Long time no blog!

Wow – its been awhile!  Could it be that April is a slow month as far as happenings go?  Let’s face it – April blows and I’m glad its over!  : )  Bring on the summer!  It was semi hot out the past couple of days and since The Blob hasn’t been filled yet, we had to bust out the slip and slide!

DSC 4810

Both Avery and Dylan have improved their slip and slide skills.  Dylan now shoots off the end of it no problem and Avery finally caught on to the concept of sliding on it instead of running down it and then falling on her butt (and often hitting her head) and going into hysterics.  Its lovely!

DSC 4811DSC 4826

Like my set up there?  It did have a little hose attachment but apparently there was some crazy slippin and slidin cuz a hole appeared.  So we had to go old school.  I told Dylan about the olden days when we’d have a sprinkler next to our slip and slide.  And also how ours was just yellow.  No fancy Lightning McQueen, no 2 lanes, no water pool at the end of the lanes.  These kids have it made.

DSC 4831

And of course since it was so nice out, they just HAD to have ice cream cones.

DSC 4836DSC 4837

Believe it or not, their ice cream eating skills have improved too!  It used to be much, much worse.

DSC 4842DSC 4847

We also went on a couple of pontoon rides the last couple of days.  We hadn’t been on the pontoon since April 1st (see, April sucks!!  There was no suitable pontoon weather to speak of!) so it was time.  Only bummer was that as soon as we pulled away from the dock, clouds came.  BOO!  But at least we saw this loon up close!

DSC 4856

Today the clouds weren’t as big of a problem.  Avery was pointing out that other people have docks too!  What?!

DSC 4864

Here they were being cute.  It happens.

DSC 4870DSC 4871DSC 4873DSC 4875

I love how she is peering over the steering wheel to see where she’s going.

DSC 4881DSC 4882

Well that’s it for this month!  Ha!  Kidding.  Maybe.


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2 Responses to Long time no blog!

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Yup, I agree, April sucked!! Looks like May is starting out very well!! Love the pix of them sitting on the step and also the ones driving the boat (they look so happy and proud) And Avoes peering over the wheel—-sooo cute!! XXXX

  2. Nancy says:

    Great pictures! I too like the way Avery is driving! Can’t wait to see the kids at White Earth!

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