Our Weekend

Dylan’s final hockey practice of the season was this weekend.  It’ll be a long wait til next December when it starts up again!  He is absolutely CONVINCED that his sister will play on his team next year.  Yeah, we’ll see about that.  HA.

DSC 3759

As usual, he scored several goals.

DSC 3760

This time they even had a goalie on hand!

DSC 3765

Get up goalie!  Dylan is comin’ for ya!

DSC 3766DSC 3767

He shoots, he scores!

DSC 3772

Here he is with his trophy after practice was over.

DSC 3774

And here he is with his favorite coach!

DSC 3781

Check out the sunset last night!  It was a beaut!

DSC 3785

Then today we spent a good amount of time enjoying our only snowfall of the season!  Looks like it will all be melting this week, so we thought we better get out and get some fun pictures of the kids in it.  Can’t believe winter is already almost over and it never really started!

DSC 3807

This tube was a HIT!

DSC 3816

Avery was hilarious on the tube!

DSC 3837DSC 3838DSC 3839

Lingals – hope you don’t mind that we’re on your mound! : )

DSC 3847

She did really well walking the tube back up the hill on her own.  She ended up getting tired tho and told me to come down and get it for her cuz she was too tired.  Thanks Avos.  I’d love to! ; )

DSC 3854DSC 3857DSC 3858

I wanted a turn!

DSC 3878

It does NOT go well with heavier peeps on it.

DSC 3879

So I tried a different method.  Worked much better.

DSC 3893

However, someone else thought he could do better.

DSC 3895DSC 3897

He didn’t go any further than I did!

DSC 3899

Dylan had to try the belly method and this is what happened.  Awesome.

DSC 3907

And of course, Avery wanted a try too.  I went in to get the videocamera at this point because she is hilarious running in her boots and full snow gear.  If I weren’t so lazy right now, I’d post a video too.  Hey – gives you something to look forward to!

DSC 3913

This idea was not Trishy approved.

DSC 3918

Or Avery approved.

DSC 3919

She was not impressed with this idea.

DSC 3923

Before you grandparents start freaking out, they were barely moving.  So no big deal.

DSC 3927

He had this grin plastered to his face the entire time too.

DSC 3931

So much so, that Avery decided it looked okay.

DSC 3933

What is NOT okay, however, is that I was required to sit on the back and take pictures which stunk up my coat!  Trishy no likey snowmobile!!!

DSC 3935

They had fun though.  They went around in a loop a few times before Avery decided her neck hurt.

DSC 3940

And decided to brave it for a solo ride.

DSC 3949

Off she went!  And off I went to the house to de-fumigate myself!

DSC 3950

Well that’s all from us!  Later!


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