Avery’s 3rd Birthday

We had Avery’s 3rd birthday party extravaganza here this past weekend.  I’m still recovering.  I think the kids are too as they both fell asleep in the car today on the way home from town.  It was a busy, busy weekend with lots and lots of peeps.  Eric did a headcount and said we had over 20 people staying at our house.  I told him I need an assistant next time because I forgot A LOT of things that I had planned for the party.  Just too much commotion I guess.  Anyway, hang on to your hats – its time for the bday weekend rundown!  

First up, some pre-party fishing.  This was before everyone arrived.

DSC 5374

The party has started!  I wasn’t here for these parts as us ladies (and Ryan) went to hot yoga and to pick up lunch – 8 Little Ceasar’s pizzas.

DSC 5382

My mom with Baby Henrik and Daniel.

DSC 5385

Easton and Eddie off to play some ball.

DSC 5388

Avery and Easton jockeying for position.

DSC 5398

Here’s the birthday girl being mischievous. 

DSC 5405

Mini photo shoot with Auntie Kelli.

DSC 5413DSC 5415DSC 5416

Time for presents!

DSC 5420DSC 5423

She opened a present from us first – a Hello Kitty (her party theme) camping chair.  6 bucks shipped from Kohl’s!  Oh yeah, baby!

DSC 5426DSC 5433

Shade dwellers.

DSC 5437

Sun worshippers.  

DSC 5438

Trying on her helmet that came with her new rollerblades from the Hansons.  

DSC 5444

She’s giving Easton a thank you hug.

DSC 5445

I love this picture – Natalie is reading the card that she wrote out loud to them.  So cute!

DSC 5446

Like a typical girly girl, she examined all the clothes she got thoroughly.

DSC 5449DSC 5451

But then she had to try out her rollerblades IMMEDIATELY following the present opening.

DSC 5457

Playing some of her new instruments.

DSC 5462

One of her many new swimsuits!  A lake girl can never have too many!  I taught her that.  ; )

DSC 5465

Everyone did A LOT of fishing from the dock this weekend.  The fish were biting like crazy so it held the kid’s (and adults) attention quite well!  Here is one of Eric’s bigger sized sunfish.

DSC 5468

Kelli caught one too!

DSC 5469

Probably one of the smallest ones.  We let all these go, by the way.

DSC 5471

Here is the cake!  Hello Titty!!! (not a type-o, that’s what she calls it)

DSC 5474DSC 5476

She blowed them out all on her own this year!

DSC 5483DSC 5484DSC 5486DSC 5491

More fishing!  Here is one of Dylan’s bass fish.

DSC 5496

Here it is Avery’s actual birthday.  She is playing some sort of “pickle game” with Gpa Danny.  I dunno.

DSC 5498DSC 5500DSC 5502DSC 5503

Here is one of the many activities I forgot during the party – the giant bubbles!  Dang it!!!  

DSC 5505DSC 5506

Mini photo shoot with me.  Gma Kim took these.  I wanted to exist for once in their lives.  : )

DSC 5508DSC 5511

Trying to get her to hold up 3 fingers, but it’s tricky to do when you’re a “new 3” (as Dylan would say).

DSC 5513DSC 5516DSC 5518DSC 5521DSC 5522DSC 5525

Hard to believe that 3 years ago, she was a 6 pound (well, 4 pound when we left the hospital) baby.  Now I nearly threw my back out lifting her up over my head!

DSC 5527

Renae has been hired as the bubble master.  She actually got a few to detach from the wand without popping!  After she left though, I managed to do it too, so apparently conditions were good for awesome bubblage.  Yeah, I made that word up.

DSC 5532

Gotta have a Green Monster on your bday to offset all the junk food! 

DSC 5538DSC 5540

Time for more presents!  We saved the presents from us for her real birthday so she’d have some to open then too.

DSC 5541

I love how excited Dylan is here.

DSC 5547DSC 5548

She was in love with this Hello Titty right away. Its funny cuz it was just an add on to an Amazon order to get free shipping for other stuff.  

DSC 5549DSC 5551

Playing with her new doll house.  She loves it!

DSC 5552

And to end the day, a nice birthday boat ride.

DSC 5555

Complete with a birthday nap.

DSC 5561

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sleeping beauty!  We love you!!!!

DSC 5564

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6 Responses to Avery’s 3rd Birthday

  1. toni hodgson says:

    Was a super fun wknd!! and such a cute, good little birthday girl!! XXXX

  2. Camille says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you got to be in some with the birthday girl. That was a seriously impressive cake. I bow down to you…and I need a giant bubble clinic.

  3. Tanya says:

    So cute:) Jordy had a Hello Titty birthday when she turned 2:) Her FAVORITE….everything is Hello Kitty in our house:) Same cake too! Hopefully see ya guys this summer!!!!! Happy Birthday Avery!!!

  4. Kim Wikoff says:

    Great pictures and a wonderful Birthday party !Thank you both for all your hard work and hospitality!!!I We enjoyed the visiting with everyone… really like those closeups of Avery when she was sleeping….So darn cute!!!

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