Dylan’s first hockey tournament

Dylan played in his very first hockey tournament this past weekend – the Ice Mite Jamboree in Crosby, MN (15 min from Brainerd).  He was pretty excited about it.  Probably not as excited as his dad tho, who was just brimming with pride.  Here he is just after he got onto the ice to warm up.  He was a little nervous because he didn’t recognize his friends in their usual jerseys.  So he was immediately looking around for us to make sure we were there.

DSC 3525

And here he is during one of his 2 minute shifts of playtime.  The “games” were 30 minutes with 2 minute shifts for groups of 4-5 players.

DSC 3533

Gonna have to work on our picture taking thru plexiglass!

DSC 3534

That’s Dylie with the puck.

DSC 3537

Here he sees an opportunity….

DSC 3539

And he’s off towards the net!

DSC 3541

Go Dylan GO!

DSC 3542

He shoots, he SCORES!

DSC 3543

His signature goal celebration move is to throw his stick up in the air.

DSC 3544DSC 3545

He’s ready for action!

DSC 3552

Here he is on the bench with his “friends.”  Ha ha!  Eric always says that all the kids on the team are constantly saying, “Hey Dylan!” or “See ya next week Dylan!”  and he looks at them with a blank face, like who are you?  He’s so popular and he doesn’t even know it! (For my Mom who can’t tell who her own grandson is in hockey gear – he’s the one with the green hood sticking out)

DSC 3554

Scrambling for the puck!

DSC 3562

Here he is after the game with his new medal.  He was pretty pleased to be getting such a fancy medal.  I was pleased to see the bag of swag.  We didn’t even have to pay to play in this tournament and we got swag!

DSC 3564

And these pics are from the car (my cell phone camera).  He wanted to show off his medal some more.

2012 02 19 17 10 53 3422012 02 19 17 11 04 847

Tournament recap – 5 goals and at least 2 assists over a span of 3 “games.”  Hat trick in the first game, 0 in the second game and 2 in the last game.  He did awesome!   First of many tournaments!  I told Eric I’m now searching for one of those super hot long down coats…oh yeah, I’m gonna be all the rage.  : )

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3 Responses to Dylan’s first hockey tournament

  1. Kim Wikoff says:

    Wow!!! What great action shots and he had such great form!!!GREAT JOB DYLAN!!! We are very proud of YOU!!! LOVE YA !!!

  2. Toni Hodgson says:

    Wow!! quite the hockey player!! he does look pretty pleased with himself! 😉 loved all the pix, and yes I could tell it was him! XXXX

  3. LULU says:

    Way to go hockey puck!!!! Have fun Tricia….your hockey life is still in its infancy 🙂

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