New Years Eve

We decided to just stay home this New Years Eve.  No traveling through crazy storms this year for us!  Just a nice relaxing family evening at home.  But before we get to that, here are some pictures from in between Christmas and New Years.  This is at Eric’s parent’s house.  I think sunsets in the winter are just fantastic.  I usually get a few pictures like this at our house each year too.

DSC 2802

Back at home, Avery has been enjoying her new princess dress up clothes.  I think she’s spent the last 3 days wearing them.  I’m not sure what will happen come Wednesday when we return to our normal schedule and she isn’t allowed to wear them out of the house.  Should be interesting.  The earrings, however, were very short lived.  We’ll see how long that lasts!  Then again, I don’t wear earrings (nickel allergy) so maybe she won’t want hers pierced until she sees other little ladies with them pierced at school.

DSC 2807DSC 2810

And D boy finally got his Christmas wish.  A little late, but better than never.  It was only an inch or so, but that was enough for him.  When we got home, he remembered how much he wanted snow for Christmas and blamed ME for us not having any.  As if it was my fault!  Guess I’m off the hook now.  Though, I keep telling him that this isn’t ENOUGH snow.  He says its good enough.

DSC 2813DSC 2818

He had been out there for awhile and I hadn’t seen him.  I looked out and found him like this – just laying on the ice, inspecting it.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “oh, just laying on my ice.”  He’s a true Minnesota boy.  Loves his summers AND his winters.

DSC 2819DSC 2820DSC 2821DSC 2823DSC 2824

And this one has more of her mother in her.  Eric asked her why she didn’t come outside and her response was, “It’s too cold outside for me, Daddy.”  I concur!

DSC 2827

And finally, New Year’s Eve!  Woohoo!  Time to party!  HA.

DSC 2835

Avery had been in a bad mood (she took an accidental nap and naps do NOT agree with her) until I got out the NYE party favors.  Gave her a crown to wear and all was well again.

DSC 2836

Meat and cheese plate helped her mood as well.

DSC 2837

Last night of our purdy lights.  SIGH.

DSC 2839

And here is Chunky’s last picture  Poor Chunky was in really bad shape.  I practically needed some work gloves to take her lights off – she was CRISPY.

DSC 2841

My least favorite party favor – the blowers.  These favors have been kicking around for 6 years now.  Still goin’ strong.  Though, now that I think about it….kinda gross.  Might have to upgrade.

DSC 2851

Our fun family activity was Wii Bowling.  Avery got to play this time!

DSC 2854

She thought she was awesome!

DSC 2856

And I was awesome because my popovers popped for once!  YESSSSS!  Dylan’s sneaky little hand snuck into the photo.

DSC 2859

We had steak.  Steak = fancy.  Ha ha.  Dylan said, “Why do we not have steak EVERY night?!”

DSC 2863

And at 8pm, we had a countdown for the new year.  It was very anticlimactic.

DSC 2865

And finally, for Auntie Lulu – our Christmas present from her.  A 6 pack of Blue Moon decked out with a Pinterest idea.  Dylan goes, “Ruldolph the Red Nosed ReinBEER!”  Kid cracks me up!

DSC 2872

Happy New Year everyone!


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4 Responses to New Years Eve

  1. Susan Damato says:

    ha! avery kills me. she could not be more of a princess! just like her mommy and auntie susan! i love the pic of her and milly. the sensible creatures know to stay inside where it is warm! and dylan on the ice–the yin to his sister’s yang. adam liked his comment about steak night–we always say the same thing when we have steak. mmmmmm…..steak. tell him: cuz it’s hella expensive or we would!

  2. Susan Damato says:

    naps do not agree with me either. and god forbid someone wakes me before my nightly sleep cycle has completed. which happens almost every night–both cable and adam are night prowlers.

    • I know – Avery amuses me as well. I was just looking through old posts cuz I was thinking of doing a “best of” post (too much work tho) and I came across a post that had her crying b/c Dylan got to fold washcloths and she didn’t. Classic Avery.

      Dylan is having some leftover steak right now. Steak 2 nights in a row! Unheard of!

  3. LULU says:

    LOL!!! Luv the Reinbeer!! Dylan is a lover of the ice…how appropriate. Funny how his Dad hated ice…

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