSC 7343

HOWEVER, this tree could very well have fallen on the motorhome had we been there.  It was saved by it’s neighboring tree.  Now both trees will have to be cut down.

DSC 7345

Few more pictures of down trees…

DSC 7348DSC 7351

That poor tree lost his top!

DSC 7352

Hope they get it all cleaned up before next year. The forest person we talked to last time said not to count on it though.  

DSC 7353DSC 7355

Your turn, Avery!

DSC 7356

UB is that you?!?!?!

DSC 7357

Eric also decided to take his broken ankle out for a spin on his ski.  First (and last) time out this year!

DSC 7359DSC 7365DSC 7366

Next stop was the sand hill that Eric and his siblings used to roll down.  I don’t know why they don’t still do that?!  haha. 

DSC 7378

Next thing we knew, Avery was naked at the top of the hill.  Turns out she had to poop.  Eric talked her into doing it b/c he told her that he pooped up there when he was a little boy.  It worked.  I wish I wouldn’t have put my camera away b/c when she FINALLY dropped the deuce, he threw her over his shoulder and ran down the hill at full speed (cuz the sand is like fire on your feet) to rinse her butt off in the lake.  It was so funny!  The mental image of her little white butt and him running will be forever etched in my memory banks! 

DSC 7379

Dylan did some snorkeling.

DSC 7381DSC 7385DSC 7391

Gma and Gpa joined Dylan for a tube ride.  He loved it!

DSC 7420

And finally, we came across this lovely mermaid right before we were set to leave.  

DSC 7421

I think we’ll have to make our own version ourselves next year!  

DSC 7424

Well, that is officially it from Cass Lake for this year!  


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  1. toni hodgson says:

    Looks like a fun time!!! Can wsit for next wknd!! XXXX

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