Hold me closer yogi dancer

I really have nothing to say except take a look at these goofy kids.  I just watched a funny video about “stuff yogi’s say” and Avery’s headband reminded me of the yogi in the video.

DSC 2877

I can’t believe how tall she’s getting.  All her pants look like she’s expecting a flood.

DSC 2878DSC 2882

She always has her babies with her.

DSC 2883

Speaking of yoga…we also were recently watching this wicked video of these extremely bendy yogis (did I mention that we got new internet and can now watch You Tube videos?!  It’s changed our lives.) doing handstands.  Dylan is CONVINCED he can do it.

DSC 2885

He actually gets pretty close, but since he’s so darn squirmy he falls out of it right away.  I think with a little time and discipline, he’ll be able to do it.

DSC 2886

And finally, this cracked me up when I looked back at the pictures I took.  They were both yelling at me at the same time trying to voice their separate needs while I ignored them and snapped photos.  So much fun!

DSC 2903

Well, that is all I have for you this evening.  Better than nothing!


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Stay at home mom of 2, wife, cook, playmate, friend, Zumba instructor, fitness guru and internet junkie.
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3 Responses to Hold me closer yogi dancer

  1. Toni Hodgson says:

    Funnnnny!! one minute she looks like an angel and the next…………………………XXX

  2. Susan Damato says:

    hmmmm….avery looks slightly more insistent with her needs than dylan.

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