Where we last left off…

We got back from Cass Lake and celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  We normally celebrate it at Cass Lake where we were married, so it was weird to be at home for our anniversary for once.  It was low key.  Spaghetti and meatballs with wine.  : )

DSC 6546

What did we get for our anniversary, you ask?  We got to keep Gpa Danny’s dog Manny for a whole week!!!  We were so lucky!

DSC 6554

Here are the kids enjoying a summer day.  Those days are numbered.

DSC 6562

Boat days are numbered too.  Can’t believe D will be in school all day long soon.  That will be WEIRD.

DSC 6568

Manny got to come on the pontoon ONE time.  He was too smelly to come again.

DSC 6576

We also made popsicles.

DSC 6583

Dylan pretended to like them.

DSC 6586DSC 6589

Avery actually DID like them.  Which is shocking.

DSC 6596

Some big news – I got tricked into tubing.  I had gotten on the tube to warm up while they were swimming and the next thing I knew, I was being tossed my life jacket and coerced into tubing by my children.  The nerve.  I haven’t tubed since I was like 10.  There was an unfortunate incident where my head got stuck in the center of the tube while tubing and my dad DID NOT STOP!  I will never forget it Dad!  NEVER!

DSC 6615

Yay, tubing.  Ha.

DSC 6618

Fake enthusiasm.

DSC 6621

I really do NOT get the allure of tubing.

DSC 6644

Here was a neighborhood happy hour.  Good times.

DSC 6647

Manny came to happy hour and sat on his new best friend’s lap.

DSC 6659

Again, water boy entertained us with his usual antics.

DSC 6660

We had happy hour on the boat, like we do nearly ever day. Don’t be jelly.

DSC 6667

More tubing.

DSC 6671

Here’s a rainy day – fort under the table.

DSC 6673DSC 6685

There was a chalk drawing session.  

DSC 6693DSC 6696DSC 6698

Avery enjoys coloring in the same spot over and over again.  

DSC 6700


DSC 6706

More water boy entertainment.

DSC 6715

Avery finally decided that she could let go of her death grip around Eric’s neck while in the water.  Realized she floats!

DSC 6721

Snuggin’ on the pontoon together.

DSC 6751DSC 6752

We’ve been up to Loon Lodge a few times this summer.  Of course we had to hit up the sunglass collection on the pontoon.

DSC 6754DSC 6757

Avery could have used a pair here!  

DSC 6760

The kids enjoyed swimming right off the dock.  A luxury we don’t have here. : (

DSC 6772

And fishing off the dock – again, can’t do that here.  Too many weeds to catch.

DSC 6786DSC 6798

Gpa painted the girl’s toenails!

DSC 6816

I made the kids their yearly scavenger hunt.  I made it a tiny bit harder this year and they weren’t happy.

DSC 6825

Here they are whining about not seeing the clue.  I told them to USE THEIR EYES.  LOL – it was on the back of the grill.  Not too hard to just peer around the other side, guys!

DSC 6828

Then we took the kids to Cedar Crest so they could hit up the slide.

DSC 6840

Avery chickened out.

DSC 6846

Dylan entertained fellow beach goers with plunging in and out of the water over and over again.

DSC 6848

And of course, we had fires with smores.

DSC 6856

Awesome picture.

DSC 6858

Jon picked up some lanterns for the kids to send off into the sky.  

DSC 6881

They provided him with much assistance.

DSC 6885

The kids loved watching them get smaller and smaller as they drifted away.  Eventually they go out and then fall to the ground.  Apparently people want them to be illegal? What?!  

DSC 6887

They did a few of them.

DSC 6906

Good times.

DSC 6912DSC 6916

Then we got home and had guests!  Hef, Shannon (with Kayla and Lexy), Koop and Elizabeth came up.

DSC 6933

Dylan took advantage of having extra males around and hit them up for batting practice.

DSC 6935

And games of catch.

DSC 6940

Koop brought a ton of water balloons with him (and became Dylan’s best friend in the process).  Here, Elizabeth has volunteered to take a turn at filling them for him.

DSC 6944

Shannon and I sat by and watched.  : )

DSC 6945

Our neighbors stopped by.  This is completely normal attire for them.  HAHAHAHA!!!!

DSC 6952

We took everyone out on our tiny Pontunia.  

DSC 6968

Dylan and his ladies enjoying a spaghetti dinner!

DSC 6976

And then a few fireworks.

DSC 6981DSC 6989

In case you were wondering, after many trials and tribulations, UB Pimpin’ runs again.  But not after quitting on us AGAIN on our lake.  We think it’s fixed now tho.  We hope anyway.

DSC 6993

The kids broke out the Halloween costumes last week.  They are already pretty excited for Halloween this year.  

DSC 6997DSC 7003

New favorite series of pictures…they crack me up!

DSC 7011DSC 7012DSC 7013

You guessed it – more tubing.  Apparently it doesn’t get old for them.

DSC 7012 2

It’s gotten old for me!  It was old before it was even, um, young?

DSC 7016

And finally, a rainy day box fort.  Good times.

DSC 7051

Summer, we shall miss you.  But you’re not done yet!  Oh no, you’re not done yet.

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One Response to Where we last left off…

  1. kimwikoff says:

    Great summer times with family ,friends,kids and dog!! Can’t get much better than that except maybe a couple of dogs!! lol Great pictures of all and of course my darling grandkids!!

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