Almost summer

Feels like summer is here!  Dylan’s last day of preschool (!!!) is Monday and then we’re officially on summer break.  The weather has felt pretty summery already though.  And the kids have been enjoying it.  Avery screams at me if I don’t let her wear shorts and a tank top on a day when the weather is at a “normal” temperature for this time of year.  (insert a “rolling eyes” icon)  For her sake and MINE I hope it stays warm from now on!  Here we are practicing our bubble skills for Avery’s birthday party in a couple of weeks.  We’ve been trying different bubble recipes in an attempt to find the perfect bubble.  We’re still looking.  

DSC 4944

We can get them nice and big, but we can’t ever get them to detach from the wand without popping.  

DSC 4957DSC 4961DSC 4970

Last weekend we were up at Maple Lake for Mother’s Day/Kacie’s graduation/Henrik’s Baptism.  

DSC 4991

The first order of business, of course, was to drive the truck and jeep.  

DSC 4994DSC 4997

It was also the fishing opener, so Dylan partook in some fishing.  

DSC 5004

Avery supervised and provided entertainment.

DSC 5005DSC 5007

Cousin Adelyn made an appearance!

DSC 5010

And that’s baby Henrik they are entertaining.  

DSC 5015

He is quite possibly the world’s best baby.  He never cries!  Ever!  And is content to just chill.  

DSC 5017

All the kids are quite smitten with him.

DSC 5018

Everyone is busy fishing here.  Eric had the patience to supervise all the fisherman/ladies.

DSC 5021

Auntie Kelli caught a fish that she was quite proud of.  

DSC 5025

Here I am receiving my Mother’s Day card.  

DSC 5032DSC 5033

Eric wrote down what the kids had to say to me.  So Dylan was listening intently when I read what he said.

DSC 5046

He’s quite pleased with himself.

DSC 5047

Here are the required family pics!  Kids were not cooperating, as usual.  

DSC 5058DSC 5064DSC 5068

Eric didn’t cooperate either.  He says this IS a smile.  I don’t see it.

DSC 5081DSC 5082

Back at home!  For about another week or so, this is how our lake frontage looks.  The wild rice isn’t up yet, so it looks gorgeous.  If only some sucker would come along and buy our house right now!  haha.  

DSC 5092DSC 5094

I should maybe have some of these pics printed and hang them up so that people can see that it does look good sometimes!

DSC 5097

I have a canvas that I need to pick a photo for…thats what I was trying to do here.  Avery didn’t cooperate.  What?!  Someone not cooperating with my photo attempts?!  Crazy!

DSC 5105

Here she did good, but the light is wrong.  Sigh.

DSC 5109DSC 5116

I got my flowers this week.  At Walmart, I went to pick up a little pot with daisies in it and got stung by a bee UNDER my thumbnail!!!!!!  Do you know how hard it is not to jump around wringing your hand in pain and shouting expletives?!  Cuz that’s the normal reaction to a bee sting, am I right?  So containing one’s self after a bee sting in a greenhouse full of people – wow.  I’m impressed with myself.

DSC 5125

And finally, when I was going thru photos to put into this post, I went to far and ended up in last May’s pics.  This picture was taken one year ago today.  Can’t believe how much bigger they are one year later!  Crazy!

DSC 6669

Well, time to get ready for hot yoga!  Oh yeah!!!


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