Eric’s 35th Birthday

It was Eric’s birthday this weekend, but before we get to that – here’s a few pictures of Dylan practicing writing all the letters in the alphabet.  He’s more than ready for kindergarten me thinks.

DSC 3377DSC 3378

Pretty proud of himself!

DSC 3381

And here’s the birthday boy with his present opening helpers.

DSC 3386DSC 3388

He got this lovely foam roller to help out that old, moldy body of his. ; )

DSC 3390

Cake time!  Avery has been pretty excited about this ever since she got word of cake a few days ago.  She loves a good “buuday party.”

DSC 3392

Eric is enjoying their singing.

DSC 3393

And finally, the birthday boy requested that a picture of his snowmen be posted here.  Done and done.

DSC 3399

Hope you’re having a great weekend!



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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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One Response to Eric’s 35th Birthday

  1. LULU says:

    Happy Birthday Eric…you look tired…get some sleep old man!!

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