We went on “vacation” this past weekend.  No, not anywhere tropical or sunny or warm.  We went to The Lodge at BRAINERD Lakes.  Yes, we went 30 minutes to Brainerd.  We got a Crowd Cut deal for a weekend stay here.  The kids LOVE swimming pools and slides, so they were very excited for this “vacation.”  Apparently they don’t remember what a real vacation is like.  Silly kids.  I remember.  And I fantasized about it all weekend as I froze my bunnies off in lukewarm water.  But the kids had fun and I guess that’s all that matters.  Until next year when we go back to real vacations. ; )  Here’s Avos the Babos going down the slide.  She went down this slide over and over and over.  Standing there in the lukewarm water while some joker kept opening a door to the outdoors right by the slide – soooooooo not cool.  Mental note – look for a swimsuit with PADDING for next visit to waterpark.  BRRRR.

DSC 2998

Dylan liked this slide too but he was much more into the big slide that you rode on a tube down.  He was scared at first, but it quickly became love at first ride.  So it was pick your poison – stand in the frigid pool with the icy air on your skin or go up 4 flights of stairs carrying a double tube.  ???  We traded off. ; )

DSC 3054

The one consolation was this hot tub.  THANK YOU GOD for this hot tub or I might not have survived.

DSC 3008

Avery apparently didn’t want her picture taken??

DSC 3009

It was an indoor/outdoor hot tub, which the kids thought was pretty cool.  It snowed giant snowflakes at one point while we were in the hot tub. I closed my eyes and suddenly I was back on spring break in Colorado.  I was 17 and fabulous.  Yes, I did a lot of fantasizing while on this “vacation.”

DSC 3011

Avery went down the big tube slide ONE time.  One ride was enough for her to realize that the darkness and the splashing water were not her cup of tea.  She’s pointing to where the scary slide is.  She no likey!

DSC 3019DSC 3039

Here I yelled “I’M ON VACATION!” while pretending I was splashing in the ocean.

DSC 3073

Here is Dylan and I on the big slide.  Eric brought my camera IN the pool for this shot.  UMMMMMM????

DSC 3115


DSC 3116

She really did have fun on “vacation!”  I swear!

DSC 3128

Dylan spent I believe 9 hours in the pool this past weekend and he loved every second of it.  He’s already planning our next “vacation” to Brainerd Minnesota.  I can’t wait! ; )

DSC 3135

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Later!


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One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Lex says:

    LOL. What we do for our kids!!!

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