Catch Up

Long time no blog!  Times are slow around here right now.  Not much to report on.  Gma and Gpa Kim and Danny were here this past weekend though. Dylan was excited to skate with Gpa, so they did just that.  Gpa also got to sit and watch Dylan’s 2 hour hockey practice on Saturday.   Fun!

DSC 3171

I believe Dylan won?

DSC 3185

Then on Monday night, it was parent night at school.

DSC 3205

Feel the excitement!

DSC 3208

They had been practicing their stuff and it was all very cute!

DSC 3211

I was unprepared to get paint on my clothes.  Yes, he touched me.  Grrr.

DSC 3216

Eric got in on the action too and constructed this sweet car!  All the kids were impressed and the other dads were put to shame.  HA!

DSC 3217

Here is Dylan and his classmates!

DSC 3224

Here I was trying to pull off another Pinterest find.  I won’t say what it is in case I actually get it to turn out.  They were practicing for me.

DSC 3226

I love Avery in this one.  I was really only coaching Dylan to do this and here she was in the background doing just what I was asking.

DSC 3227

Here is yet another Pinterest project.  Man and boy can you find lots of fun things on that site!  Her hair needs to be a bit longer for this, but you get the idea.  I thought I was going to have to bribe her to get the job done, but she sat very still and it actually didn’t take too long.  I showed her the picture of it and she goes, ‘”Oooooh, I think I need a treat!”

DSC 3229DSC 3230DSC 3232DSC 3236

Adorable, indeed.

DSC 3239

Dylan, not to outdone or left out.  Hammin’ it up!

DSC 3244

And then it was time for her to do MY hair.  She’s been doing my hair a lot lately, so I thought I’d get some pictures of her this time.

DSC 3246

She is the quickest stylist this side of the Mississippi.  I always try to get her to work her magic a bit longer, but she never does.

DSC 3256

Little turkey!

DSC 3260DSC 3268

Dylan couldn’t resist the camera.  The camera loves you baby!

DSC 3276

Here’s a common occurrence around here – Dylan tooted and Avery yelled, “Oh PEEEEEEEW Dylan!  You stink!  You need to use the potty!”  She says that every time.

DSC 3278DSC 3283DSC 3289

He wanted me to lift him up like I did for Avery.

DSC 3291

He. Too.  Heavy!

DSC 3292DSC 3297

Good times!

DSC 3298

Well, gotta get the boy out the door for hockey practice and deal with a security breech.  Small blonde girl has gone upstairs to bother her working father.  Later!

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One Response to Catch Up

  1. Kim Wikoff says:

    fun pics with those adorable,fun children!!You are all havin a great time!!!

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