Cass Lake 2012

Well, this was nearly the edition that never was!  Our annual Cass Lake trip got cancelled on July 2nd because of a massive windstorm leveling the campground we were reserved to camp at.  So our vacation was off and we went in search of alternative locations with a little more than a week to plan.  We went to a place called Frame’s Landing on the Crow Wing River only to find that it was completely full.  The cell service was pretty spotty so we were unable to coordinate our next moves with the entire group.  Gma and Gpa Wikoff had been up at Cass Lake at a different area that we THOUGHT was full but wasn’t.  So off we went to check it out.  I had to drive at 40 mph behind the Winnie (cuz we were in the middle of nowhere and I had no clue which way to go) getting gassed out and embarrassed by the 20 cars stuck behind us.  Eric drove all the way back home from Frames to get our boat and then drove back up to Cass.  He cray cray.  Anyway, after several hours and miles and missed/dropped calls, we arrived at our original destination after all.  

DSC 6321

The next day, Eric launched UB Pimpin’ and we took off for Cedar Island.

DSC 6326

I purchased a groupon type deal for a photo canvas that I have to use by July 20th, so my mission was clear.  Get a suitable picture to put on said canvas.

DSC 6332

Photo bomber!

DSC 6333DSC 6335DSC 6337DSC 6345DSC 6347DSC 6353DSC 6354

What I really wanted was a nice family pic for the canvas, but Avery apparently had other plans.  GRRRRRRR

DSC 6355

Didn’t help that Gma Kim was trying to get Avery to smile AND take the picture at the same time.  This photo was seriously lopsided so I had to crop it in.  Which took away the view.  Sigh.  Not that it matters since someone isn’t cooperating!

DSC 6356

Guess a Cass Lake photo canvas is not in the cards, cuz this was the last attempt.  

DSC 6357

We all played in the water and enjoyed the heat.

DSC 6360DSC 6364

Dylan was excited to receive his end of the bargain for posing for the pictures.  A root beer.  He doesn’t get to have pop very often, so he gets pretty excited when he DOES get to have it.

DSC 6373DSC 6374DSC 6376

And we had snacks.

DSC 6381

Eric showed off his rippling biceps.  Clearly this is a contender for the canvas, right?  Haha.

DSC 6391

UB Pimpin’ sat idle at the island…..

DSC 6392

We basked in the sun.

DSC 6395

Took more pictures.

DSC 6405

And when we decided we should probably head back to the campsite and eat lunch and restock our now empty beverage cooler – wouldn’t ya know it – UB wouldn’t start!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC 6433

So family friends towed us away from the island (which filled up considerably while we tried to get UB to start again) with our tails between our legs.  It was a lonnnnnnng, slooooooooowwww, HOT tow back.  Think it was well over an hour.  UB never did start up again.  Eric drove all those extra miles for nothin!

DSC 6438

Since it was so hot, all we could do was swim.  And since this camp area of Cass is more primitive, this was also our bath tub.  Fun times!

DSC 6442

I think out of all the pictures I took over the weekend – the majority are of the Bopsy Twins.

DSC 6447DSC 6451

We also held two Zumba classes while we were there.  The people loved HOT Zumba!  And HOT it was.  Clothes completely soaked.

DSC 6463

We rehydrated with booze.  : )

DSC 6467

Bopsy Twins strike again!

DSC 6487

Zumba Fitness strikes again!

DSC 6507DSC 6508

And the little people sat and watched.

DSC 6520

I don’t know why, but this is the last picture taken at Cass!  Guess maybe cuz it ended on a hot and buggy note and I was annoyed?  Yeah, that was probably it.  It was a shorter trip this year, but probably just the right amount for me since I have mosquito bites covering a fair amount of my body.  Oh and the shower and bathroom situation was lame.  Ha!  I’m sure the rest of the peeps disagree tho!  They love their Cass!  Well, til next year, that’s all from Cass Lake!



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