Easter in Aberdeen

Happy Easter!  Hope you’re all having a lovely day.  It’s a rare moment of quiet here (we’re at my parent’s house in Aberdeen, so there’s always dogs barking, kids squealing, etc) so I figured I would hammer out a post quickly.

This was before we left for Aberdeen.  Dylan has now passed me up with his speed while running.  He SCHOOLED me in soccer.  I knew it was coming, but he’s only 5!  And judging by his enthusiasm for it (lets play again! lets play again! lets play again!), it appears he will be playing on the Brainerd league again this summer. Yay for me! ; )

DSC 4446

Avery is still more of a sideline kinda gal. She tried, but she was no match for Mr Speedy.

DSC 4451

This was the best picture I could get of him.  He’s just lucky I’m not posting the outtakes.  Someday he’ll thank me?  Ha.

DSC 4456

And here we are at Gma and Gpa’s house.  Easter egg dye time!

DSC 4466DSC 4469

And Avery’s personal favorite – TUPTAKES!

DSC 4497

These are lemon lavender cupcakes.  Everyone liked them but Eric.  What a shocker!

DSC 4504

Easter morning.  It took him FOREVER to locate this very easy to spot basket.  (insert eye roll)

DSC 4506

Dylan wouldn’t get out of the way, so here’s the best I could do for a pic of Avery’s basket.

DSC 4511

Here are the required after church photos.  Gma and Gpa were up first.  They were thinking back to their last photo shoot at Christmas. ; )

DSC 4513DSC 4516DSC 4524DSC 4531DSC 4532

Then we were off to the park to fly their cheap-o kites they got from the Easter bunny.  I did NOT have high hopes, as I am told the Easter bunny only spent 97 cents on them.

DSC 4548

They actually worked out quite well for them!  Not too hard for them to fly on their own b/c they were such tiny little kites.

DSC 4556DSC 4557

Avery was hilarious with hers!  Anyone who has seen her running in person knows why. She’s hilarious when she runs!

DSC 4576DSC 4596DSC 4599

I had to have a turn at it as well.  We used to fly kites every Easter at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in North Dakota.  I told Eric of all the kite-astrophies that would often happen and how anything could be repaired with some duct tape.  Even kites snagged by car antennas on vehicles traveling at 60 mph.  : )

DSC 4603

Had to play on the playground since we were there.

DSC 4637DSC 4646DSC 4649

And then we had to go, as Avos was hungry.  I know the feeling Avos.  I was hungeeee too!

Well, hope you’re all having a happy Easter!


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