Ladies Night

Avery and I have been enjoying “Ladies Night” the past few months when the boys head to town for hockey practice at least one night a week.  Sadly, hockey practice comes to an end next week so our ladies nights will be over for this year.  We both enjoy our nights together.  No brother around to take toys and produce screams, no “pick up police” (theres this guy who always makes everyone pick up their toys right away…intials are EW) and I don’t have to cook!  These nights are always very relaxed and peaceful and we shall miss them.  So for our photo of the day (yes, still doing shuttercal!), we decided to document one of the last ladies nights!

DSC 3590

Ahhh, peaceful car playing.  She’s so fun when she plays on her own.  She has them all talk to each other.  Its fun to listen to her.

DSC 3603

The camera brings out this sillies in her though.

DSC 3609DSC 3623

These next pictures were her idea.

DSC 3631DSC 3632DSC 3638DSC 3642

She’s very sweet when she wants to be. ; )

DSC 3650

And back to silly.  She was telling me about a how there was “a really creeeeepy monsta” in Dylan’s room (she was referring to her cat).

DSC 3664DSC 3666DSC 3667DSC 3668

Well, thats it from Ladies Night!  The little lady is in bed and this lady has some teley to catch up on!


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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3 Responses to Ladies Night

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Ooooh ladies nite!! A very good thing!! Loved your pix together!! So fun to have a special little daughter—-and I got to have two!! XXXX

  2. Licia says:

    great pictures…i love when i have special time with just one of the boys. and it’s AMAZING how well they each could just play for hours on their own!!

  3. Kim Wikoff says:

    It’s hard to lose the girl time together,,,,you will just have to find a new sport for Dylan to play this Spring!! Humm…maybe baseball…they do have practices!! lol fun and cute pics of you both!!xxoo Sorry I taught Eric that pickup rule!! lol

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