The Best Show in Town

We went to the Shrine Circus yesterday!  2 years ago we went when we were here and Dylan was a huge fan then.  This time Avery was big enough to come.  She was super excited and I think it redeemed the bad day she was having.  We’re here at my parent’s house because I needed to get one of my veneer’s replaced.  So we had my dad check the kids teeth as well.  Avery has a massive cavity.  They tried to fill it, but she flipped out and they weren’t able to do it.  So she got novocain for nothing and proceeded to bite her bottom lip over and over again because she couldn’t feel it.  It now looks so gruesome that I cannot show it here.  I don’t even want to look at it cuz it makes me want to cry.  And what makes it worse is that we still have to get it filled next week in St Cloud.  They may have to put me under too.  Anyway…back to the circus….First thing was first – cotton candy!  That was Dylan’s first order of business.

DSC 4660

Avery wanted to hit up the ponies first.

DSC 4662

She rode on them twice and it wasn’t cheap!  Now we know why kids get free admission.  Jerks.

DSC 4665

Grandpa and Grandma LOVED the circus. HAHA.

DSC 4667

Sadly, the ringmaster informed us that video recording was prohibited so all I have is a few crappy photos and one stealth video of the elephants. ; )  Couldn’t help it!

DSC 4669

The kids really enjoyed the show.

DSC 4671

Here is Dylan’s favorite part – when he rode the elephant.  He leapt onto the elephant’s back when the loader guy wasn’t looking.  It was pretty funny.  The loader guy turned around to lift him on and saw that he was already in place.  : )

DSC 4673

He’s the one in the green shirt (not the girl! Duh!).

DSC 4674

And one photo of the elephants performing.  The rest of the time I was shooting video of them.  And let me tell you – it is RIVETING stuff.  I’d upload it…but what if the carnies come and try to haul me away?!  ; )

DSC 4681

All in all, the circus was a good end to a somewhat crappy day.  Despite her traumatic experience in the morning, Avery declared it the Best Day Ever! because of the circus.  Glad she’s not traumatized!  I still am! : (

Well, one more day in Aberdeen before we head back home!  Later!


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